VANZY: Gesture control made easier than ever

This wearable mouse uses machine learning to evolve with you for even more convenience. Get smarter, better control with VANZY.

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Gain gesture control for your devices with this neat little piece of tech! 

almost 2 years ago

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Jul 18, 2022

This seems interesting, but I am not sure how well it would work for someone whose hands don't always function properly. Sometimes, my fingers don't do what I tell them to, not right away or all at once, which results in the occasionally weird finger motion.

Stephanie S.
Stephanie S.
Jul 17, 2022

Have been looking at these types of devices.  There are multiple in the startup stages, and I like this design the best of what I have seen.  Small and light.

Yew F. L.
Yew F. L.
Jul 16, 2022

Cool looking over the air clicking wearable device. 

Sreejesh K.
Sreejesh K.
Jul 14, 2022

I have used its earlier version named SNOWL. The design was good but the 3d movement is pathetic. 

Karen Y.
Karen Y.
Jul 13, 2022

I really like that you can bend your finger (it seems more practical)

Eduardo S.
Eduardo S.
Jul 12, 2022

That seems really useful… I wonder if the firmware is upgradable and it is really compatible with a lot of devices… 

Jul 2, 2022

Excellent device  good alternative to laser pointer for lectures etc 

Manon G.
Manon G.
Jun 30, 2022

Cant't wait to get this.

zack w.
zack w.
Jun 29, 2022

like magic and cool

Steph L.
Steph L.
Jun 16, 2022

Nice little gadget, if you are into those kinds of things. 15 US$ for shipping.

Campaign Info



Our first product, SNOWL, launched on Kickstarter in 2020 with great success. 

Now, we’re back with our new and improved wearable mouse: VANZY!

We've also received $500,000 dollars in funding from 4,500 backers on crowdfunding platforms across the world.


Backers of SNOWL loved having a wireless wearable mouse at their fingertips.

SNOWL was a great success on Kickstarter. But we knew that we could still do better.

 Click here to see 'Snowl' Youtube channel!

After gathering feedback from our backers, we used it to bring VANZY to life.

VANZY is our newest innovation that improves upon SNOWL’s limitless potential.



VANZY’s gesture recognition puts you in control of your devices.



A wireless wearable mouse, VANZY uses gestures to put you in control of your devices.

From the moment you get out of bed to the moment you go to sleep, just move your finger and experience a whole new level of convenience. That’s the power of VANZY.


Use VANZY to control your devices during your morning jog or commute.

Apple Airpods and other earbuds don’t let you adjust the volume without taking your phone out first.

With VANZY, just turn your finger clockwise or counterclockwise to adjust the volume.


VANZY is the perfect companion for lectures, presentations, and meetings.

VANZY gives you precise control, even from a distance. Who needs a remote when you’ve got your very own finger mouse?

If you’re a content creator or other creative artist, you know how tough it can be trying to use two devices at the same time.

But VANZY makes the discomfort of swapping between devices a thing of the past. Just use your finger!


After a long day of work, you’ve finally made it home. With VANZY, that precious time of relaxation is amplified times ten.

It is waterproof for basic daily use, letting you use it while you cook or shower.

Need to destress with a quick game or trip into the virtual world? All you need is VANZY, and one move from your finger.

Don’t limit VANZY to just the material world! Experience what VANZY can do in VR.

Laying down after a long day? We’ve got you covered.

Getting some late-night reading done? VANZY is great for that, too.

Just remember to put it back in the charging cradle before you go to sleep. 😴


VANZY lets you control your devices with an out-of-the-box configuration of 11 gestures.

VANZY uses machine learning to record and learn from your gestures for even better precision. (VANZY can be used on either your left or right hand – whichever works best for you!)

You can also use the VANZY app to customize your gestures in a way that best fits your natural patterns of usage.

When customizing your keymapping in the VANZY app, you can program specific gestures to start certain programs.

(To type with VANZY, use the keymapping feature to assign a frequently used phrase to a gesture, then execute with the assigned gesture.)

The VANZY app unlocks a better, smarter life.


If you thought a mouse could only be used on a desk-like surface or mousepad, think again.

VANZY also gives your thumb control over an air mouse for all of your devices.


The only difference from an ordinary mouse is that now, the mouse is strapped to your finger.

The air mouse is also great for gaming.

Swap easily between air and gesture mouse with no separate equipment.

Once you’ve switched modes, the app interface will change, letting you see at a glance what mouse mode you’re using.

VANZY redefines the places and spaces where we can use a mouse.

Pair with multiple devices. Even when you’re far away from the screen, you’re still in full control.


Backers of our previous project, SNOWL, gave us lots of useful feedback on issues regarding cradle charging.

Our bar cradle redesign fixes the issues in the previous iteration, with an enhanced grip and improved form factor.

Plus, we've made VANZY much more intuitive to use.

The bar cradle lets you use VANZY as a clicker while its charging.

Any USB-C charging cable will work just fine. (Module must be touched while using bar mouse.)


Let’s face it: everyone has their own unique way of moving. That’s why we programmed VANZY so it can learn from your unique movements for enhanced precision.

No matter where you are or what you are doing, VANZY naturally recognizes your gestures regardless of your surrounding conditions for better usage.


3D Position is our exclusive technology for measuring distances.

This IMU motion sensor uses the latest chipset with a self-learning AI to process difficult to measure data. This gives VANZY even better gesture recognition.


VANZY comes with a next-generation 9DoF sensor for high-performing 3D spatial recognition.

Our 9DoF technology uses sensor fusion to combine data from the different sensors, giving even more gesture recognition precision compared to 3DoF or 6DoF.


In today’s world, smart devices are becoming a staple of our lives.

But there aren’t many interface controllers out there ready to lead the charge into this new frontier.

VANZY uses its 3D spatial sensor box, machine learning, and other combined technology modules for mouse control over your TV, smartphone, VR, AR, and other devices of all kinds. Keep your eyes open for more VANZY innovations in 2023!









COX Space began as a human interfacing technology team with experience in engineering and project management at a global semiconductor company. Over the last 4 years, we’ve used various technologies to perfect our gesture machine-learning algorithms, and our precursor project, SNOWL, was the fruit of our development efforts. Through SNOWL’s Kickstarter campaign, we were able to get crucial feedback from our backers. Now, after further research and development, we’re back with a brand-new, more intuitive interface and product. We’re also currently working on a gesture analysis platform, through which we aim to expand into even more diverse industries.


Who We Are

At COX Space, we stand at the forefront of futuristic wearable interface technologies. Our team of experts have led projects at global semiconductor firms including Intel, Mediatek, and Infinion. We’re hard at work perfecting hardware and software for a variety of industries, using machine learning to make innovative change and encourage sustainable development.


Why Kickstarter?

After SNOWL’s Kickstarter campaign, we received lots of feedback from our backers, which we used to focus on stability and design improvements for our second product. The ultimate goal of this endeavor was to bring to market a device that was both precise and convenient. Our new product, VANZY, works not only for the world of today, but for the upcoming VR revolution as well.

VANZY is no ordinary mouse. We will provide support and updates to make it a truly evolving mouse, making it efficient not just in conventional interfacing, but in VR and AR markets as well. This is our vision for VANZY, and for our backers. We hope that you will join us on this journey.



In the event of product defect on shipment or breakage due to a product issue, you are entitled to one year of free product exchange.

Damage caused by product usage is exempt from the warranty.


Reliability & Fast Delivery

COX Space has previously completed shipment of our crowdfunded products in the USA, Japan, and Korea. We’ve communicated with our backers to verify the safe arrival of their packages.


Kickstarter:  Snowl: The Mouse Reimagined by CoX Space

Indiegogo: Snowl: The Mouse Reimagined

Makuake: 【空中操作】でデバイスを自由にコントロール!リング型マウスSnowl|マクアケ - アタラシイものや体験の応援購入サービス

Wadiz: 새로운 디바이스의 영역ㅣ내 손짓으로 모든 것이 가능해지는 SNOWL!