ULlife Me-300S: Lightest Foldable Bone Conduction Headphones

The ULlife Me-300S is the first bone conduction headset with a foldable headband and the first bone conduction headset with air suspension vibration technology on the market.

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Maoz Z.
Maoz Z.
Jul 21, 2022

Danny L. - It depends where is the damage.. If it is nervous damage - bone-conduction will not help, but if its the eardrum that is damaged - then these will be great for hearing music and stuff..

More so - there are hearing devices based on bone-conduction that are ment for peaople with eardrum defects/damage..

Dohyun P.
Dohyun P.
Jul 21, 2022

It would be a good stuff. :)

Jenry Y.
Jenry Y.
Jul 21, 2022

I have known about bone-conducting headphones for a while now. I recently decided to do some research & buy my very first pair when I found this in Kickstarter. Looks very promising. :)

Danny L.
Danny L.
Jul 20, 2022

i have severe deamage to one ear and lesser so on the other, and I suffer from severe Tinnitus in both ears ! Will boneconduction even work for me ?

Maoz Z.
Maoz Z.
Jul 20, 2022

Janifer C. - I think you mean ultrasound for bone healing..?

But US uses shorter waves, with more energy, so I don't think audible sound will have this effect..

Maoz Z.
Maoz Z.
Jul 20, 2022

I'm dying to try bone conduction for a long time, and these look really cool!

Jul 18, 2022

I wonder how this would work for someone with an auditory processing disorder.

Heinrich F.
Heinrich F.
Jul 17, 2022

I have already tried some of these bone conduction headphones. Quite nice but very comfortable in storage. I hope the ULife headphones end this problem.

David L.
David L.
Jul 16, 2022

I've never tried bone conduction headphones and I'm curious how it feels and sounds. Intriguing. 

Tim X.
Tim X.
Jul 16, 2022

Would love a bag/case for this. 

Campaign Info


Do you frequently suffer from ear pain caused by headphones, or does sweating make your ears uncomfortable when you are exercising? Are you concerned about hearing damage caused by prolonged use of headphones? It's time to look into bone conduction headphones to help you solve the problems listed above. 

The ULlife Me-300S is the first bone conduction headset with a foldable headband and the first bone conduction headset with air suspension vibration technology on the market. It is an excellent choice for fitness, driving, work, or everyday music enjoyment, thanks to its excellent sound quality, ultra lightweight, stylish appearance, and unparalleled portability.

Me-300S bone conduction headphones weigh only 18g which are comfortable to wear and more suitable for outdoor sports; An IP66 rating that weathers dust and moisture, allowing them to withstand rainy runs, sweaty rides, and other abrasive conditions. In terms of technical innovation, it adopts Ar Suspension® Technology for the first time, which improves sound quality and effectively solves the problem of sound leakage.

If you are hunting for ultra lightweight, comfortable and high-quality bone conduction headphones, ULlife Bone Conduction Headphone Me-300S is your favorable one.

Enjoy immersive world-class audio delivered through your cheekbone. The vibration module in the Me-300S features the first Ar Suspension® structure. The new structure provides more powerful sound resolution and a wider dynamic range while significantly reducing the size of the module, making it a "dynamic revolution" in bone conduction technology. Sound leakage is massively improved but vibration is minimalized and you can now enjoy outstanding sound quality.

An expert team of national-level audio and recording experts supervises the sound quality of the Me-300S. Firmly knowing that the importance of quality matters to headphones, they show beneficial guidance to the delicacy of Me-300S in order to make sure every detail is heard accurately.

Unlike most bone conduction headsets, when the Me-300S headset is removed, it automatically coils and folds. The folded diameter of only 8cm makes it easy to store in small bags and pockets. Foldable head band can accommodate a wide range of users, including those with smaller heads.  

The Lightest ever

Thanks to the tireless efforts of our engineers, the Me-300S bone conduction headphones are the most lightweight ever. With an overall weight of nearly half an ounce, nearly 30% lighter than the others on the market, the Me-300S has the lightest design to wrap around your ears. Even after a long period of wearing, no suppression will be felt, making your ears and head comfortable.

Ergonomic Design for Comfort

The redesigned headband is flexible and durable that allowing a variety of movements without being damaged. Me-300S gives enough clamping force to fit snugly on your head. But you will never feel tight even after prolonged use. 

It’s optimal gadget not only for outdoor sports, but also excellent for office works, driving road, online courses and meetings. 

Reinforced ear hooks are available in the package that even can help children use the headphones to protect their hearing.

Me-300S bone conduction headphones protect your ears physically since you don’t need to plug in your ear canal. Moreover, some earbuds might not fit your ears well, which is not going to happen to Me-300S. 

Sweating will not block the ear canal after a long-time use, which is more hygienic and healthy for the ear and will not cause discomfort or infection.

Compared to traditional headphones, bone conduction headphones can protect hearing by transmitting sound into the ear via head drum vibration rather than the eardrum, which reduces eardrum damage and avoids affecting hearing. 

For people who are suffering from the pain of ear inflammation, tinnitus, hearing loss and other problems, Me-300s bone conduction headphones will perfectly give you a different experience.

Me-300S is ideal for all kinds of exercise. The open-ear headphones are just as vibrant and full of energy as you are, making it perfect for an active and refreshing lifestyle.

Choosing the right headphones motivates your every exercise and boosts your mood. Rather than constantly adjusting the position of your headphones or worrying about a fall and removal, the Me-300S saves all the concerns so that you can be more concentrated on your workouts. It is an outstanding partner when you are jogging, hiking, yoga, riding, and climbing.

Never Fall out in any Sport

Running down a City Block


Traditional headphones block up your stuff the ear canal and you cannot hear the sound of the outside world. It poses a potential danger to outdoor fitness enthusiasts. However, Me-300S, the open-ear headphones, allow you to listen to music or podcast but also let you remain aware of your surroundings when you are exercising, especially outdoors. 

If you want to enjoy the music while speaking to your friend and hear his voice clearly, Me-300S will easily get the job done.

Whether you’re running down a city block, cycling on the road, or waiting for the airline attendant to call your row. Keeping you safe, while keeping you at the moment.

With music inside while still hear outside, also safe to your ears.

Keep Track of the Surroundings

A distinguishing feature of Me-300S bone conduction headphones is that they tolerate sweat well. Sweat easily causes quality issues with other headphones, but not with bone conduction headphones. Me-300S unlocks more possible use scenarios thanks to the waterproof USB interface and PCB nano-coating.

If you are a fitness person, these headphones will offer you the most outstanding sweat resistance for comfortable use during running, cycling.

USB-C Charging

Users can enjoy listening to their favorite audios for a non-stop six hours or hold phone call for max 8 hours. The Bluetooth version 5.3 results in ultra-low power consumption and allows for simple and faster wireless pairing with Bluetooth-enabled devices such as Android and iOS smartphones, tablets, Mac, PC, and so on. These easy-going headphones have a hassle-free connection range of 10 meters.

Intuitive function button controls call, music, and volume, all with a simple press.

The Me-300S is stylish in its appearance. The sleek design paired with three different colors (Black, carmine red, and deep sky blue) goes well with your sports style or business style.


3D Modeling

Product Testing & Assembly


ULlife is a blooming enterprise specialized in creating a variety of creative and professional products. Drawn from some of the most professional in the audio industry and design industry, our team of experts has a broad range of experience in creating some of the very best tech products on the market and their extensive expertise are integrated into all aspects of our headphones.

  • Jun Ma - Founder and CEO. Major in Magnetism; tuner; expert in audio electronic acoustics.
  • Huixian Tian - Production Director. Was the head of semiconductor design in well-known enterprise; was the head of research and development of Electrical Appliance; senior acoustic structure expert.
  • Kang Dongrong - Marketing Director. Sales manager and branch general manager
  • Ping Zhao - Chief Tuner. Senior national recording engineer, member of the Audio Engineering Society (AES); professional audio technology consultant of SONY in China.