ScopeAround Must-Have Household Otoscope

We set out to create the easiest-to-use all-in-one ear camera and wax remover available. Introducing the ScopeAround MS430 retractable all in one home Otoscope for examination and wax removal. It's everything you need to do basic ear nose and throat care

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Karen Y.
Karen Y.
Jul 14, 2022

Would be useful (long as you're not grossed out by the grime)

Steph L.
Steph L.
Jul 4, 2022

Very practical to have an otoscope at home. Low cost, but 38$ of shipping fees to Canada.

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Who are we, and why are we making this product?

ScopeAround revolutionized home care when we brought the first digital otoscope for consumers to market in 2017. ScopeAround’s first otoscope made-at-home examinations of your ears, nose, throat, and skin much easier with photos and video saved to your computer over a USB cable. We have 5 years' worth of manufacturing experience and valuable customer feedback from those products, which we have compiled to design the most convenient, all-in-one otoscope on the market.

Our design

We are taking what we have learned from our previous designs and solving all of the customers' issues.

  • All-In-One Design - One of the most frustrating aspects of digital otoscopes is successfully connecting that otoscope to a mobile device's WiFi signal and App. Our newest design is all-in-one, meaning it doesn't need to work with any other mobile device or App. You just press start, and the otoscope is ready to work, with its screen, memory, and battery power, and it's at a reasonable price!
  • Retractable Camera Probe - All-in-one otoscopes aren't new, but one of the biggest complaints is the cables - they can tangle and make a mess. We solved this problem by designing a camera probe that retracts into the body of the otoscope using a durable spring mechanism. We've already torture tested it to make sure it can withstand real-world abuse, and now it's ready for manufacture.
  • Accessory Storage - Digital otoscopes frequently come with small accessories that are easy to lose, but our design features a built-in storage compartment for ear flanges and spoons. Our storage compartment door also doubles as a stand for the otoscope monitor!

Years of experience making these devices and valuable feedback from our customers have inspired us to design and build easier-to-use products that make self-care a convenient priority. We are releasing the most convenient and all-in-one otoscope made - the new ScopeAround MS430 model.

The making of this product

Since we already have 5 years of experience making digital otoscopes for consumers, we have a leg up on manufacturing our newest device. We know where to source all the best components - the screen, batteries, camera sensor, and lenses. We are experts at designing and building a durable plastic case that houses all of these components.  We even have our manufacturing lines queued up and ready to go. Finally, we have an experienced, in-house logistics network to fully deliver on our promises and get these great devices sent to your door. 

So much of the hard work has already been done. Still, since we have spent a significant amount of budget developing this product, we would love it if the Kickstarter community could help fund the final step of our manufacturing journey!

Introducing the all-in-one MS430 digital otoscope

Keeping your ears clean and healthy can take some effort, but nobody wants to go to the doctor just for an ear cleaning. Other ear cleaners are on the market, but cotton swabs are dangerous, and ear candles don’t work. Many digital otoscopes require setting up an app on your mobile phone with a Wi-Fi connection, but that can be frustrating.

The MS430 is perfect for ear wax removal and avoids the dangers of Q-Tips, by giving you a first-hand view of your ear canal and any wax accumulation. The otoscope comes with soft silicone rubber ear wax spoons for scooping out the wax instead of pushing it deeper - a common problem with cotton swabs. A flange also surrounds the camera probe to prevent over-insertion.

 Main features 

Virtual consultations with physicians are also becoming more common, whether because of COVID or just the added convenience. So if your ears are clogged, your throat is swollen, or your sinuses are stuffy, the MS430 otoscope will give you the quickest and most convenient way to provide photos or video of the problem to your doctor without driving to their office. 

The MS430 otoscope records photos and video at 720P for a high-resolution experience with excellent image quality. It includes its own 4.3-inch color LCD screen for a perfect view without any connection hassle.  It's an all-in-one device, with its own battery power and 32GB of memory to store hundreds of photos and videos. 

It is suitable for anyone—children, adults, or even pets! 

ScopeAround- The team you can trust

The engineers at ScopeAround have been manufacturing otoscope products for over five years. We have successfully brought dozens of products to market. The ScopeAround MS430 is past the prototype stage and ready for launch, but we need your help, the Kickstarter community, to get a jumpstart on initial production.

As a reward, early product adopters will be given a special discounted price of just $49 each for the first 200 orders and $59 for the next 400 orders before returning to the regular price of $69. 

Thank you, Kickstarter Community, for helping us serve you!