Quill: World’s 1st Patented Color Picking Stylus With Alexa

Quill - with its patented color picking Stylus and Qube – a unique device which is an Alexa smart speaker & a wireless charger with a 2D/3D drawing app.

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Karen Y.
Karen Y.
Jul 14, 2022

I really like how it looks

adam a.
adam a.
Jun 13, 2022

Very practical idea for illustrators 

Steph L.
Steph L. Edited on Jun 11, 2022
Jun 11, 2022

Stylish Stylus! This looks great! The colour picker function is head-blowing and very innovative :)

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Meet Quill - A Stylus Re-Imagined! 

Meet Quill, World’s Smartest Stylus (Patented by Tooliqa Inc.)

The long - awaited COLOR PICKING marvel is finally here and it's coming to you as the perfect gift this holiday season!

Quill is rooted in inspiration from the colors of nature and it envisions to introduce a re-imagination of stylus as a companion to creativity. With an ergonomic form and capability to pick over 16 million colors, Quill has been designed for hours of creative exploration and expression. 

Ergonomic Triangular Design Meant to Enhance Comfort For Hours of Art Creation

Create With Quill

For creative minds who love creating art with inspiration from things around, Quill is the perfect tool which brings the experience of creating digital art closer to natural pen and paper drawing. The device comes coupled with Quill iOS app which brings a whole new world of possibilities with its 3D features!

Quill Stylus With Quill 3D App

 The Quill bundle is tailor-made for stimulating creative instincts of kids & artists alike with some unique features and a tasteful French elegance added in design, lending it an art value too!

Quill n' Qube Come In 6 Exciting Colors!

 We will be sharing a survey link to our backers post campaign to state their preferences for their choice of colors and we will try our best to ship you those. A successful campaign will help us ensure that you get your preferred choices!

Hit one of the buttons below and tag a friend or fellow artist who loves colors and can't stop making art!

 Quill is here to disrupt and introduce a new age digital art experience. 

Read more about us below.

Quill On Product Hunt


Tooliqa Inc. Is Bringing Quill, A Smart Stylus With Color Picking Ability, To Reality

Digital Journal Coverage

What comes with the Quill Bundle?

Quill: True color picking Stylus with 16 Million+ color possibilities. 

 Qube: An elegantly designed device which serves twin functions of being an Alexa smart speaker and a wireless charger to Quill.

 Quill App: A compelling app which allows playing with picked colors and 2D & 3D elements in an intuitive interface (meant currently for iOS only).

Let's take a deep dive into the 3 products bringing the Quill bundle to life!


 Quill : Re-Imagine a stylus as a tool of creativity! 

Quill stylus & App, A combination of World's Smartest Stylus with one of the coolest app for art & creativity!


Quill's color picker is built for exploring the Colors in things around you with a cool light effect on its color visualizer!

Quill's Color Visualizer is the coolest feature of the Quill Smart Stylus, connecting the real with the Digital!

Quill Works across all devices with a special Palm Rejection Mode for Flawless drawing experience

 Qube : Re-Imagine a smart speaker as a companion to creativity! 

Meet Qube - The Smart Companion to Creativity!

Qube's Schedule Assistance syncs with the Quill app to help kids maintain their schedule in a smart & creative way!


 Quill 3D App: Re-Imagine the drawing & coloring  experience! 

The Quill App comes with a Whiteboard with intuitive drawing tools for visualizing your imagination and creating without limits!


The Qlip feature in Quill's whiteboard allows you to pick live elements from your environment and make them part of your art.

Combine 2D & 3D Elements in Quill's Whiteboard to create amazing digital art!


Qnnect helps you invite friends to collaborate and create your art together with built in chat functions.


Add another dimension to your art in a 3D interface with the use of 3D models available across 20 categories in 3D object library. 

Foster learning with science of colors!

Learn the Science of Colors in the Quill App


 A comprehensive scheduler in the Quill app to keep you on track with all creative activities without compromising on other important tasks.

Schedule Assistance In Quill App, Powered By Qube

From an Idea to Your 2022 Holiday Season Gift!

Bringing Quill to life, especially with its elegant design, has not been easy. With unflinching efforts and necessary optimizations, the Quill team has succeeded in creating a fully functional prototype of Quill & Qube.

And it's on its way to you as the perfect Gift this holiday season!

The Voice of People Around Quill

While we were gearing up for Kickstarter, we went studying consumer interest around the Quill project and the responses we received were overwhelming!

Hundreds of children, parents, grandparents and artists were just waiting for Quill to happen!


This gave us more confidence to bring Quill to life and we kept moving steadily to prove the concept. Upon hitting this mark, our pace kept rising and we soon built our working prototype with which we made our video! 


Here's what some art influencers are saying about Quill!

Quill: The smartest stylus with color picking ability

World's smartest stylus that can pick colors from things around you


Now we are gearing up to ship Quill to you in a cool box As The Perfect Christmas Gift!

What's In The Quill Box?

  • Our True Color Picking Stylus, Quill 
  • Our Alexa Enabled Smart Speaker with Wireless Charging, Qube 
  • Charger for Qube 

What We Have For Our Backers


Quill's Journey - From Our Lab To Your Hands!

Bringing Quill to life, especially with its elegant design, has not been easy.

With unflinching efforts and necessary optimizations, the Quill team succeeded in creating a fully functional prototype of Quill & Qube, for which we also hold the patent.


Take a look at our journey below.


Milestone 1: Proof of concept with our first integrated electronic assembly for Quill color picking stylus.

Quill's First Assembly Board Which Delivered Us The Proof of Concept

Our first assembly helped us condense our knowledge to bring into existence our first PCB assembly in the form factor of Quill – our color picking marvel with amazing features!

Quill Takes Its New Form!

With Quill taking its first shape, we achieved multiple functionalities which the creative minds and art enthusiasts would have asked for!

Quill's First Prototype Hit The Bull's Eye On Functions & It Pushed Us To Think Further!

& then came our latest prototype which was all about ELEVATING USER EXPERIENCE!

It gave us the confidence to come to you on Kickstarter and we made our fantastic campaign video with it!

Followed by another moment of pride - Our patent for the Quill tech!

International Backers

The Quill app would come pre-built with english language (US) support. For our backers from outside US, the Quill app would be available for usage in the same language. 

While we wish to take Quill to each and every corner of the world for exploring colors, we currently plan to cover worldwide shipping, with the exception Afghanistan, Algeria, Belarus, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Chad, Congo, Colombia, Ethiopia, Haiti, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Mali, Mozambique, Myanmar, Niger, Nigeria, North Korea, Russia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tanzania, Tunisia, Ukraine and Yemen.



We have tried our best to match the top quality standards for our products and to keep you assured, Quill & Qube would come with 1 year limited warranty. 


Distribution Enquiry

For distribution enquiries within US, drop a mail to [email protected]