A foldable, adjustable, shoe friendly device that raises your knees above your hips, relaxing your colon, easing your poop.

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almost 2 years ago

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adam a.
adam a. Edited on Jun 7, 2022
Jun 7, 2022

I feel like this is too relevant, although I know it's for a different purpose

Steph L.
Steph L.
Jun 4, 2022

Clever idea. Only ships in the US.

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Is The PoopSTICK for me?

The PoopSTICK is for everyone, young or old, short or tall, skinny or fluffy. 

The PoopSTICK is designed for all of us. Relax your colon and get an easier poop.


Hides in Plain Sight!

The fold-able design allows The PoopSTICK to sit off to the side when not in use.

Foldable Footrests

The footrests store in an upward position to save space when not in use. When ready the footrests fold down, ready for your feet to be placed on to. 

Any Shoe!

The PoopSTICK's unique footrest design allows you to place any type of footwear on it. From Flip-flops to High heels and everything in between, The PoopSTICK can handle it, or if you prefer The PoopSTICK can take your bare feet too!

No more Spraying!

Stool type devices that are housed under the toilet could get peed on from overspray. The PoopSTICK, being off to the side is safe from the over spray. 

No Bending over

Most stool type device are housed under the toilet. In order for you to put into use, you have to bend over and pull it out and away from the toilet. The PoopSTICK, sits off to the side and is tall enough that you do not have to bend over to put in its place. 

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