WooDesign - custom wooden clocks and tables with your city

Your memories, favourite or dream city right in your house. Unique engraved city map clocks and coffee tables with your special point.

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Karen Y.
Karen Y.
Jul 14, 2022

Would look much nicer if they decide to use resin as well

Manon G.
Manon G.
Jun 30, 2022

Beautiful but shipping cost to expensive.

frank b.
frank b.
Jun 29, 2022

wow looks classy

Jun 10, 2022

Good design ! shipping rates not compatible 

Steph L.
Steph L.
Jun 10, 2022

I want one badlyyyyy! Very well done, but the 20€ shipping is a game stopper.

adam a.
adam a.
Jun 9, 2022

Extremely pretty designs 

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Bring your memories home engraved on wooden tables and wall clocks with our help.


Don't we all have a city that is special in our heart ? 

No matter how big or small, choose your favourite city and mark a point that is meaningful for you.

San Francisco map with personalised point in red

Whether you lived there, had an unforgettable time, or you met someone significant, you can now keep this memory engraved forever.

20 inch Wall clock with SEATTLE map

We offer full customisation for all our products, so you can have something special for you or someone that you care about.

You can choose any city in the world without any limitations, to express yourselves.

New York coffee table

Laptop table with London map and custom red point

Our memories are related not only to the city, but very often to a specific place in that city, so you can have them engraved and mark them on your clock or table.

Choose a meaningful point

Amsterdam coffee table

After many testing and prototypes we managed to make an incredible water layer that glows in the dark.

New York small wall clock - glow effect

Choose any city in the world

We want our productsto be durable and beautiful, that's why we use certified solid wood (beech for small wall clocks and oak for other products)

Solid OAK wood

Venice collection


 How does the glow effect work ? 

You can use UV lamp (we will give it for FREE with each of our product)  for stronger glow.

Glowing in the dark effect

The intensity and duration of the glow-in-the-dark effect depends on exposure to light.

Free UV lamp for each product

UV lamp in action


Every detail matters - that's why we are using laser cutting machines

Blue epoxy resin for water layer

Crystal epoxy resin for roads and buildings

Dubai - Big wall clock

How we make it

Laser engraving

Blue glow resin - water layer


We have two sizes of Wall clocks with engraved city maps, 12inch (30cm) and 20inch (50cm). 

Our wall clocks are designed with a silent sweep mechanism. This is a perfect gift for everyone who loves unique applied art and has their favourite place in the world.

Two wooden clock sizes


You can choose from: 3 types of table: side table, laptop table and coffee table. 

Here you can see 3 types of our tables

Woo Design collection with measurements - white

Woo Design collection with measurements - black


To all Early birds we add 6 CUP COASTERS with beautifully engraved maps of  Berlin, Dubai, London, Los Angeles, Seattle and New York

Early bird cup coasters as a FREE gift

 Wall clocks: 



Examples of selected city maps engraved on our products are presented below.

Los Angeles





San Francisco

New York







But you can have your special place or choose a place for someone else !


Shipping cost ( we will ship our product with UPS, DHL and FEDEX)



Contemporary applied art and industrial design should not only focus on the utility of objects, but also find a gist in searching for beauty. WooDesign creates it's furniture precisely according to this idea. The solutions they propose also allow for extensive customisation of the product, making it unique and individually designed. It's easy way to express yourself.



WooDesign is an art&craft brand of urban style furniture. Each piece becomes unique in a complex process of handcraft and laser engraving of accurate city maps. Streets, buildings, water ways, those delicate cartographic patterns become tactile or fluorescent using epoxy resin coating.

WooDesign brand was born out of a clash of two personalities.

With my daughter

I'm ex professional kitesurfer, today I'm an entrepreneur and I spend my free time on parachute jumping. One time, when I was looking at a city from above, I thought about recreating the breathtaking view on a laser plotter that I had in the office. In 2017, I met Łukasz Strulak – the man who knew how to bring this vision into life.

Łukasz Strulak - Head designer

An architect with urban specialisation, a professional designer and cartography enthusiast. Interested in a new technologies and tools as 3d printers, CNC and laser graving.  Fascinated by cities in the context of their changes and pattern of living organisms.


Flying next to LA


Why we need your support for this project ?


We need your support to invest in an engraving machine with a larger working area, that will allow us to increase our capabilities so that we can produce other furniture and apply new technologies to future designs.


Woo Design collection

Live offbeat just as we do. Get rid of cliches and choose uniqueness instead.


Hope that you enjoyed our product presentation, we believe that you will love it as much as we do.

Thank you for your time!