GEME: Harvest Ready-to-Use Organic Compost Easily,

Add bio-waste anytime| No pushing a button| No waiting| No cleaning| No changing filter| Making life easier & Reducing Carbon Footprint

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Nick X.
Nick X.
Aug 5, 2023

based on user feedback, may not be for anyone!

Nick X.
Nick X.
Aug 5, 2023

hmm not for me

Maoz Z.
Maoz Z.
Jul 20, 2022

Also - the need to buy more and more of this biodegrading matter makes it even more expensove

Maoz Z.
Maoz Z.
Jul 20, 2022

Im actually pretty skeptical about these electrical composters, do they really produce compost? It semms very expensive for something that does worse job composting than my pile in my backyard..

BE A. Edited on Jul 18, 2022
Jul 18, 2022

I have the same concerns as other commenters about needing the GEME-Kobold for the rest of this device's life, whether or not the company is in business in a decade or whatever.I wish it wasn't quite so big, as I'm the only person in my household and have a tiny place.

Yew F. L.
Yew F. L.
Jul 17, 2022

Having same concerns, this will be one expensive bin without the GEME-Kobold.

Karen Y.
Karen Y.
Jul 15, 2022

My concern is the same as Stephane L. Is it only possible to use with the GEME-Kobold?

Steph L.
Steph L.
Jul 15, 2022

This product seems very well made. I really like the AI & Nature working together! My only downfall is that I'll have to buy the microorganism through this company. It always worries me because if this company closes, this machine will be worthless if we can't get the Geme-Kobold.

Roku S.
Roku S.
Jul 15, 2022

for anyone interested,  can go our official website and get additional rewards

Campaign Info


The dripping sewage, the disgusting stench, the pouncing fruit flies, the wriggling maggots...

If this is all you are experiencing. You need GEME!

GEME will quickly reduce your garbage by 95%. The 5% left over is the best ready-to-use organic fertilizer. You may only need to remove the organic fertilizer once every six months, or even once a year.

Now, simply enjoy your life!

Does it take even three times as long to clean up leftovers and food waste as it does to eat?

Yes, that's the headache every household faces. You need GEME!

The GEME allows you add the trash anytime, you don't even have to push a button, wait for decomposition to finish, or clean the inner canister.

Now you have more time to talk with your family, play with your kids, or listen to music and read a book!

If you can't leave your garbage outside because the critters that follow the smell will then turn your lawn into a landfill, and you can't do anything about the old garbage that keeps rotting and stinking at room temperature in your kitchen garbage can.

 you need GEME!

GEME breaks down this garbage quickly and quietly in 6-8 hours and eliminates all odors.

Now, only good scents from food is left in your kitchen. Cheers!

What if making life easier without even pushing a button?

Waste quickly decompose, turn to dirt, grow plants and Purify soil & water

no pushing a button to start

no waiting for decomposition to finish

no cleaning every time

no changing filters

It's just that easy.

 World's Most Advantage Technology

Turn Bio-waste Into Excellent Organic Compost Easily

Harvest Organic Fruits, Vegetables And Flowers On Your Balcony And Backyard

The ultimate power for this amazing change to happen is GEME and GEME-Kobold, they are the perfect combination of technology and natural power.

GEME provides the right temperature, humidity and plenty of air for the change, in which the GEME-Kobold, a group of voracious little guys, multiply and decompose, eventually transforming almost all biological waste into dry 100% organic ready-to-use compost and clean air in just 6-8 hours.

Now you can live a smarter life with peace of mind.

 With the Washing Machine, you free hands from dirty clothes.

With GEME, you free hands from gross food waste.

Here's why GEME is even better...and it won't cost you $1,000+

  •  Fashionable design: You’ll want to show it off
  •  Quiet and odorless: placed anywhere
  •  Super convenient: no need to take out each generation, no need to clean after each use
  •  AI energy-saving: automatic start-stop, energy-saving and money-saving
  •  Intelligent protection: use with confidence
  •  Ready when you are: No professional installation needed

Just like your Washing Machine, GEME will free up more time for you to spend doing the things that you love.

GEME is a revolutionary device that is super efficient, odorless and silent. This means you can avoid waste by quickly converting your bio-waste into compost. It helps keep bio-waste out of landfills and incinerators for a greener lifestyle.

Compared to sending food waste directly to a landfill, composting 1kg of food waste per day with GEME can prevent up to 324kg of carbon emissions annually.

Assuming that GEME composts 365kg of food waste per year, this can reduce approximately 134% of carbon emissions that would be produced by the same food scraps in a landfill.

Don't hesitate to protect our planet while making your life easier.

Food waste; kitchen waste; Yard waste; pet feces…

GEME-Kobold is the world's only high-temperature-resistant composite microbiota that has been discovered and validated so far, which can break down almost all bio-waste in nature that can be degraded.

It has been experimentally determined that more than 380 kinds of biological waste can be rapidly decomposed in GEME within 6-8 hours.


Canteens and Restaurants

Supermarket& Bazaar                   

Schools, park & public canteens

Station Wagon                                

Food Processing Enterprise

*The exact decomposition time varies depending on the type of biowaste input. However, just like earthworms gnawing on debris, if you can break up your bio-waste as much as possible, the increased surface area will accelerate the rate of microbial decomposition and the shorter the composting time will be.

Hate taking out the trash? GEME help you!


Come see how often you clean your GEME:

 With the world's leading advanced bio tech

 Make the protection of the environment start from you

Yes, we can responsibly give you this positive answer.

GEME-Kobold is the world's only high-temperature-resistant composite microbiota that has been discovered and validated so far, which is an ancient microbiota with a long history that has gradually achieved success after decades of development. It is not an artificial microbiota developed through biotechnology.

We use GEME to provide the best conditions for its reproduction and decomposition, allowing it to break down and reproduce faster than in its natural environment.

We are not miracle workers, we are simply practitioners of the laws of nature.

Biological waste, especially food waste, is rich in protein components, is a good organic fertilizer raw materials, but they are also perishable, easy to produce and mix a lot of pathogenic pathogenicbacteria and insect eggs, weed seeds and other harmful substances, so most of the biological waste you see will be foul smell and sewage flow.

Like all fast composters, the short duration high temperature provided will kill most pathogenic bacteria and certainly most microorganisms, but not the GEME-Kobold. Because GEME-Kobold is a high-temperature resistant composite microbiota that is activated and turned on degradation at 75-80 °C, and it is not killed when other pathogenic bacteria or eggs are killed. It not only ensures the activation of the organic fertilizer generated, but also ensures its hygiene.

So it is hygienic. You can use it without worries.

This is an advantage that our competitors will never be able to match.

You think you're getting just organic fertilizer? An even bigger surprise awaits you.

The GEME-Kobold-rich by-product is not only the best organic fertilizer, it is also the best humic acid soil conditioner and it can alsopurifies sewage.

GEME-Kobold plays a huge role in the recycling of organic matter. It is composed mainly of 46 complex bacteria belonging to the bacillus population, which is a heat-tolerant aerobic bacteria. It can effectively decompose a variety of bio-waste within 6-8 hours and generate organic fertilizer with high activity microbiota and activates the microorganisms in the soil and water under the action of a variety of microorganisms. It rejuvenates them.

So it's an good option even if you wash it away in small amounts many times with running water, or scatter it in the wasteland.

Empirical comparison after using Geme-Kobold

Empirical comparison of contaminated soil and water treatment in Vietnam using Geme-Kobold


  •  GEME-Kobold is a highly regenerative microbiota. But don't forget that after rapid composting, the organic fertilizer produced is only 5% of the volume of biological waste that was originally put in, and if a large amount of biological waste is continuously poured after this, the effect and speed of decomposition must be affected. So we recommend that you add GEME-Kobold in a very small amount every two weeks, and only 20g can keep your GEME-Kobold permanently active. 
  •  In order to make it as convenient and low cost as possible for you to use GEME, we have loaded it with an advanced ion oxidation catalytic deodorization device.You don't always have to replace expensive filters.The only consumables that need to be replaced are UV-C lamps (effective use time of 12,000 hours) that are inexpensive and have a low replacement frequency, which is very convenient to replace. 

You will also have the opportunity to get free GEME-KOBOLD for life.

How to get it:
You will receive a Green Footprint № after you donate. If your friends enter your Green Footprint № in the Referrers field when they donate, you and your friends will get an extra 1 month of free GEME-Kobold.

The more you share, the more you get, no capping on.
      From now on, Reduce your carbon footprint. Make your green footprint around the world.

*Please visit the official ROKH SRL website for specific rules.

Dreams do not always belong to a few, innovations do not rise from the ground, nor is the desire to follow the laws of nature and" ALL THINGS LIVE FOREVER AND IN HARMONY WITH THE EARTH" a slogan written on a placard by environmentalists. Embracing the dream and innovating to achieve the good intentions of all mankind is the motivation for the GEME team members to start acting immediately.

We are a group of "young people" who share a common dream. We are a team of project managers, engineering designers, microbiological scientists and natural agronomists who have been working in the field of waste treatment for more than 20 years, with the dream of "becoming a doctor of the earth" and constantly exploring and practicing.

We combine advanced AI technology to design equipment with simple operation, comprehensive function and low cost; we apply the microorganisms extracted from nature to the treatment of biological waste to make everything circulate in an orderly manner in accordance with the laws of nature; and we apply the natural farming method that has been continuously improved in practice for more than 50 years to the cultivation of crops, so that organic food no longer belongs to a specific group of people, but by you to grow and produce in your balcony and backyard.

In the future, we will continue to promote the proven microbial treatment technology to restore the vitality of the consolidated soil and make the polluted river clear.

All this is not only our dream, but also the dream of every one of you who supports our products. Thank you for adding to environmental protection with just one small change. Thank you for working with us to protect our planet and realize our common dream.


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