Gila (HEE-luh) - Erem's First Performance Sandal

The ultimate sandal for outdoor adventure. Setting a new bar in sustainable footwear.

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Aug 18, 2022

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The Gila Sandal

Introducing the all-new Gila: an adventure sandal that is crafted for performance, comfort, and sustainability.

Other outdoor sandals are too heavy and lack adequate arch support. They're abrasive in sensitive areas on the foot and become even more uncomfortable when they get wet. They have too much strapping and not enough grip. They don't provide enough lateral support, and they're difficult to adjust. The Gila is here to change all that.

The Gila sandal delivers best-in-class desert performance, knowing that if it performs in the most extreme landscapes on Earth, it will outperform everywhere else.

Intensive product testing has been a critical component of the Gila’s design process. After five rounds of prototyping, three rounds of field testing, professional laboratory testing, and no-holds-barred feedback sessions with desert rats, hiking and rafting guides, rock climbers, nature photographers, sandal sales professionals, foot health experts, naturalists and adventurers alike, the Gila sandal has come to fruition, which we are proud to present to you, first, on Kickstarter.

The Gila was designed with premium materials that prevent chafing in wet, dry and hot conditions, making it a go-to option for any desert adventure - from rafting down the river to long days on the trail.

Our Story

Erem® delivers best-in-class desert performance gear, knowing that if it performs in the most extreme landscapes on Earth, it will outperform everywhere else. The beauty, vastness, and extremes of the desert invoke an unparalleled sense of adventure where people can discover and rediscover the deepest truths of what it means to be human - to be themselves - and what it means to live in concert with nature.

Erem was founded by Noah Swartz, a fourth-generation bootmaker from the family behind the iconic Timberland brand. With Erem, Noah's mission is to set a new standard for high-performing and sustainable outdoor gear.

We believe that outdoor gear should not harm the outdoors. Made with eco-friendly materials like recycled natural cork, TENCEL™, bio-rubber, and zinc, our Gila sandal can safely return to the Earth after its long and useful life.

Beyond delivering best-in-class gear, Erem is committed to addressing our planet's most pressing climate challenges by planting over 1 million cactus pear cacti. These resilient desert plants have extraordinary potential to reduce carbon in the atmosphere, feed hungry people, and conserve precious water resources. A percentage of each product we sell goes directly towards this mission.

Erem believes we should look to ecosystems thriving in hot and resource-scarce conditions for solutions to our planet’s most pressing, climate-driven challenges. That’s why, to start, we’ve committed to planting 1 million cactus pear cacti, which have a huge potential in the fight against climate change. Proceeds from every product we sell directly support our initiative to plant over 1 million cactus pear cacti.


Cactus Pear Coalition

It is no secret that our planet faces an urgent climate-driven crisis that impacts us all. That is why Erem has started a non-profit organization, partnering with like-minded companies and individuals to address our planet’s more pressing challenge on a global scale with a focus on combating climate change by harnessing the scale and ingenuity of the desert.

We will ship from our warehouse in the United States. Customers who purchase outside of the US, in some cases, can be charged at their responsibility for any import, duty, VAT, and customs fees that apply to their country.

More information on customs fees:

Shipping address and additional order information will be collected and finalized at the completion of the campaign through post-crowdfunding surveys at which point shipping costs will be calculated. For now, we estimate the shipping cost for 1 pair below:

  • USA: $8-12 (HI and AK estimated at $18)
  • International: $40 plus local duties and additional fees

Shipping charges depend on quantity at time of purchase -- e.g. 2+ pairs of the Gila sandal will increase the cost of shipping.

Erem offsets 100% of the carbon emissions from the shipping of all of our products to and from our customers.

To be energy efficient, Gila sandals will be shipped by ocean freight from our factory to our warehouse.