Folding Fins - The World's First Biomimetic Design

You can pack Folding Fins and take them with you. They can come in handy during your adventure.

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These things are sweet! If you have ever had to deal with fins you will understand how neat these are! Check then out today! 

about 2 years ago

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Karen Y.
Karen Y.
Jul 14, 2022

It looks nice~

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Thanks to folding fins you can feel full freedom and discover different horizons. Diversify your trip and experience revolutionary advantages of the new generation of fins.

Our design and mechanical engineers have developed a patented® opening system, which allows users to unfold fins in less than 2 seconds. We believe that our solution will revolutionize the use of fins and improve your active lifestyle.

To achieve the most optimal construction, we have decided to design fins so that nature looks like. The bio-mimetic build has a high coefficient of performance compared to the low energy requirement.

This means that in our fins you save a lot of energy and your muscles are not strained, as it is often in normal bulky fins.

 In February 2022, we tested the latest prototypes of Folding Fins at the training dive center. As you can see in the video, the fins fit perfectly and harmonize with the movement of the diver and the flow of water.


It is very simple. We developed a 4-point regulation system that allows fit footpocket to user's preferences. It gives a possibility of precise adjustment. A carefully developed clamping system allows for multi-stage adjustment and firm foot positioning.


When it comes to fins, safety is essential and also in Folding Fins engineers considered user's feet protection. Unique grip system works well in the aquatic environment, especially when it comes to slippery surfaces. Not only is this system intended for use, but it also has a positive effect on the streamlining of the water and enriches the design.


Inventive engineers calculated the water flow in 3D software and implemented nano silver flow tracking particles into the hydrodynamic tunnel. As a result they adjusted the best nautical parameters into a streamlined structure of laths. This unique build gives a user an additional performance increase while maintaining low muscle energy consumption.


Folding fins are designed to take a little space and thanks to that shipping carrier space is better managed. It means that shipment of these fins produces less CO2 emission and smaller packaging waste.


Our innovation comes from real applications, but we have decided to back it up with scientific calculations.


To achieve the most optimal construction, we cooperated with the Polish Naval Academy. Thanks to many advanced hydro-dynamic calculations, perfect fins were created.


To make the environment more realistic, our engineers constructed a robot that mimics the natural movement of a human leg. Devices and sensors installed in the robot provide necessary data to analytics software.

Not only have we done complex simulations of water flow affecting folding fins, but also we have built the biggest hydro-dynamic tunnel in Europe.

There is no doubt that all these components combined helped us face the challenge and achieve the desired result.

The materials used to create folding fins are the best elastomers on the market, which are characterized by high resistance and durability. When selecting the appropriate formula, we wanted to make a long-lasting design. Folding fins will last for years and the user will not be forced to replace the fins with new ones every season. Thanks to this, we can undoubtedly say that we will contribute to protecting the environment and changing the perspective of using fins.

Our top-tier manufacturing partner meets European emission standards and processes 100% surplus material. Thanks to that every piece of elastomer is used and nothing is wasted. The fins will be produced entirely in the European Union and the material supplied for production will also come from local producers.

At Exotech, the company behind Folding Fins, we believe that our innovative idea of  new generation of fins will open new horizons and enhance everyone's daily activities with new experiences.

Co-founders Mariusz Szymański and Tomasz Krause have met a couple years ago.

Mariusz as a professional diver who is passionate about of UW Explorations was constantly frustrated by bulky and unhandy regular fins.

One day he had an idea and decided to share it with Tomasz Krause, who as an experienced designer decided to develop an early prototype of Folding Fins.

At this stage they did not realize the potential of this innovation. When the idea turned out to be promising, many other specialists joined the team.