Kublet: Mini Monitors For Your Desk

Track your portfolio, train times, CPU stats, and more on our mini desk monitors

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Sep 12, 2022

This seems like a cool idea to me for, like, anything except boring stock data. I am hoping the cancellation and relaunch means they will offer more than just a stock ticker.

David L.
David L.
Sep 7, 2022


Aug 18, 2022


Sharon P.
Sharon P.
Aug 17, 2022

Kind of interesting … have to take a look at this!

Mohammad Z.
Mohammad Z.
Aug 16, 2022

Looks quite nice and useful.  Will be good for traders specifically. 

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We make mini desk terminals (hardware) for displaying data, and provide user friendly UI (software) for integrating that data on our hardware. 

Our integrated, managed platform provides an easy way to visualize and monitor a wide variety of data. 

Please take note of what will be available at launch, and what will be developed after.

Say hello to the Kublet Nano, our launch product. Pronounced Cube + (tab)let, this is the hardware that will display your data. 

 The Nano will come with a mixed platform where we natively support a variety of data anyone can choose what data they want from a drop-down menu without having to code. Technical users can also send data to it by select from a variety of UI templates.

Want to manage your data and send your own data to the Nano? No problem. Kublet's managed platform provides an option for the Nano to receive data over WiFi, with HTTP.

At launch, the types of data the Nano can receive are:

  • Numbers 0-99,999
  • Alphabet a-z A-Z (max 12 letters including spacing)

Numbers can be updated at a fastest rate of 1 second.

You can select from a variety of UI templates which will give you control over how your data is displayed. Control your data without worrying about programming the Nano.

With our open API, these mini monitors are a great way to learn to code or teach your kids how to code by programming a script and sending them to the monitors! Learn how to fetch data from the internet to be displayed on the screen. Its small form sits nicely on your desk.

Kublet will release tutorials showing how to program a simple script that fetches data by calling third party APIs and sending them to our open API.


 At launch, we will support the following data:

Our crypto data is provided by CoinGecko. Want to know if your coin, stock, or forex will be supported? Head over to ticker search.

Data is fetched over WiFi, which will be configured with your mobile phone over Bluetooth. Key in the ticker on your phone to set it on each Nano.

Want to bring the Nano on the go? Simply connect your Nano to a mobile hotspot.

The OLED is a fine looking screen that looks absolutely gorgeous in well-lit, dim, or dark rooms. In sunlight, there is just a little more glare, just like how your laptop or desktop monitor becomes in daylight. 

Readability is best when close to the Nanos. For example, they are great when placed at your desk beside your computer, or when you pass by them in the hallway. 

We love how the OLED looks on our desks and we think you will too! 

Each Nano comes with access to our integrated software platform. At launch, you will get access to:

  • Basic Display
  • US stocks, crypto, and forex prices
  • SATS and block height


The frequency of price updates is as follows:

  • Crypto (5 secs)
  • US stocks (5 min, trading hours)
  • Forex (1 hour)

Basic Display

Our basic display consists of:

  • Symbol
  • Current Price
  • Price Change (Amount)
  • Line Chart
  • Opening Price (Dotted Line)

As an example, the precision of prices are represented as follows:

We designed the UI to be easy on the eye, yet retain granularity.


Time Frame

The displayed chart will be based on average prices over an approximate 1-day period. For stocks, this will be prices on the same trading day. For crypto, this will show prices over a ~24-hour period.


Price Alerts

Price alerts may be set for each unit. Speaker modules will be sold separately at a later date, after the first units are shipped out. They will be compatible with this Nano version.


Bitcoin SATS & Block Height

Bitcoin enthusiasts will be able to monitor bitcoin specific data, such as SATS-USD, and block height. 


Take your mind off waiting for that perfect buy-sell opportunity on a cluttered screen all day. Kublet provides out-of-the-box stock alerts for your tickers. 

Inspired by TradingView, instantly know when popular indicators are stacked in your favor.

For example, receive immediate alerts on your Nano when the RSI crosses 70 (overbought), or when the current price cross the 200 day SMA.

Our alert system combines visual and audio alerts. Please note that speakers will be sold separately at a later date.

In addition, if you simply cannot do without real-time price updates, you have the option of unlocking real-time (1 second) price updates at US$3.99 a month (annual). This would give you real-time prices for up to 5 tickers.

Our signal alerts are a separate subscription. It will cost US$6.99 a month (annual) for alerts for up to 5 tickers.

 Details and pricing subject to change, alerts will be available after launch

After the launch we plan to support other types of data. This would remove the need for you to code and send your own data. Track the weather, time, your portfolio, Grafana, glucose monitoring for diabetic patients, social media follower count, and more. Our platform hasn't reached version 1.0 yet and is in active development. We count on our backers to help us improve it - let us know what you'd like to see supported.

Track data you want

Simply connect the Nano to your phone over Bluetooth, and update your desired settings.

Demo image - UI subject to change

Stack your kublets on top of each other like lego. Each Nano can be connected vertically by its internal magnets.

Kublet Pod

Don't want to deal with multiple cables? Simply connect each Nano to the Kublet Pod, and connect the Pod to a micro-USB cable. Each Pod can house up to 3 Nanos.

Comes in black only.

Logo will not be visible on actual product

Email us at [email protected] if you're interested in bulk orders or distribution. Include your name, city, country, role/company, items, color and desired quantity.

Internationalization will be supported. Drop us a message to let us know what languages you need.

Our team showed our first prototypes at Bitcoin2022 Miami in April, where we gathered valuable feedback.


We have now reached the stage of a complete functional prototype for our Nano product. Our Pod is almost complete.

Our software is currently in development and will be ramped up concurrently with the mass production of the units. This means that as an early backer, you will be able to provide your feedback and potentially shape the development of our platform. In particular, this could include feedback on our UI, features, and type of data we support.

Early 3D renderings and prototypes

Early 3D renderings and prototypes

The next step is to move to mass production, where we will be able to produce many units, all with the same level of quality. This requires investment, to create molds, prepare assembly and test bench, and secure components which usually have large MOQ (Minimum Order Quantities). The pre-orders secured here will help us go through this first stage, but that's not all.

By pledging on Kickstarter, you are joining our community of builders, tinkerers, finance enthusiasts, and more and sharing your vision and enthusiasm for our mini terminals. The capabilities of our mini terminals will develop beyond what has been described here. There is so much more that we have in store for our platform. By being an early backer, you will participate in the development of this product, give your feedback and suggestions as we continue to improve our product.

Each box will come with:

  • Nano, in black or white (1x)
  • Micro-USB cord, in white (1x) (3ft)

Each Pod will get you:

  • Pod, in black (1x)
  • Micro-USB in white (1x) (3 ft)

For an order of more than 3 Nanos, simply add more units as an Add-On.


KubletCare Warranty

Every Nano and Pod comes with a 1 year warranty. 



Each unit comes with access to our software as a platform for integrating data to display on the Nano.

Basic features as described will be shipped along with each unit at launch.

Support for any data is provided as-is, without warranty. The data ecosystem is constantly evolving, so it may become necessary to deprecate supply of data or switch data providers. In these situations we will make every effort to provide alternative access to the current data and maintain the current supply of data for a reasonable timeframe. This could include providing an open API where users can send their own data feed to the unit. 

In such situations, advanced notice will be provided via email.



We are a New York City based company providing display terminals along with user friendly software for integrating data.

Pledging or purchasing our products does not grant you a license to redistribute or resell the product for commercial profit, unless explicitly agreed between us.

By pledging or purchasing our products you acknowledge and accept the risks inherent in supporting data based on third-party providers, given the changing financial data landscape, or any other data ecosystem we support, which are beyond our control. You acknowledge and accept that these risks are especially so for financial data, which are subject to the respective licensing fees of the stock exchanges.

We reserve the right to deprecate, terminate or suspend support for any data provider at our sole and absolute discretion. In doing so we will do our best to provide alternative access to the deprecated data.

Prices shown do not include shipping fees. You would be responsible for shipping fees at an estimated cost of US$5-20, capped at US$20.

We ship internationally wherever possible. We do not ship to Russia, Ukraine, and North Korea.

All applicable import duties and taxes are the buyer's responsibility.

Our target shipping date is the 2nd quarter of 2023, although we will do our best to ship earlier.