Your Smart Home Gym for Weight Training Perfected

100 full-body workouts & strength tracking up to 400lbs. Your very own home PT program gives workout recommendations based on your data

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Say hello to this ultimate home gym!

almost 2 years ago

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Mohammad Z.
Mohammad Z.
Aug 7, 2022

Looks good and useful, but cannot splurge $1000 on it.

Jul 28, 2022

This is very interesting, but a grand is a lot of money to invest in a creator that has never backed or even launched (much less successfully completed) a campaign on Kickstarter before!

Steph L.
Steph L.
Jul 28, 2022

This is great! I love the minimalistic design! Although, at a thousand dollars + 100$ shipping, it is not for everyone.

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100+ Workouts

400lbs Resistance

Real Time Strength Tracking


Get Data-Based Workout Recommendations


Too busy with the hustle and bustle of the day-to-day to get a good workout in?

Not sure what exercises you should do? Need to know how to perfect your form?


IM.GYM is home-exercise with unprecedented convenience.



IM.GYM is more than just a simple home gym. It’s a total exercise solution, recommending workout regimens that best match your physical condition.


IM.GYM gives you access to 100+ tutorial workout videos. Now, even beginners can easily plan their fitness journey.


You can even do squats, deadlifts, bench press, and other essential weight exercises with IM.GYM.


Now you don’t need to purchase separate pieces of equipment for a full-body workout. IM.GYM is a workout from head-to-toe in just one piece of equipment.


Train ALL muscle groups whenever you want in the comfort of your own home.💪

For our muscles to grow properly, our workouts need gradual weight increases over time.


IM.GYM supports up to 400 lbs. of resistance, giving you maximum intensity coverage.


Beginners can feel the burn at just 10 lbs. of weight, but pros can feel like they’re not being adequately challenged even at 200 lbs. of weight. When you need to adjust the intensity of your workout, just add or reduce resistance bands as necessary.

Just hook the bands to the left and right sensor hooks, and adjust the length.


Push the button on the top of the device to adjust and lock-in the length of your bands to best match your exercise.  

If you’re going to do a bench workout, use the bench foot switch to easily adjust the bands.


Regardless of user height or which of the 100+ IM.GYM exercises you’re doing, all you have to do is push a single button to get the right level of resistance.



It’s common knowledge that barbell and dumbbell exercises at overbearing weights can injure the joints or back.

IM.GYM gives you a massive 400 lbs of weight to work with. If you need to overload the weight a bit, just make a slight adjustment to the tension for accident-free exercise.



IM.GYM even has its own app for MORE convenience.

While you’re working out, IM.GYM records your performance in real time, providing data analysis to help you build a well-balanced body.



Measurements are in units of 0.1 lbs., giving you the most precise data and analytics.

The recorded data is used to recommend workouts on a daily basis.


You can follow the recommendations, or delete and add exercises as you see fit.

Resistance bands are recommended based on your data in order to best match your muscle condition and workout level, no matter what exercise you’re doing.

You can also directly configure your target workout intensity and rep count.


Check if you’ve reached your target values while you’re working out, so you can get that extra spur of motivation.


The IM.GYM app provides daily, muscle-based, and top-performance data, giving you a variety of measurements and analytics.


You’re getting more than just workout type and rep data. Your muscle condition is also factored into IM.GYM’s analytics, giving you guidance for an optimized regimen.


If you want to have more fun with your workouts, just turn on Game Mode!

Just use IM.GYM to get that beach bod 🤩.

Even though IM.GYM is a whole-body fitness device, it’s remarkably compact.

No more annoying setup! No more exercise equipment taking up half of your living space!


IM.GYM requires no special installation. Just place the device on flat ground, then attach the bench to the device if you’re going to use the bench.


Just use IM.GYM wherever’s best for you!




IM.GYM is designed with convenience for all users in mind.

The sensor hooks move easily in whatever direction they’re pulled in.

Each of the sensor hooks come with a band reel and strength measuring sensors, enabling precise performance measurement regardless of your workout type or type of motion.

Also, IM.GYM resistance bands are composed of elastic and inelastic parts.



Other resistance bands are made entirely of elastic material, causing them to adjust their length with different workouts, making it harder to perform workouts properly.


But IM.GYM’s bands let you adjust the length of the inelastic band only, giving you the same amount of flexibility, even after the bands have become a bit worn out.

(Elastic band length is fixed.)