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All-in-One ✈Travel Fishing System for SHORE, BOAT, ICE and SNORKEL Fishing. Equip your ActionCam!

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If you are into outdoor sports you have to check out this fishing pole you can take almost anywhere! 

over 1 year ago

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Steph L.
Steph L.
Jul 26, 2022

Great concept! Having a cam on a fishing rod is definitely a good idea!

Jul 25, 2022

Wow, this is really interesting and very unique! I am surprised you managed to get the price point so low!

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  •  wor.my® presents the world's most innovative system developed for recreational fishing, with which you can fish not only from shore, boat, on ice, but also underwater - both freshwater and saltwater!

  • It does not require any fishing practice.
  • With a small investment it makes all-season experience available to all ages. 
  • Its tiny size allows you to take this compact-modular device with you anywhere.  


Take this small device with you wherever you travel in the world. Whether it’s your vacation or even a business trip, whether travelling by car, plane or boat. You can deploy it anytime, anywhere.


The transporting length of the DIVE PACK is only 25cm / 9.9 inch. The special floating wrist strap acts as a buoy and does not allow the rod to sink if you accidentally drop it. 


We paid attention to detail during the design. Our goal was to create a product that will serve its owner for many years to come. We use high quality engineering polymers that are carbon fiber reinforced.

Unmodified polymer / Carbon fiber reinforced polymer

Carbon fiber provides a 3x increase in strength over unmodified polymer giving these composites strength-to-weight ratios that are on par with metals. This makes the reel seat light, yet strong and durable. All metal parts are made of stainless materials (stainless steel, anodized aluminum).


1. Stainless steel spring pole 2. Anti-tangle rubber band 3. Stainless steel rod tip ring 4. Stainless thumb screw 5. Underwater camera housing 6. Camera adapter 7. Agglomerated cork handle grip 8. Carbon fiber reinforced reel seat 9. Engineering polymer reel

For underwater fishing (snorkel fishing), you don’t have to learn to cast and you don’t even have to know traditional fishing methods. Just swim on the water surface and look for the fish team or just float and hang the bait until the fish arrive.

  •  All PACKs are perfect for ice fishing, so our system can be used in all seasons.

WINTER / Ice Fishing

SUMMER / Snorkel Fishing

Recyclable Materials: Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Polyamid, Cork, Polyoxymethylene

Our enterprise is preparing for the largest technological investment in its history. Cost-effective serial production can only be achieved with injection molding technology, that requires significant capital expenditure. As a result, an affordable product line could be manufactured and delivered.  






  •  Reel Seat: Due to its carbon fiber-reinforced engineering polymer material, it is very light, yet durable and extremely strong.
  •  Spring Pole: blackened stainless steel spring with 6 arches.
  •  Reel: Our SR60 reel is made of high quality engineering plastic with metal components in stainless steel and aluminum.
  •  Grip: Agglomerated cork composite for a durable yet comfortable grip.  




  • This package configured for low position US40 underspin reel.
  • We can enjoy its real advantage, if is there is not enough space to cast a traditional fishing rod.
  • When assembled, its length is 60 cm/24 inch.
  • The spring pole consisting of 8 arches is the most sensitive yet powerful spring.




  • This package configured for top position SC40 spincast reel.
  • The trigger can be removed from the axis - without it, we can fish with a lower-positioned reel and spring.
  • When assembled, its length is 60cm/24 inch. It's a real experience casting with it from dense coastal vegetation, or even from the deck of a sailing ship with dense rigging.
  • The spring pole consisting of 8 arches is the most sensitive yet powerful spring.


  • This package contains everything we manufacture: One complete CAST, SPIN and DIVE PACKs with all accessories (includes 3 rods + 3 reels). 





  •  EU:€9 / US:$9 / UK:£9
  •  Rest of World: €19


  •  EU:€19 / US:$19 / UK:£19
  •  Rest of World: €29

  • If you feel sorry for the fish, you can feed them instead of catching them. By using our feeding basket you can lure the fish near you and capture them.


Each of our PACKs will be shipped fully equipped and includes the following items in addition to the rod, reel and wrist strap:

  •  DIVE PACK: 12LB Braided Line, Weight&Hook Set, Feeding Basket
  •  SPIN PACK: 12LB Monofil Line, Weight&Hook Set, 10g Spinner
  •  CAST PACK: 12LB Monofil Line, Weight&Hook Set, 10g Spinner

  • Once our campaign revenue reaches $333K, we'll be able to develop the wor.my®App. Each backer will have lifetime access to the app that brings together the wor.my community (running on iOS and Android).
  • Wherever you travel in the world, you can share your fishing experience with the wor.my community through the wor.my®App. See instantly where and what other wor.my users are catching so you can plan your next trip around the world accordingly. You will get discounts on our products for each upload!


Janka Németh (Chief Developmental Tester 😊)


  • Reel seat and components: Carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer
  • Spring pole: Blackened stainless steel 316
  • Rod tip: Stainless steel 316
  • Handle: Agglomerated eco-cork composite
  •  Wrist strap: PE / Paracord 
  • Saltwater resistant



  • Retrieve: Left hand
  • Wheel diameter: 60mm / 1.36Inches
  • Weight: 72g / 2.54oz
  • Line capacity: 0.30 / 100 mm/M
  • Body material: ABS Engineering Polymer
  • Metal components: Stainless steel
  • Color: Black
  • Gear Ratio: 1:1
  • Methods: Snorkel / Ice / Fly / Raft
  • Pre-Spooled
  • Saltwater resistant


  • Retrieve: Left / Right interchangeable
  • Bearings: 2
  • Cone diameter: 40mm / 1.57Inches
  • Weight: 163g/5.75oz, 158g/5.6oz
  • Line capacity: 120/4 (yd./lb.) / 110/1.8 (m/kg)
  • Body material: ABS Engineering Polymer
  • Cone material: Aluminum
  • Color: Black
  • Gear ratio: 4.4:1
  • Methods: Spinning / Casting / Ice / Raft
  • Pre-Spooled

  •  Underwater Housing: €19 / $19 / £16
  •  Snap-On Filter Pack (3 pieces): €9 / $9 / £7  

  •  1:  for DJI OSMO Action 
  •  2:  for GoPro HERO 3 / 4 
  •  3:  for GoPro HERO 5 / 6 /  7 
  •  4:  for GoPro HERO 8 
  •  5:  for GoPro HERO 9 / 10 


  •  for snorkeling in saltwater 
  • range: within 5m
  • corrects the bluish color


  •  for diving in saltwater 
  • range: 5-20m
  • corrects the green color


  •  for diving in freshwater 
  • range: 5-20m
  • corrects the green color  


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