Skythief - Book 1 of The Realm Walker Series

A brand new series full of gods, monsters & adventure by award winning author Matthew Wolf

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almost 2 years ago

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Jul 28, 2022

Sounds like a great read!

Steph L.
Steph L.
Jul 28, 2022

Looks remarkably interesting!

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Welcome back to Kickstarter! I know, I're used to seeing Ronin Saga launches on here. But behind the scenes (in addition to the many Ronin Saga projects I have going on right now), I've been hard at work on a brand new series called The Realmwalkers!

What started as a side project quickly became an expansive, changing world with deep lore, emotional characters and a plot that has me so excited, I'm struggling to even keep spoilers contained here...

Thank you for joining me again here on Kickstarter. I truly can't wait to bring this new series to life, and I can't do it alone. 

- Matthew Wolf

Dren. Torn from his home in a dystopian future of New New York, Dren falls into Harin, a new world, full of pastoral green rolling hills and…monsters. Only, Dren isn’t alone. Marcus Hallan, the richest man in the world, has preceded Dren. After stripping Earth of its resources, Marcus has fled into Harin, seeking to climb a world tree that spans the four realms.  At the top lies a key of unimaginable power. 

Dren, a burning vengeance in his soul for Marcus’ transgressions, must climb the tree and stop Marcus before all the realms are torn asunder.

Praise for Matthew Wolf & The Ronin Saga:

After choosing a a reward tier, you'll have the opportunity to add the items below. These items will be added to your rewards and will ship along with the rest of your Kickstarter rewards.

I'm determined to create stretch goals that enhance Skythief in all aspects. Check out the goals, along with additional images for clarification, below! And keep in mind that we have several more goals that have not yet been announced.

Hi, I'm Matt!

I have been creating stories since childhood. Serious writing with an eye toward publication began during my  college years at the University of California, Santa Barbara. At  nineteen, I attended the La Jolla Writers Conference and caught the attention of several agents and Dragonlance Creator Tracy Hickman, who indicated that I was “ready for primetime.” I was taken under Tracy’s  wing, and also gained advice from Raymond E. Feist. Even with such  encouragement, I felt that the Ronin Saga needed more time to be fully imagined.

A year and a half later, after finishing my degree with honors, I pursued traditional publication and received several partial and full submission requests. Frustrated with the slow pace of traditional publication, I altered my course and pursued self-publication.

The first story in the Ronin Saga was published in 2014. The second in the series came out immediately on its heels. With sales doing well, I wrote full-time while pursuing a Master’s degree. The third novel was released a year and a half later, and the fourth  book, Tides of Fate, released digitally & in paperback/hardcover  just a few months ago here on Kickstarter. And now I am back to bring a brand new story to life. A story that I literally cannot wait to share...

Thank you so much for checking out my Kickstarter, and I hope you find a reward tier that works for you!

-- Matt

Currently, I am putting finishing touches on the first draft of book 1. With that said, the book is still several months out from being finished. Below is what I believe to be a realistic timeline for Skythief.

All digital rewards including all audio books, have no shipping costs. Unfortunately, books can be a bit hefty and can cost quite a bit to ship. Take a look at the breakdown below to see how much you'll be paying for shipping. Please note that this is a charge you'll see as you pledge - this is not a surprise charge later.


  •  Domestic Shipping - $10
  •  International Shipping - $35


I came to Kickstarter to fund my first book, The Knife's Edge, over 8 years ago. Since then, I've launched every single new release, including the paperback, hardcover & audiobook editions, through Kickstarter.

I'm all about 100% clear transparency.

I’ve included some of what goes into making Skythief a reality:

Costs include:

  • Cover art - $1400
  • Other illustrations - $2,100
  • Kickstarter Video - $400
  • Offset print run for hardcovers - $13,500
  • Other book costs/materials - $10,000+
  • Shipping $1000-2000 (After having done multiple Kickstarters at this range, shipping often costs 1000 with a plethora of discounts

(28,000 roughly)

So why only 10,000? Well, I'm just hoping for enough funds to cover a portion of the total amount. But when we go above and beyond, I’ll be over the moon and I will use the rest for some exciting, next-level Stretch Goals!