Free Shot: The Everything Accessory for Golf Lovers

Convenient, Safe and Light All-in-One Golf Accessory tool that includes golf ball holder, tees, divot tool and custom ball markers

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This little guy packs everything you need to play in one convenient multi-tool!

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Nick X.
Nick X.
Aug 5, 2023

needs a climate change repair tool

Nick X.
Nick X.
Aug 5, 2023

could be useful if made with better materials

Karen Y.
Karen Y.
Jul 14, 2022

Very useful for golf enthusiasts

Steph L.
Steph L.
Jun 16, 2022

This is clever! I love this product! 14 US$ for shipping, though.

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Golf is all about relaxation and presence of mind. But how can we stay cool and collected when all of our equipment is scattered all over the place?

Whether it’s running off to find lost balls, or spending time hunched over looking for tees and ball markers, a game of golf can take its toll on your posture and performance.

We believe that a great golf experience needs just the essentials.

We’ve had enough of fumbling around with gloves. We’ve had enough of storing accessories in our pockets and hats.

FREESHOT attaches to the waist for burden-free strokes and puts! That’s unparalleled practicality and convenience for everyone from beginners to experts.

No more purchasing and carrying separate golf accessories! JUST GET FREESHOT.


When left untended, pitch marks can pose a big problem.

Using a divot tool to cover up your pitch marks is one of the ways golfers show respect for the sport and for one another.

FREESHOT’s divot tool attaches to the side, so you won’t need to carry a spare divot tool ever again.

FREESHOT’s sliding divot tool lets you easily attach and reattach the device to repair any pitch marks you may have left on the green.

The sharp edges of the divot tool are completely retractable, so you won’t get poked while it’s sitting on your hip.

Show the grass the same respect you show to the sport and lifestyle of golf!


Have you ever damaged a tee or sent a tee flying from the sheer force of your swing?

Our exclusive FREESHOT long tee solves all of the problems of the conventional tee.

At first glance, our tee may seem like an all-in-one tee, but the FREESHOT long tee is actually divided into top and bottom components. Now you can prep your tee and golf ball with none of the extra hassle, plus you won’t have to worry about destroying or losing parts of your tee.

The FREESHOT tee is equipped with an inner magnet, so the top and bottom halves come back together after the tee is struck.

Lost and damaged tees can take their toll on the environment. But with the FREESHOT long tee, you can golf sustainably by using just one tee.

The FREESHOT long tee’s top half is colored orange.

That way it sticks out like a sore thumb when you’re looking for it in all that green.

No more time wasted looking for tees! Focus on what really matters on the golf course!

(*Short tee not included in FREESHOT purchase, though short tees are compatible with product.)


When you golf, where do you store your tees? In your pockets? In a golf pouch, perhaps?

You don’t really want to take a tee that’s just been in the dirt or sand and put it in your pockets or hair, do you?

With FREESHOT, you’re getting a tee holder for both short tees AND long tees. With your tees neatly stored on your hip, your hands are free to focus on the game.


There are all sorts of ball markers out there that let you mark your ball on the green. Women tend to store their ball markers in their hats, while men keep them in their pockets.

The FREESHOT ball marker uses a powerful magnet to stay secure on your waist!

You can also engrave your marker with your initials or favorite catchphrase, so your marker stands out from the crowd.

With golf’s growing popularity, more and more people are looking to make their ball markers truly unique with a personal design that stands out.

Express yourself with FREESHOT’s highly portable and easily trackable ball marker!


Carrying your golf ball around all day can be a real hassle.

Golf balls can really make your pockets fat, or be a real pain to carry around in your hands. But now you can just place your golf ball in the FREESHOT holder.

Golf balls fit like a glove into the FREESHOT holder. Once your ball’s locked in place, it’s not going anywhere until you take it out again!

Feel for yourself how FREESHOT’s golf ball holder lets you conveniently store your golf ball with ease.

Plus, FREESHOT’s exclusive pouch brings you even more convenience when you’re off the green.

The FREESHOT pouch fits in the palm of your hand, and is perfect for storing in a golf bag.

With all of FREESHOT’s conveniences, you’ll be feeling freer and playing better than ever before.

Also a great gift for your golf buddies, or for the golf fanatic in your life!

There are plenty of golf pouches and multi-tools out there. But they’re often quite bulky, or difficult to carry around safely.

But so long as you’re carrying FREESHOT properly, you won’t have to worry about injuries or scratches, or damage to your equipment.

When worn opposite your dominant hand, you’ll be swinging freely and unhindered.


When combined with the weight of a golf ball, FREESHOT weighs in at 89 grams. That’s less than 0.2 pounds!

With such a low weight, FREESHOT is light enough for everyone!

You can clip FREESHOT above your belt, or clip it to your pants or skirt.

FREESHOT’s light weight makes it perfect for kids and teens who are just picking up the sport.


FREESHOT’s sleek design fits anyone’s style. Which of our 4 color options is your favorite?

Having well-organized supplies will help you focus on the game, and let you set up right away. So, you’ll have more time to focus on what matters.

FREESHOT – the easiest way to take strokes off your game.








FREESHOT is a small-team of golf lovers based in New York, NY. Whenever we were out on the green, we hated having to rummage around wasting time looking for our golf supplies. Our pursuit of a safer and more convenient storage solution led us to develop FREESHOT. In 2017, we conducted our preliminary brainstorming and development, but there were unexpected issues regarding product material and safety. After further testing and research, we finished product development in 2021, and are now unveiling the redesigned and super convenient FREESHOT and FREESHOT Long Tee to the world.


Why Kickstarter?

Golf lets you feel freedom in nature and comradery with your fellow golfers. We’ve created a product that embodies these ideas more safely and more conveniently than ever. We want to share these values and this experience with our campaign backers, so you can help get the word out about FREESHOT. We want to share the fruit of our 4-year development process with KICKSTARTER, first and foremost. FREESHOT embodies a new golf experience, and new golf values. It’s our gift to you.



In the event of product defect on shipment or breakage due to a product issue, you are entitled to one year of free product exchange.

Damage caused by product usage is exempt from the warranty.


Reliability & Fast Delivery

FREESHOT is NOT a prototype. It is a complete product ready for manufacture. We’ve manufactured and inspected hundreds of test products. Once our successfully funded campaign ends, we aim to begin manufacturing right away. We’ve also secured a shipping partner for the quickest and most accurate delivery, and we will do our utmost for safe and timely shipment on our end.