Wair Mk1 Ultra - 2-Size Boxer Briefs for ALL Men

Driven by curiosity, 100% digital native boxer briefs developed by Wair Living for ALL Men on earth. [Inspired by SpaceX]

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almost 2 years ago

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Mohammad Z.
Mohammad Z.
Aug 7, 2022

Looks good, but too expensive. not sure about the quality either.

Steph L.
Steph L.
Aug 4, 2022

I love these boxers and what they 'promise' to deliver. However, I understand the spaceship anecdote, but I'm not too fond of the image at the front or even on the boxer itself. Because of that, I won't back it. Great price and shipping fees are reasonable.

Aug 3, 2022

This is interesting and at a good price point for what it says it will do.The promo video doesn't make a lot of sense in some places. “”Senseless" doesn't mean that one can't sense it; it means that it makes no sense, which is not what I would think a creator would describe their innovation as being, for instance. 

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Designed to tackle centry old men's underwear problem

Hi Creators!

We are Wair Living, Founded by two former engineers,  set to tackle distractions caused by uncomfortable underwear.


The Challenge

Here is your typical life situation:

Wair help you adapt to all life situations


Pardon us for the focus here; we are underwear professionals 😂

And here is how you feel after loads of meaningful body/brain activities:

Swamp Ass problem occured after meaningful activities

Creators constantly explore, but it's often challenging. We need UTTER focus to capture the flow of inspiration;  Even the tiniest irritation will strip us from the priceless moments of great ideas.


Our Goal: Help You Focus

we set out to seek less distraction more focus and ideas

Ask Less Distraction from Underwear

Yeah, we know what you need~!

6 Core asks for underwear

Here is What We Got For Mk1 Ultra

3 colors of mk1 ultra

6 features for Mk1 Ultra, ultrabreathe, ultrastretch, ultravision

Ultra-Stretch: Merge 6 Sizes Into 2 

Ultrastretch that made all things possible

Ultra-Stretch in Motion

No kidding, with the help of Ultra-Stretch Material, we combined six men's underwear sizes into 2 to fit all body types and your weight-changing challenges. And we name them, guess what:  

Mk1 Ultra Comes in 2 Sizes, Grande and Venti

And it's oddly satisfying looking at how we simplified this more visually.

How We Did It ? - Material

Ultrabreathe material

Ultra-Breathe is not procured from the market but rather co-developed by Wair and our supplier team to reach the following features.

comparision between cotton and ultrabreathe

We set out to create the most comfortable first layer in 2021, sieved through all the possible materials in the industry. In the end, we have to develop the UltraBreathe, which met our criteria of both elasticity and the ability to allow air to flow. Its comfort ensures that the creators focus on what they need to do – Create!

How We Did It ? - Design

a series of processes such as product sketching - modeling - fabric - proofing was done in a 100% digital way. We used AI FIT modeling to simulate body heat distribution to ensure optimal ventilation. 

Twelve thousand surfaces were built into the model to ensure fit around the body curves. After almost 300 times of refinement through the material database, we could tailor the compression level for each part to provide maximum comfort and support for all body types. 

the design process of Mk1 Ultra

How We Did It ? - Inspiration

inspired by spaceX mission

Bold Mission, Visible to EVERYONE

This inspirational quote from the SpaceX team can help you tell the front side of your Ultra. It is visible to EVERYONE, making an indispensable feature of Mk1 Ultra a beautiful combination of utility, ambition, and care. 

 original made on earth by humans by elon musk

Wair Living's iteration of made on earth by humans


Eyes On Mars, Heart To Earth - Environmental Endeavours

UltraBreathe™ signature quick-dry feature made hang dry a possibility; you don't have to wait all day for newly washed pairs. 

Thus, we can minimize the carbon footprint generated from manufacturing to Product Use. We do ours; you take yours 🌎

help the earth by choosing mk1 ultra and handwash, hang dry when using it

Mk1 Ultra Delivery Timeline

Reward options for Mk1 Ultra


Plans after Mk1 Ultra

Our exploration is not stopping at Mk1 Ultra. When we return from space, we will dive into the sea for more sustainable possibilities. 

Next line product will be based on algae, almost unlimited gift from nature

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