UNLIMEAT: Plant-based jerky that's more enjoyable than meat

100% Plant-based | Two tasty flavors | 22g of protein | All-natural seasonings | Healthy & nutritious

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Unlimeat challenged themselves to make a plant-based jerky that tastes and bites like beef jerky, and it looks like they succeeded! 

almost 2 years ago

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Karen Y.
Karen Y.
Jul 14, 2022

…now I'm hungry from looking at how yummy it looks TT

Jul 2, 2022

World wide shipping not available sadly :(

Henri B.
Henri B.
Jun 30, 2022

İt must  be so delicious

Manon G.
Manon G.
Jun 30, 2022

Why does it have to look like meat if it is not meat.


josef m.
josef m.
Jun 29, 2022

it really looks like meat

Steph L.
Steph L.
Jun 16, 2022

They advertise it's 22g of protein, BUT it's for the whole bag, be cautious of that. Nonetheless, it looks tasty and healthy undoubtedly. Only ship to the U.S.

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Our Quest for Better Plant-Based Jerky

We challenged ourselves to make a plant-based jerky that tastes and bites like beef jerky. 

It’s rare for any plant-based snacks to be both healthy and tasty, and plant-based jerky was no exception. Most are dried vegetables that are too salty, too processed or just plain funky. When we tried all the plant-based jerkies we could get our hand on, they tasted like the ingredients they were made from: mushroom, banana, bean or kelp (who really likes the taste of kelp?). None of the plant-based jerkies currently on the market came close to duplicating umami, taste and feel of beef jerky. Even though our team loves jerky, we couldn't even finish a bag of any of the samples we tried, so we felt this was a problem. 

You Shouldn't Have to Sacrifice Anything to Go Plant-Based

What makes beef jerky so delicious and addictive is its texture and flavor. We focused on creating the same consistent texture and chewiness as beef using only plant protein. Then to elevate our jerky, we added authentic Korean BBQ and spicy seasonings that made the jerky super flavorful and even more like beef jerky. Then we added only natural ingredients to make it healthier than beef so you can finish an entire bag guilt-free. 


Product Highlights

22 Grams of Protein

UNLIMEAT Jerky contains 22g protein per container. That's about the same amount of protein as found in beef jerky, but UNLIMEAT is 100% plant-based. That means not only can you avoid the many health risks that come from eating processed meat, you also reduce your carbon footprint by eating less meat.  


UNLIMEAT Plant-based Jerky vs. Other Vegan Jerky

Beefy Texture

Texture has been the biggest sticking point for plant-based jerkies. The other plant-based brands we've tried were just disappointing.  Jerky made with mushrooms, jack fruit, or seaweed is definitely healthy, but the texture and taste just weren't anything like beef jerky, and sometimes you just crave that dried beefy goodness. So, we focused on solving this problem. The solution focused on the way we extracted the protein from our plant ingredients. This gave our jerky an incredible beefy texture. Give it a try – you won't believe it's not beef.

 All the Good Less of the Not so Good 

UNLIMEAT tastes and chews like beef jerky, so why not then just eat beef jerky? Well, if we can give you all the delicious taste and texture and remove all the not so good stuff the question turns into "Why wouldn't you switch?" We matched and surpassed the nutritional benefits of beef, removed all the cholesterol (zero cholesterol), removed fat (low fat) and something few if any beef jerkies can do, we made UNLIMEAT with no artificial ingredients or preservatives. Our list of natural ingredients includes fresh choices such as citrus extract for our preservative and pomegranate and beet powder to help achieve our meaty color. 



Following the wildly successful UNLIMEAT Jerky launch in South Korea, we had a tasting event in Los Angeles to gain some insight into our taste profile and texture. We were so happy UNLIMEAT was a hit!

Tasting Event in LA




Ingredients and Flavors

UNLIMEAT Plant-based Jerky

Korean BBQ Flavor Directly from Korea

As a Korean-based company, we wanted to be true to our roots by offering authentic Korean flavors for our Jerky, flavors we know are favorites in restaurants and with street vendors. So for our first two jerkies we cooked up: Korean BBQ and Smoky Chili. For both flavors we use all natural and authentic Korean BBQ seasoning such as garlic, onion, soy sauce, cumin and black pepper. 





UNLIMEAT, Born from Unloved Veggies

Building sustainable food systems with plant-based foods made from upcycled ingredients

Food waste is a pressing issue facing society. There are numerous causes of food waste, but one of the most unfortunate is when perfectly edible produce is thrown away due to size, blemishes and overall "ugly" appearances. 

In 2017, KeumChae Min founded UNLIMEAT to rescue wasted local produce and put them into use making juices, porridges, spreads and other healthy products. In 2019, she expanded her products to plant-based foods by putting excess grain stocks to use. 

We applied all our history, experience and knowhow into our UNLIMEAT Jerky. We hope you and your family enjoy our Asian-inspired plant-based jerky knowing that with every bite you're having a positive impact on minimizing food waste and your carbon footprint. Together, our plant-based future can be unlimited. 



Our Team