KIT GYM: Perform 100+ Workouts Anytime, Anywhere 💪

Strength Training | Pilates | Core Workouts | Stretching | Adjustable Resistance Bands | Lightweight

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Jul 18, 2022

Hi there! What's the lowest weight resistance one can use this with? My neuromuscular condition leaves me prone to hypertrophy, so I can't do a lot of reps with much weight or resistance. Thanks.

adam a.
adam a.
Jul 18, 2022

Love the minimal footprint, so many of these are massive 

Steph L.
Steph L.
Jul 18, 2022

Looks like a decent all-in-one gym kit. 29$ shipping to Canada seems reasonable as well.

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Strength, cardio, pilates, core workouts, stretching and more!

Most exercises require several pieces of equipment. Now, you can do it all with KIT GYM!

KIT GYM allows users to adjust their resistance and seamlessly flow through their workout with just one device. KIT GYM enables your body to fully engage all of your muscles and core.

Enhance your workout experience with KIT GYM. It's your all-in-one workout device to work on your back, upper body, lower body, core, and more!


KIT GYM's cushion is designed to decrease the pressure applied to your hips and joints so you can work out with enhanced stability (and comfort!).

KIT GYM is packed with all workout features like weight-lifting, cardiovascular, pilates, stretching, and post work out massages. With a single workout equipment, you can do all the exercises you want. Transform your bedroom, living room, or basically anywhere to your personal fitness center.


A true all-in-one workout equipment must allow users to workout in various ways to fit your physical condition and workout goal. Try out over dozens of workout poses/moves.

Make all your workouts you hope for, a reality with KIT GYM.

Shoulder Press


There is no need to install a bulky & expensive treadmill in your house. You can enhance your cardiovascular & core strength with doing mountain climbers on KIT GYM.


Adductor muscle enhancement

Hamstring enhancement

There is no need to purchase additional equipment like foam rollers or massage guns. Complete your workouts from beginning to end with KIT GYM.

Shoulder-blade & Back stretching


AB roller

Rowing machine


When you scan the QR code, you can check out more workout poses in detail.


When working out at home, there is no need for your body to get in contact with your dirty floor with KIT Gym. The shock absorption cushion will also absorb and prevent your sweat from dropping on the floor.

The cushion can easily be detachable. We recommend users to gently rinse or wash it with your washing machine.


A cushion is attached on the front of the device. This decreased the stress applied to your elbows, hips, and knees, which allows users to feel less stressed from long intense workouts.

The human body is not equally balanced on both sides (Left & Right). Meaning, that each side of your body has a different physical power/strength. So, KIT GYM has an individual foot stool to adequately control the unbalanced power/strength level.

The footrests’ wheels are quiet & noise-free. Also, since there is no impact from impact, there will be no surface noise while working out.

KIT Gym’s customized Double-Layered latex tubing band is  extremely durable from wearing off, allowing users to workout for a longer period of time with high-intensity. 

If you are more athletically skilled or want to perform more intense workouts, try adjusting your intensity by applying various tubing bands.

If you would like to increase your intensity & stimulation, try adding on additional high-intensity bands. You can apply up to 4 different intensity levels.

Based on the Violet Tubing Band

You must adjust your workout intensity according to your physical capacity to workout with stability and being applied with the adequate stimulation. Do not try to increase your workout intensity by going overdoing your workouts.

Depending on where the handle is fixed to, the stimulation area will vary. Choose the parts of your body you would like to work on and… begin!





You can choose the color of the cushion.

  • Please note that the actual shipping price may vary. Check with your country’s policies. We cannot be held liable for any additional customs charges that may occur in your location.
  • When you are not available at your shipping location upon shipping, or if any shipping issues occur due to customers’ fault, KIT Sports will not be held liable.


As the pandemic does not seem to come to an end, a great number of people has been struggling physically. The developer’s son & daughter were worn out from intensive workloads and suffered from poor physical health due to lack of time. He knew better than anyone else that it was just too much to ask them to get outside and workout or head to the gym.

Based on the decades of experience in developing and producing fitness equipment, we developed KIT GYM that can perform all necessary exercises users would need, at home. When developing KIT GYM, he focused on design and materials, but above all, it's function. We hope that this product, personally developed for his family, provides a great option for all individuals that would like to workout.



KITSPORTS INC is a company founded by a developer who has been developing workout equipment for 40 years, and with professional researchers in the field. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, "KIT GYM" has been developed from over two years of research and development to make working out accessible and diverse at home.

Kit GYM features a variety of workouts, mobility, and simple storage with a solid and unique design. From this project, we hope to enter the global market through honest consumer feedback and upgrade developments.




When the product is proven faulty upon delivery, please contact [email protected] within a year after receiving the unit. We will check the unit and issue a refund or send out a replacement unit.

Please note that minor scratches on the birchwood plyboard may naturally appear while manufacturing, so this may not be counted as a factor for determining a faulty unit.