Taskoma: The All-purpose Analog Productivity System

A New Standard that Keeps your Tasks/Checklists Super Simple, Organized, Prioritized and Boost your Productivity.

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Nick X.
Nick X.
Aug 5, 2023


Sharon P.
Sharon P.
Sep 19, 2022

This is a reminisce of the past! 😂. This is NOT new … and/or innovative! 😂

David L.
David L.
Sep 7, 2022

Lol, going old school! 

Mohammad Z.
Mohammad Z.
Aug 31, 2022

Looks quite portable and durable.  

Jul 18, 2022

I like this concept, but I wish there was a way to also digitally integrate it so that I could use it in conjunction with Google Calendar, Calendly, and other apps more seamlessly.I also wish the sheets were reusable, rather than one-time-to-be-recycled.

Stephanie S.
Stephanie S.
Jul 17, 2022

Absolutely love the idea and design.  I am a very visual person who would benefit from this type of system.  But it is not remotely cost effective for either the initial system or refills.  Hard Pass

Yew F. L.
Yew F. L.
Jul 16, 2022

These bringing back the good old days!

Jul 14, 2022

Just a clipboard and penholder how does it boost productivity ?

Karen Y.
Karen Y.
Jul 14, 2022

Ohh it really looks good (and very practical which is good too)

Janifer C.
Janifer C.
Jul 14, 2022

I see this as a great thing for Boomers, those with ADHD, and certain people on the autism spectrum who, like my eldest, need visual reminders.  The price, even with the 30% off discount, is not practical for what it is, especially when you need specific cards which only they manufacture for this product.  MX$1099 = $52.44 USD.  There's no explanation as to why should I buy this over a pen holder and a clipboard.

Campaign Info


We all have different tasks to complete every day; Work, Business, School, Fitness, Home Chores, Shopping and many more. In today's internet world, it is easy to get distracted and be pulled in different directions. Distractions come from everywhere, such as emails, social media, videos, ads, phone calls…,  just to mention a few.   Survey Finds 68% of Workers Distracted by Internet on the Job.  As a result, we end up procrastinating, doing less or nothing.  

No doubt, Notebooks, Sticky Notes, and Index Cards are great, but they are not designed for tasks and will never be. 

Hi, I'm John Francis. Today, together with my small team, we are creating a NEW STANDARD around our daily tasks and checklists of any kind. An analog system designed  to keep your Tasks, To-dos or Checklists Super Simple, Organized, Prioritized as you Optimize Productivity day by day.

Pro Kit GIF

Lite Kit GIF

Taskoma creates a new standard for your tasks, to-dos, or checklists in a Simple, Organized, and Productive fashion. 

Dock Prioritized tasks directly in front of you.

See detailed description at the bottom of the page.

Taskoma card features; 

 The reverse side of each card is designed for your notes and sketches.

Group tasks that are similar in nature or part of the same project into one designated time period. Simply check the Batching checkbox as you assign a single designated time period to a group of tasks.

Task Batching: Group Similar Tasks into One Designated Time Period of Completion

Schedule specific blocks of time in your day to focus on a specific work. Taskoma task pad comes with Start Time and End Time fields (HH:MM). Simply assign Start Time and End Time to your tasks.

Time Blocking: Designate Specific Start and End Time for each Task.

 Taskoma is designed to help you create a  habit around your daily tasks and checklists. 


Study Plans

Reading Plans

Shopping List

Bible Reading

Do you love studying the bible? With Taskoma, you can easily create and manage your bible reading plans efficiently while staying focused.

Are you using digital tools already? Awesome. Replacement is not necessary.  Use Taskoma together with any digital tool for prioritizing and getting things done efficiently.

 Taskoma Lite Kit is minimalist and easy to carry along.  It comes with:

  •  Card/Clipboard docker,
  • 100 cards
  • Clipboard

 Taskoma Pro Kit includes:

  • Card/Clipboard Docker
  • 100 Cards
  • Clipboard
  • Pen Holder Compartment
  •  Used and Unused Card Compartments 

The included mini clipboard with a stainless steel knob clip allows you to write on any surface and anywhere while keeping track of your tasks. 

Have your card clipped on the clipboard. You can carry it along to anywhere such as meetings, field work, conference etc.  

 The Card

  • Sulfate Cardboard
  • 12-14 Points
  •  Biodegradable, Flexible, Resistant and Rigid 

The Clipboard

The Lite Docker

The Pro Kit

 We understand how crucial your tasks could be while travelling or on a field work. Taskoma cards are handy, that is why we created handy add-ons for easy carriage of your cards, suitable for your field work, travel,  and more.

Getting started with Taskoma is as simple as picking a card for some tasks. 

Date Field

 You’re good with any date format of your choice.


Week Field

Keep track of your weekday.  It’s quite common for one to forget the day of the week a task, an event or any other activity took place. 

Taskoma Week Field

Time Field (HH:MM)

 Keep track of start time of your tasks. If you are working with Task Batching and Time Blocking, simply use the second line on each task for your end time. 

Ignore timing if your task, to-dos, or checklist is timeless. 

Taskoma Time Fields


Prioritized your tasks for TODAY or TOMORROW. 

Leave it unchecked for any future tasks beyond 2 days ahead, or when your tasks or to-dos do not require prioritizing.

Prioritize Tasks for Today and Tomorrow when neccessary

The Task Pad

The front side is designed specifically for your tasks. The task pad design has two lines. The second line can be used optionally to record sub-task, task reference or even continue from the first line when necessary.

Taskoma Taskpad

The Notepad

The reverse side of the card is designed for notes and sketches. Two options available: College Ruled and Dot Grid Notepad. If you love making sketches, dot grid could be your best choice. 

 In progress, On hold, Done and Canceled. Use the task signals to mark any task according to their current state. Task signals are also indicated at the bottom of each card.

Lite Kit

Pro Kit

Pro PLUS Kit

 Taskoma was born in 2017 when I was struggling to keep up with my daily lesson tasks and activities for each of my students. As an English Teacher in Mexico City, who moved to Mexico from Houston, TX.

At a certain point, I had to meet 20 professional students at their offices and residential homes daily. Funny enough, students were located in the Eastern, Western, Northern, and Southern parts of the city.  A couple of times, trying to use my phone to achieve my aims often result in distractions from the internet world.  I didn't want to think anything else other than my weekly lessons. As a result, I created a system that dramatically kept my tasks super organized and more productive day by day.

After years of successful use and improvement, I decided to open my idea to the public and create a new and simpler standard for our daily tasks and checklists.

We started Taskoma design by thinking and working on how to hold and dock the cards right in front of you. 

Thanks to Enrique Lopez for crafting the 100% functional and satisfactory prototypes according to the design specifications after few trials.


Production Plans

We've been working closely with our craftsmen; Enrique Lopez; Juan Manuel; and Javier Delgado, to dial in both the functional and aesthetic details of Taskoma kits as well as the wooden boxes. After many prototypes and much testing, we arrived at the final design which not only looks great but is delightful to use. The talented men are on standby to make it happen.

Card Printing:

With our 3 years experience in Printing Colorkido Bilingual Children’s Books, Taskoma cards will be printed in-house with little or no outside help. 

Leather Card Wallet:

The Leather Card wallet add-on will be handmade by Lopeztello. Thirty years+ experience in Saddlery. He created the prototype according to specification desired.


We are in direct contact with Empack, a dedicated packaging company with presence in all states in Mexico, for all our eco-friendly packaging needs ranging from card boxes to shipping boxes. 

After the Kickstarter campaign, Taskoma will continue to strive hard to make all kits and cards available on our website, www.taskoma.com. Also,  kits and supplies will be available on marketplaces. 

 This campaign does not include shipping fees. For cheapest shipping cost, we will send out survey within 14 days after campaign ends to collect shipping information.


Standard Shipping Estimate by Zones (subject to package weight and size):

Express Shipping Estimate by Zones (For packages of all sizes):

The more the number of backers, the cheaper the shipping cost, as we could obtain a better shipping discounts.

Note: Shipping cost will be based on Weight and Volumetric size of your package. We will get this info after campaign.  We will make sure you get the cheapest shipping available in the market.


 Reward Fulfillment 

Taskoma Kits are 100% handmade. Fulfillment will be done in batches. As we are producing all kits, we will equally be preparing fulfillment according to backer's number. 

All backers who qualify for giveaways will equally receive their FREE extra kit promised.


VAT (value-added tax) & Import Duties

This Kickstarter campaign's pricing does not  include any taxes or duties your country may charge to import our products. In some Countries, VAT is based on the value of the product. You are responsible for paying any import taxes, fees, and/or VAT when your order is imported to your country. 

See estimated VAT based on where you live below.

  •  United States—0% (Goods worth < US$800)
  •  Canada—5%
  •  Rest of the World—10-20% 

Please help us share Taskoma to your friends and family via SOCIAL MEDIA such as E-MAIL, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter,  and Reddit. Simply click on the social icon; on the next page, select the medium and share. 

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