BeachBack: The World’s First Backpack-Sunbed Combo

BeachBack is a beach lounger that turns into a backpack in just 30 seconds. Comfy, full of pockets, with integrated awning and mattress

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This thing looks pretty sweet for beach going, but you really use it anywhere! 

almost 2 years ago

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Mohammad Z.
Mohammad Z.
Aug 7, 2022

This looks ok, but not sure how useful it would be.  Skipping it.

Jul 26, 2022

I love the concept, but the price point plus shipping is a hard thing to manage right now. Still, looks like a really great product!

Yew F. L.
Yew F. L.
Jul 16, 2022

This looks really great, convenient and useful. Just that it's really costly.

Trudy G.
Trudy G.
Jul 16, 2022

Looks like a wonderful, very useful product - unfortunately, as others have said, too expensive for me.

Jul 14, 2022


Karen Y.
Karen Y.
Jul 13, 2022

Definitely for people who're going to go to the beach on a regular basis (but also works if you plan to suntan)

Eduardo S.
Eduardo S.
Jul 12, 2022

I loved this product, but it's too much expensive for me… 

Steph L.
Steph L.
Jul 12, 2022

This is a great idea! I love the sun canopy and awning! It looks like it's made of decent quality materials.

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BeachBack is a beach lounger with an integrated mattress, adjustable headrest, and a sun canopy, that transforms into a roomy backpack. Just 30 seconds to go from a beach lounger to a backpack with a lot of cool features, a real portable all-in-one solution for outdoor lovers, couples, and families to relax.

We all faced it: enjoying outdoor life could be stressful. Wild beautiful free beaches don't usually offer facilities and your nearby city parks don't have places to lay down comfortably. So you'll find yourself carrying many bags and a lot of things like sun umbrellas, chairs, towels and more.

We present the first convertible solution designed to make you fully appreciate the contact with nature during your excursions to the sea, lake, park, or countryside. BeachBack can hold everything you need for a day trip. At the right time, it can be transformed into a practical sunbed in just 30 seconds. So, you can relax without compromise and without depending on expensive tourist facilities.

 All you need is your BeachBack.  

​​Imagine all the things you need for a day at the beach: chair, umbrella, towel, and a bag (at least one) filled with everything you need, like sunscreen, books, tablet computer, toys, and maybe even a cooler with fresh water, snacks, etc. Carrying all this stuff with you could be impractical and uncomfortable, but it’s all incredibly simple with BeachBack.

In sunbed mode, BeachBack offers a complete solution with a headrest, sun canopy and extendable awning*, wind-resistant towel, and a wide range of pockets and compartments, including an insulated pocket, a waterproof pocket* for swimsuits, and a pocket for solar power bank.

*see add-on list 

BeachBack can also be coupled (up to two, three, or more) allowing you to create a relaxation shaded area for couples or families.. 

BeachBack is also a very practical backpack, designed to be comfortable: the padded shoulder straps and the weight distribution belts make it easy to load it on your shoulders or take it by hand as a duffle bag.

The high capacity allows you to bring everything you need for a day of leisure and organize it at best thanks to its various functional pockets. It's fair to say that BeachBack is an actual 35-liter capacity backpack, not a beach chair with shoulder straps.

BeachBack is the ideal life partner for anyone who loves the outdoors, made with top-quality UV-resistant materials, and water/sand resistant fabric. BeachBack can adapt to any situation thanks to its sealed seams and many pockets and accessories.

These features make it ideal in practically all circumstances, preventing the mattress from getting soaked with water after a bath or the backpack itself from being damaged by the sand and UV rays.

Lightweight and sturdy, carrying your BeachBack is not a problem even when fully loaded. Its padded shoulder straps and weight distribution belt make it easy to move around. Its special design and padding make it exceptionally comfortable to carry, even on a bike.

The high capacity of 35 liters of free volume allows you to bring everything you need for a day of leisure and organize it at best thanks to its various functional pockets.

With BeachBack on your shoulders, you have everything you need for an independent and comfortable day in the middle of nature!

If you also love the moments spent in freedom outdoors, you can support this project that will allow us to create the first "all-in-one" solution for your trips alone, as a couple, or with your family!! Coupled two, three, or more BeachBack and create a play or leisure space and a more enlarged shadow are

With BeachBack you can avoid overcrowded and high-priced private facilities. You’ll have maximum freedom to stop and relax wherever you like, even in places with no facilities where most people never go. This is your perfect solution for outdoor relaxation!

Here's what makes BeachBack the ideal mate for outdoor relaxation:

  •  All-in-one solution
  • Convertible in 30 seconds 
  •  35-liter capacity
  • Water/wind/sand resistant details
  • Coupling design
  •  Comfortable and resistant
  •  Cool looking as a backpack as well as a beach lounger

We had the first idea for a backpack beach lounger back in 2020 and from that point, we went through a long brainstorming and R&D process that brought us here on Kickstarter. Sketches after sketches and many prototypes after, we got the current DFM prototype which is ready for production.

Whether it's a lunch break at the park or a day at the beach or the lake, BeachBack can adapt to all your needs and offer you endless opportunities to recharge in close contact with nature: choose the reward that fit your needs.

We designed the Enjoy More Combo pack to expand BeachBack's features to the fullest! The Enjoy More Combo pack adds to your BeachBack a set of two poles with stakes and guy lines to easily set up the included awning, a waterproof bag to store your wet swimsuits so your other stuff doesn't get wet, and a mesh bag so you don't bring home tons of sand when leaving the beach.  

1. Choose a reward level.

Everybody can choose one (and only one) reward level to back this project. You cannot choose 2 reward levels. Just one. Read the reward's description and be sure you choose the right one for you. See the FAQ for more info.

2. If you want to add something, check out the Add-On Menu.

If you want to add the Enjoy More Combo to your reward, check out the Add-On Menu above then add it to your reward by increasing your pledge by the amount specified. You can only add things to your reward that are in the Add-On paragraph above.

3. Relax, you're done for now.

All details like shipping information and add-on specifics will be collected via survey after this campaign has ended.

It's been a long journey, and we're excited to finally present the final product after so much R&D and many prototypes.

Global shipping delay and current material shortage considered, December 2022 is the shipping goal we truly aiming for.

This project is promoted by Jellop, the ad tech power behind the best Kickstarters with 2,100+ successful Kickstarter projects with over $900M raised between them.

BeachBack is a game-changer. We've put a lot of hard work into developing and testing it and we promise you'll not be disappointed.

Support us. We need your help to get us going: to fund the production and make BeachBack possible!