PauseMe-Video & Audio Controller for Virtual Meetings

A bluetooth physical button for controlling your camera & mic with a single click, for Microsoft teams users!

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almost 2 years ago

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Jul 18, 2022

I am so glad I saw elsewhere that you have PC-version already available on your website!

Yew F. L.
Yew F. L.
Jul 16, 2022

Practical concept. Hope it will works well with MS Teams.

Jul 14, 2022

Simple and useful

Karen Y.
Karen Y.
Jul 13, 2022

Seems useful

Steph L.
Steph L.
Jun 22, 2022

Very useful gadget! Shipping to Canada is 11 US$.

Campaign Info


Work-From-Anywhere life is the way of the world today. Video and virtual calls as the norm during remote work mean personal life and work life blur together more than ever.  Dogs bark. Kids interrupt. Delivery drivers ring the doorbell. Spouses walk into view of the camera, unknowingly. The possibilities for interruption are endless.


PauseMe will change the way we work from home by offering a simple solution to toggle between virtual and real life obligations, keeping these two important facets of our everyday lives as separate as possible.  

We want to create the PauseMe for Microsoft Teams which would enable this experience for Teams users. 

Effortless Video & Audio Control

With a single click we want you to be able to click turn off video or audio in Teams. Another quick tap and we want to enable you to re-enter your work world, or classroom, or meeting.  [Note to Kickstarter pledgers: so far we have the chipset and functional design for the toggle and the lights will turn colors upon clicking like pictured below but we will need to finish, Q&A, and test the compatibility for MS Teams interaction so this part is still in flight—- which we’ve accounted for in our Game Plan below] 


Sleek Portable Wireless Design

We want PauseMe to be slick, ergonomic. NO messy cables or cords to deal with. Instead be free and multitask with a comfortable 15 foot bluetooth radius. [Note to kickstarter pledgers: we may produce a black version as well but we are underpromising here and not commiting within our game plan to a different skin color- yet.]

Instant Set Up

We want to be able to have an Instant Bluetooth sync to turn on; absolutely no Software to install. Mac, Linux, and Windows compatible. We’ve already figured out the method and chipset that could be used and will need to spend our time testing across platforms and devices. This part is functional in the prototype right now. 


Where We Are Right Now 

  •  Box- 90% done, need to add "MS Teams language" 
  •  Accessories- 100% done (charger, cable in box)
  •  Physical Design- 100% done
  •  Instructions Insert- 20% done, will add instructions at end (after beta test so instructions anticipate any potential questions) 
  •  Bluetooth instant sync set up - 90% done (functional as displayed below but we will still want to QA test on lots of different types of machines) 
  •  Alternating colors (red/green) with alternate push- 100% done as shown in video below
  •  Mute/unmute and hide/show functionality inside teams - not yet started, but will be modeled off our experience with controlling zoom controls

If you have any other questions about what's done versus in flight feel free to email us at [email protected]. We're very happy to share transparently where we are and welcome all interest and feedback!



We've Got Solid, Relevant Muscle Memory for A Successful Launch & Love Our Customers

Ok now for the brass tacks. 

We launched our PauseMe for Zoom (our first product) recently so manufacturing, logistics, shipping, design etc we've got solid infrastructure to run forward confidently on.  For reference- that product very quickly hit #7 on Product Hunt, is in the hands of hundreds of customers today across industries, and is available for sales in multiple e-commerce platforms. 

The idea for PauseMe for MS Teams was born directly from the feedback we heard from customers and the market. We keep track of everything customers and prospects say to us-- 34% of the feedback we've received to date is someone saying they loved the PauseMe for Zoom product and asked if we could please make an MS Teams version too!  They were excited, passionate- and we couldn't imagine not making their lives easier too. 

This kickstarter is to launch that PauseMe for MS Teams button. 

Timeline & Use of Proceeds

In order, here's our game plan (and for what it's worth we're ahead of schedule already) 

  • Confirm finalized product requirements(Late June)  <-- full transparency our team got excited and we're at the 90% mark here already)
  • Update box design for MSTeams (Late June)
  • Finish MS Teams compatibility + Manufacturing test batch  (Mid July)
  • Quality Assurance + Beta Testing for test batch  (Early Aug)
  • Revisions to Design/Update + Updated Product Insert with Info (Early Sept)
  • Full batch production (Late Sept) 
  • Buffer Zone [ we're well versed in product launches and GTM- we'd rather underpromise and over deliver to each of you-- we've built in a month or so buffer zone, just in case anything happens, here's where we'd work through it.] (Oct, Nov)
  • Shipment to fulfillment and distribution center (End of Nov) 
  • PauseMe for MS Teams in Customers Hands (Early Dec for US, Mid/Late Dec for Int'l) 

We've got some other stuff going on in the background, for example we filed a patent, filing another, refining our messaging, looking for strategic alliance partners, etc. But that's all icing on the cake so we won't bore you with those details for now. 

We'll use the entirety of our kickstarter funds along with some profits from our PauseMe for Zoom sales to run the full batch manufacturing run.