The World's First True Filter-Free Slow Juicer

Hazel Quinn prides itself on developing the industry’s first filter-free slow juicer that streamlines operation, brings out the best of nature, and minimizes oxidation for our customers who pursue everyday healthy diets and well-being.

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David L.
David L.
Aug 17, 2022

I would like a juicer to get in more fruit and veg in my diet. 

adam a.
adam a.
Aug 16, 2022

Might back, our juicer just broke

Yna Kyle Severina V.
Yna Kyle Severina V.
Aug 14, 2022

This looks interesting, how different is this from the ones on the market?

Mohammad Z.
Mohammad Z.
Aug 7, 2022

Hard to rely on this project since it is a very complex system and needs deeper research and development before coming up with a sellable product.

John T.
John T.
Aug 4, 2022

love the retro style design! compact design helps with the cluster counters with the countless of appliances

Aug 2, 2022

This looks great. I just wish the creators had a bit more experience so that a backer could feel more confident that rewards would be sent out,

Steph L.
Steph L.
Aug 2, 2022

The device is not bulky, it looks easy to clean and makes little noise. No shipping fees worldwide.

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Hazel Quinn prides itself on developing the industry’s first filter-free slow juicer that streamlines operation, brings out the best of nature, and minimizes oxidation for our customers who pursue everyday healthy diets and well-being. We make juicing easy, pleasant, and transform lives.

Since more people attach great importance to health and immunity, simple and convenient daily juicing with a slow juicer has become an essential part of the at-home cooking culture. However, those tons of bulky machines with complex components can cause additional headaches deviating from the original purpose of ease of use. Are you tired of time-consuming cleaning, complicated assembly/disassembly, severe wobbling, and other extra issues caused by traditional masticating juicers? Our innovation solves them all in one shot!

At present, manufacturers are facing fierce competition due to the seriously homogeneous products available on the market. The whole industry is focusing more on patent evasion than on technology upgrades, and most juicer designs are caught in the dilemma of having to use a strainer for juicing, which aggravates the problem of difficulty in use. Although some manufacturers have introduced the filter-free concept to the market, it's still not a 100% filter-free design. Therefore, introducing a true no-filter slow juicer that provides nutritious drinks whilst saving users from wasting time and messy countertops is particularly urgent and important.

Thanks to its no-filter design, Hazel Quinn slow juicer, your daily vitamin shot, unlocks your potential by directly delivering premier nutrients into your cells. With more pulp and less fiber loss, this well-performing machine makes creating the freshest juices at home possible. Moreover, by removing the sharp and porous strainer that might cause finger cuts and bacterial growth, it further ensures your simple cleaning, safe use, and healthy drinking.

Safe bladeless design and fine grinding are bestowed by our customized auger after seven mold adjustments. From fruits to vegetables, its professional screw threads thoroughly squeeze and liquefy ingredients while preserving the freshest taste, texture, and nutrients for your ideal daily diet.

Four juicer accessories, including a juicing screw, food processing unit, outlet, and pusher, can be simply assembled or disassembled in four steps to realize your extremely quick use and cleaning.

One button installation: Make sure the union joint in the central position of the juicing body is aligned with that of the machine body, and horizontally connect the juicing body to the machine body with an effortless push.

One button removal: Press the button on the base to remove the juicing body.

 Compared with other traditional slow juicers whose installation requires rotation and multiple dot alignment, Hazel Quinn’s horizontal insertion and one union joint installation make the operation more convenient and reduce the tremble, avoiding the occurrence of anomalies such as juice leakage and electricity leakage, and thus is more secure. Moreover, all four juicer accessories can be placed vertically for quicker drying and easier storage. Users will never require another way of making juice once they experience Hazel Quinn innovation.

Omitting the step of cleaning the bothersome filter stained with pulps, customers can achieve 5 seconds of convenient and quick rinsing for the bladeless auger without a brush or any other tool. Apart from the manual cleaning, the four juicer accessories can also be washed in the dishwasher, dried at temperatures of 60 degrees or below, and disinfected by ultraviolet light.

The concise and evocative style of our slow juicer is the best way to elevate every kitchen. Its patented design, rooted in timeless qualities such as uniqueness, expressiveness, and elegance, fuses simple structure and mint green color with precious nostalgia to create a harmonious and welcoming atmosphere for every home. Meanwhile, owing to its compact design, this slow juicer can be conveniently applied in various scenarios, and pleasantly kept in kitchens of different sizes.

Smooth operation, less wear and tear, and a long life span highlight the pure excellence of our dual fixation technology.

Thanks to the two retaining accessories at both ends of the food processing unit, users can enjoy a safe juicing experience with minimum wobbling and maximum durability.

80 RPM worm DC motor effortlessly breaks down both soft and hard ingredients to squeeze out the juice that bursts with natural flavors and vibrant colors. Its high torque, stable operation, and long life span can provide more nutrients, minimal oxidation, and longer service life. With the auto-off function brought by intelligent protection chips, this machine will shut down automatically when it’s clogged due to improper use or food overload to prevent machine malfunction. It will also stop automatically after working continuously for 20 minutes to ensure safer use and better durability. Greet every morning with healthy drinks made fresh with our smart cold press juicer.

Rotate the anti-drip nozzle to block the juice outlet, avoiding troublesome drips that stain the machine base and countertop after each use.

We reduce the noise output to 65 dB by using a low speed 80 RPM worm DC motor and 150W of low power, allowing for quiet and comfortable application of the device at any time of day.

Where do we ship?

We ship products worldwide for free.


When do we start shipping?

We will start packing and shipping in September 2022 once we have manufactured the first batch of the Hazel Quinn slow juicers. We will try our best to ship the product(s) to you ASAP.


Is there any additional customs charge?

Normally, there would be no additional customs charges shipping to you. However, we cannot 100% guarantee the 0 customs fee, and we are not responsible for any extra fee from customs shipping to your countries.


Why do you order now?

By backing our project now, you can get up to 50% off the original price. You will get the product(s) earlier than others, and you will be the first to enjoy the most creative slow juicer.

Ellis Bailey, Research and Development Director of Hazel Quinn, developed this slow juicer because of the experience of his friend. “My friend once had an operation, and he could only eat a liquid diet to promote healing. To help him recover as soon as possible, I bought him a slow juicer. After some time, he told me that it was a good product but had too many complex accessories and cleaning steps that made him give up using it. It was this conversation that drove me to develop the slow juicer with a simple design that could bring more convenience to users. I think removing the strainer will be an innovative starting point.” With a strong motivation to break through the status quo and produce a machine with independent intellectual property rights, Ellis spent nearly 16 months developing the device. After a series of development tests, data extraction, adjustments, mode modifications, and other efforts, the product finally came out.

Originally founded in 2021, Hazel Quinn is a Hong Kong-based kitchen appliance brand that produces distinguished products with retro style, classic colors, and fine craftsmanship. With a collection of well-made electric kettles, toasters, slow juicers, and other kitchen essentials suiting various scenarios and aesthetic tastes, the company integrates cutting-edge technologies with unmistakable designs to pleasantly spark inspiration and enable people who enjoy cooking to live their best lives in kitchens and beyond. As an affordable luxury appliance brand, Hazel Quinn will continuously deliver high aesthetic value, a pleasant user experience, and a passion for good food to customers worldwide.

Technology, innovation, attitude: these are what Hazel Quinn has been showing since its first kitchen appliance was manufactured. Let yourself be captivated by our fine workmanship, mature production process, and strict quality standards that do justice to your daily healthy lifestyle.

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