Revopoint MINI: 3D Scanner with 0.02mm precision

High Resolution Blue Light | 0.05mm Point Distance | 0.02mm High Precision | 10fps Scan Speed in Wi-Fi mode | Weighs only 160g

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Skooma G.
Skooma G.
Jul 15, 2022

really neat! have to tell ppl with a printer about it before it ends ^^

Jul 14, 2022

Must have if you have 3d printerĀ 

Janifer C.
Janifer C.
Jul 14, 2022

For model makers and 3D printer enthusiasts, this item is a great price point. Ā 

Karen Y.
Karen Y.
Jul 13, 2022

This looks good, but what are the markers for?

Steph L.
Steph L.
Jul 13, 2022

This is so cool!Ā 

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In 2021, we raised more than $5,000,000 and successfully launched the POP series scanners, which have received praise from over 12000 backers worldwide. We want to introduce the all-new Revopoint MINI series- the world's first affordable high-precision blue light scanner with a precision of up to 0.02mm [1]. The MINI is a necessary modeling tool for professionals such as designers, engineers, makers, and medical and scientific research workers. Through creating the MINI, Revopoint aims to lower the barriers around 3D modeling learning, enabling designers to free themselves from the tedious modeling work to focus more on creation itself. MINI dramatically lowers the threshold for 3D creative production, allowing you to quickly build a 3D digital world while improving modeling efficiency by more than ten times.

The Revopoint MINI uses binocular blue light technology to project ultra-high-resolution structured light. The high-resolution dual-camera system and intelligent algorithm make the scanned model extremely precise and detailed, helping you quickly achieve accurate 3D data reconstruction. The MINI 3D scanner can output models with a point distance of up to 0.05mm and a single-frame precision of up to 0.02mm. All of this is achieved with the industrial-level professional calibration tools. Whether you need to scan jewelry, coins, industrial spare parts, and other objects, if your goal is to achieve a high-precision 3D model, the MINI 3D scanner is your best choice.


Especially many thanks to our beta testers for their contributions to the models of MINI on this page.

The MINI scanner is very suitable for modeling, modification, and design. It can quickly scan industrial spare parts with complex shapes and surfaces and output the models with a point distance of up to 0.05mm. Using MINI enables you to quickly and accurately reconstruct CAD models consistent with the real-life objects and realize the repair, transformation, and innovative design.

MINI can be used to complete non-destructive research on cultural relics and fossils. The scanner reproduces the original color and appearance of cultural relics. Its ability to output models with a precision of up to 0.02mm results in perfectly clear and detailed models whether scanning small objects such as insect fossils or larger ones such as dinosaur remains.

The MINI can be used for projects such as jewelry design. By accurately capturing the details of the jewelry, the MINI allows for the efficient redesign, engraving, and customization of jewelry, placing professional-level design capabilities and techniques in your hands with ease.

One of the most advanced features of the MINI is its astounding ability to capture complete facial and body data in seconds, particularly useful in the healthcare industry. This creates customized healthcare solutions that can be used to perform pre-and post-operation analysis and gather data needed for procedures such as plastic and restorative surgery.

Animation, virtual reality, and augmented reality industry practitioners can use MINI to quickly scan objects, resulting in high-quality models and significantly improving game animation models' design and production efficiency. This reduces the amount of time spent on modeling by more than ten times. 

MINI can accurately collect the surface data of objects without contact and compare the obtained 3D point cloud model with the designed CAD model, to judge whether the model meets the acceptable tolerance. The MINI removes the need for laborious traditional manual measurement and provides an efficient method of quality control.

Blue light is widely used in industrial-grade 3D scanners, but the cost often makes ordinary consumers flinch. For this reason, we have introduced the new MINI series, which adopts industrial-grade blue light technology but is very cost-effective. The MINI projects ultra-high-resolution structured light and has a strong ability to resist ambient light. The class 1 blue light used in the MINI scanner is harmless to the human body and can be scanned directly on the skin [2] making it safe and user-friendly for all possible applications.

The MINI's industrial-grade scanner precision of 0.02mm allows even the tiniest parts to be accurately scanned and presented. Its performance rivals professional dental cast scanners making possible the skilled use of the MINI for dental cast making by professionals. The MINI can also be used for garage kit reproduction, miniature 3D model making, and other fields and instances in which obtaining detailed high-precision models is necessary. 

Revopoint MINI uses upgraded projection technology to capture the data of objects such as a 3D engine cylinder in some ten minutes or less. The output model has a high density of point clouds with a 0.05mm point distance.

The MINI scanner can save 80% of the time and cost spent on reverse engineering design, quality inspection, and digital processing of fossils and cultural relics.

Optional add-ons to your MINI scanner will enable you to cover a wider range of multi-scene scanning needs and take your work to the next level with outstanding scanning models.

The S1 Handheld Stabilizer is designed for the Revopoint 3D scanner series. It is equipped with a built-in high-precision gyroscope and stabilization device, and it can effectively eliminate the problem of poor point cloud precision and track loss. This allows for smooth scanning without stalling.

Using the kits to adjust your scanner at a proper height and angle enables you to scan more conveniently. It features free expansion and height adjustment for expanded device compatibility and multiple scenario usage.

The dual-axis turntable A230 is a tailor-made accessory for Revopoint scanners. It adopts the design of 360° horizontal, ±30° vertical, and a controlled rotation path for fast point cloud data acquisition. It solves previous issues of incomplete data acquisition or holes caused by improper operations such as ambient occlusion, which greatly improves the scanning quality and efficiency.

AESUB is a global famous scanning spray solution provider. The purpose of a scanning spray is to create a non-reflective surface on objects when scanning to increase the efficiency during scans. It works by providing a thin and homogeneous coating that self-vanishes within 4 hours, meaning that there is no need for post-scan cleaning. AESUB blue series does not contain pigments or cause damage to sensitive scanning devices, laboratories, or production sites.

Revopoint MINI has a scanning speed of up to 10 frames per second. With the help of upgraded intelligent algorithms, it can significantly reduce stitching errors in successive scanning. The integration of a proprietary chip allows MINI to directly output 3D dataļ¼Œ bringing you a smooth and stable scanning experience.

The Revopoint MINI is designed to work as a handheld and turntable scanner for multi-scenarios scanning. MINI supports two ways of alignment: the marker and the feature. It is an ideal device that can scan objects with various shapes for all kinds of 3D modeling needs.

Revopoint has developed three powerful software for obtaining an even more perfect model: the scanning software Revo Scan, the professional model editing software Revo Studio, and the calibration software Revo Calibration. Each of this software can be utilized at different stages of the scanning process to assist in creating a high-precision scan that captures every inch of detail the user seeks to include.

With the Wi-Fi feature and the USB port, you can connect your MINI to a smartphone, tablet, or laptop for streamlined 3D scanning. Revopoint software/App comes with a simple and clear UI design, letting you manage the operation efficiently. It supports three common output formats (PLY, OBJ, and STL) and is compatible with major professional application software. It is ideal for users to achieve a convenient and efficient cross-platform workflow.

Revo Studio is a self-developed 3D model editing software. It possesses ‘Clip’, ‘Mesh’, ‘Simplify’, ‘Fill Hole’, and ‘Alignment’ features. You can edit the point cloud files and mesh models. In addition, you can further enhance your creativity by fusing and aligning multiple models.

Revo Calibration is a calibration software designed for portable 3D handheld scanners. With Revo Calibration, you can re-calibrate the scanner and reset the camera's internal parameters. It guarantees the precision of the MINI remains the same as the factory standard, ensuring you a high-quality and accurate 3D model every time.

MINI is compact and portable, weighing only 160g, allowing it to fit into your pocket easily. Everywhere you go, MINI goes. MINI requires only one cable for charging and data transfer. Hassle-free, there is no need for preliminary preparation. You can connect the MINI to a computer, smartphone, or power bank and carry out your scanning work anywhere, anytime.

Revopoint is a company that focuses on high-precision 3D vision technology innovation. 

Revopoint pursues ultimate innovation, prioritizing independent research and development of core technologies, and establishes a self-developed technology system ranging from micro-structured optical chip to high-precision 3D vision algorithms.

Since its founding in 2014, Revopoint has continued to be user-centric, creating a 3D digital future for global users through a diverse offering of innovative technologies and products.


*All parameters listed on this page were measured in a standard lab environment, which might vary subject to the actual operating environment. Windows 7 is not supported.

[1] The aforesaid precision and accuracy were achieved in a standard lab environment.

[2] No recommendation to scan your eyes directly.

[3] It will be shipped separately.

[4] It will be shipped separately.

[5] Scanning spray is only available for countries and regions below: 

United States, Canada, Euro, United Kindom, Japan, China, South Korea, and Australia.

Backers in other countries and regions are NOT advised to pledge.