Console Convertible Tablet Sling and Packable Tech Organizer

Ultra-functional and fully convertible tablet sling and complete portable office for the work-from-anywhere professionals.

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Karen Y.
Karen Y.
Jul 14, 2022

I like the colour scheme

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 The Console Tech Sling: 

So Slim...Yet oh so functional...

Work has changed. You don’t count the hours in a drab cubicle: you join conferences from the living room, you respond to emails from the coffee shop, you execute mission-critical plans from the park…and you do it on your tablet. The work-from-anywhere lifestyle is ultralight, low-profile, highly functional, and everywhere…so why isn’t your bag keeping up? 


The Story behind Console

Once COVID hit and travel was limited, I needed an office that wasn’t in my office. Something that I could quickly grab at a moment’s notice and run out the door knowing I have EVERYTHING I need to get my work done. It needed to be slim, organized, highly mobile (even packable into other bags), but also suitable for a professional setting.



Console is your grab-and-go mobile office: 

1. There’s no need to unpack.

Console keeps all of your tools quickly accessible, and safely organized--no matter where you are. The Console sling has dedicated pockets for everything you might need for your workday from docs and pens, to loose cables, chargers, keys, and cards.  


2. Console is as mobile as you are. 


  • 12.6" x 8.66" x 2.5" (32cm * 22cm * 6cm)
  • Easily stows inside your standard backpack, with plenty of room to spare;
  • Fits up to 11" tablet, with keyboard;

 3. Console is Versatile 

Console has many handles.

Briefcase -- Sling pack -- Stowable Organizer. 

A bag that can go anywhere needs to fit in anywhere. Console easily transforms from a hands-free sling to a professional briefcase to a one-bagger's tech kit. 


4. Console is Hyper Organized

Console has pockets for anything your commute demands.

Handles, D-Rings, carabiners: top-tier hardware

 What is it made of? 

  •  Water-Resistant, Trilayer Moto Cloth, Oxford Nylon and Jr. Ballistics 
  •  YKK Aquaguard Water Resistant Zippers; 
  • Woojin Hardware made from High Grade Acetal Plastic;
  •  Mil-Spec webbing designed to be abused; 

Les Humble Reward Tiers...