The Fogland Backpack by Breakwater Supply

Complete protection for your gear! ☔ ALL-WEATHER · 100% WATERPROOF · SUBMERSIBLE! · 16" Laptop Sleeve · 25L & 15L · Two Colors

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Nick X.
Nick X.
Apr 23, 2024

like! looks pretty good

Sep 13, 2022

This seems really cool.

ron w.
ron w.
Sep 9, 2022

yeah a wetsuit formed into a back pack!!  the zippers was probly the hardest part for water proofing

best of luck just wish i could be more outdoorsy to use it

Yna Kyle Severina V.
Yna Kyle Severina V.
Aug 20, 2022

It is very practical especially for island hopping trips

Aug 18, 2022

Good design, lot of scope of improvement

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Andrew (6' 0" / 1.83m) is wearing and using the Fogland 25L in Stealth Black.

  •  Keep everything protected – including your electronics – with a 16" laptop sleeve, large main compartment, and smaller waterproof front pocket.
  • Enjoy all-day comfort with the Fogland Backpack's light weight, curved shoulder straps, and airflow channels.
  • Be ready for adventure with its virtually indestructible and tear-proof exterior.
  • Seamlessly go from land, to water, to the office, to everyday life – through all climates and conditions.

Submersion Tested & Approved

Submersion test

Completely waterproof - and floats.

The Fogland Backpack's been rigorously tested to be fully submersible and completely waterproof, meeting IP67 waterproof standards. Seen above, we loaded it up with a laptop, smartphone, towel, and 40 lbs (18kg) of weights. With all of the weight, it still floats, and most importantly, everything is completely dry.

This guaranteed waterproof protection gives you the freedom to explore further, stay outside longer, and finally stop worrying about your stuff staying dry!

Real-life versatility

Gwen is resting her head on the Fogland Lite 15L in Fog White. Being airtight makes it a perfect pillow in a pinch.

  •  Keep Small Items Separate and Dry: like the main compartment, the smaller front pocket on both the Fogland 25L and Fogland Lite 15L is fully waterproof and airtight – perfect for your phone and smaller items.
  •  Great for Travel: both the Fogland 25L and Fogland Lite 15L fit under the seats of most airlines as a "personal item" without having to be checked-in.
  •  Be Seen: dark gray reflective elements on front, side, and chest/shoulder straps for visibility.
  •  Heavy-Duty Top Handle (on Fogland 25L): Hydrowall™-wrapped top handle for easy grabbing from vehicles, boats, and storage areas.
  •  Front Buckle Strap (on Fogland 25L): a favorite feature – cinch down a jacket, pair of shoes, towel, or anything bulky (or wet and muddy).
  •  Grab Loops: small grab loops at the end of each airtight zipper make for an easier pull.
  •  Cleans Easily: go ahead, get dirty – wipe it clean or hose it off!


In addition to adventure, travel, and commute, the Fogland Backpack is excellent as a camera backpack and for sports and outdoor events. Toss your stuff in, zip it shut, and be guaranteed your belongings are safe and completely dry.

Front buckle strap

Front buckle strap for bulky items (Fogland 25L)

Carabiner Attachment Points at Top Handle (Fogland 25L)

Carabiner Attachment Points at Top Handle (Fogland 25L)

Airtight/Waterproof Front Pocket

Airtight/Waterproof Front Pocket

Laptop Sleeve

Laptop Sleeve

All-Day Comfort 

All-Day Comfort

All-Day Comfort

  • S-curve ergonomic shoulder straps
  • Adjustable, removable and reflective chest strap with emergency whistle
  • Molded EVA back panel with airflow channels and fast-drying padding
  • Lightweight neoprene shoulder padding with reflective-print elements on each strap
  • Shoulder and back areas are non-chafing for comfortable use during activity. 


Fogland 25L infographic

Capacity: 25L (1,500+ cubic inches)
Dimensions: 20" x 13" x 7" / 2.1 lbs (51cm x 33cm x 18cm / 1kg)
Colors: Stealth Black or Fog White. Both feature a durable matte finish.
Internal Configuration: 16" laptop sleeve (10" / 25cm width), two 4" x 6" elastic mesh pockets (10cm x 15cm), and one large 11" x 7" (28cm x 18cm) interior zip pocket
Airtight (100% Waterproof) Pockets: Two (main compartment and front pocket)
Additional Exterior Features: two side elastic mesh water bottle pockets (ideal for 3" / 7.5cm diameter containers), front buckle strap, heavy-duty top handle, and numerous gear hook-ups


  • Fogland 25L Backpack
  • Color choice of Stealth Black or Fog White
  • Zipper Glide zipper protectant (non-silicone)
  • Two reflective-print Hydrowall TPU velcro lash straps (8.5" / 22cm length) 

Fogland 25L (top) and Fogland Lite 15L (bottom)

Fogland Lite 15L infographic

Capacity: 15L (1,000+ cubic inches)
Dimensions: 17" x 13" x 6" / 1.6 lbs (43cm x 33cm x 15cm / .75kg)
Colors: Stealth Black or Fog White. Both feature a durable matte finish.
Internal Configuration: 16" laptop sleeve (10" / 25cm width), two 4" x 6" elastic mesh pockets (10cm x 15cm), and one large 11" x 7" (28cm x 18cm) interior zip pocket
Airtight (100% Waterproof) Pockets: Two (main compartment and front pocket)


  • Fogland 15L Backpack
  • Color choice of Stealth Black or Fog White
  • Zipper Glide zipper protectant (non-silicone)
Fogland Lite 15L in Stealth Black

Video showing the Fogland Lite 15L in Stealth Black

Fogland Lite 15L on girl

On Jacque (5' 3" / 1.60m) is the Fogland Lite 15L in Fog White.

Storage and Gear Hook-Ups

Interior of Fogland 25L and Fogland Lite 15L

Lash straps on Fogland 25L

Two reflective-print Hydrowall TPU velcro lash straps (8.5" / 22cm length) are included with the Fogland 25L.

Making it waterproof

The foundation of this backpack is its incredible waterproof protection. The Fogland Backpack meets IP67 standards and is 100% waterproof, airtight, and fully submersible. Here's how:

1. Fully Waterproof Material: our fully-waterproof, super-strong Hydrowall 420D Nylon TPU is everything an outdoor textile should be: lightweight, 100% waterproof, wipes clean, and it's virtually indestructible – it’s completely tear-proof and resists abrasions and stains.

Hydrowall waterproof material close-up

Close-up of our waterproof Hydrowall material with dark gray reflective-printed Wave logo

2. Welded Seams: the Fogland Backpack exclusively uses welded seams, with zero stitching – instead, the edges of each panel are fused together using an advanced construction process called radio-frequency welding. These seams are permanent, with zero gaps, to ensure water, snow, sand, and dirt stay out.

Welded seams close-up

Close-up of RF-welded seams with dark gray reflective-printed Breakwater Supply logo

3. Drysuit-Grade Airtight Zippers: both the main compartment and smaller front pocket feature large-tooth, non-corrosive airtight zippers – the same used on diving drysuits.

Left: smaller front pocket zipper; Right: main compartment zipper


Waterproof Survival First Aid Kit

Our best-selling outdoor emergency kit: fully waterproof, lightweight, and preloaded with 101 First Aid & Survival supplies. Comes in a small dry bag with a heavy-duty locking carabiner. Measuring 11" x 4" x 4" (28cm x 10cm x 10cm) and 1.4 lbs (.65kg).

  •  First Aid: 30 adhesive bandages, compressive and absorbent gauze, large triangular bandage, elastic disposable tourniquet, foam/aluminum survival splint, and dressing supplies/tools.
  •  Emergency/Survival: Mylar emergency blanket, hi-vis orange rain poncho, multitool with LED light, stainless steel wire saw, duct tape, and paracord survival bracelet with fire starter, compass, emergency whistle, and fishing supplies.

Choice of Stealth Black or Red. Note: alcohol wipes will be removed for international shipments.

Hingeless carabiner 4-pack

These hingeless polymer carabiners are ultralight, non-corrosive, and have the perfect balance of stiffness and flex. They're small (2" / 4.6cm width) and feature a raised notch in the opening to keep the gate in place. The gate can also bend forward, allowing you to easily slide the carabiner around straps. These are not cheap plastic – they're durable, flexible, and ultralight, which makes them ideal for attaching additional gear to hook-up points.

Breakwater Supply Hingeless Carabiners

Hooking up a bike helment (and shoes) using hingeless carabiners at the top attachment points to secure helmet, and the front buckle strap to secure shoes.

What they say about us

It's all in the details

We've dedicated the time, the R&D, and the testing to truly make this an incredible product – with thoughtful touches and attention to detail in both design and functionality. Here's why the Fogland Backpack is the best waterproof backpack you'll find:

1. Conquer All Climates & Environments. From frozen temps to ocean tides, the Fogland Backpack is made for it all:

  •  Non-corrosive components, including non-metal zippers (made of hardened polypropylene) and hardware.
  • Oversized zipper pulls and grab loops, for easy use with gloves whether at sea or in cold weather.
  • Waterproof Hydrowall TPU that remains strong and flexible in the heat or in the cold. 
  •  Fast-drying, non-chafing shoulder and back areas for comfort when the bag is against bare skin (kayaking, paddleboarding, boating, swimming, etc.). We don't use open mesh that takes forever to dry and rubs you raw – we use neoprene on the shoulders and molded EVA on the back panel. This is our innovative combination that offers the best comfort and support you can find.

2. Incredible Zippers: there's a bunch of roll-top bags out there claiming to be "waterproof" – but the truth is, those roll-top backpacks will not withstand submersion or prolonged exposure to water. They're cumbersome and not great for internal organization. A zippered backpack incorporates into your everyday life and travel much easier, and doesn't require forcing air out, rolling, and buckling. It saves time and effort.

Airtight zippers

3. Inside-out welds: typical manufacturers use exterior "patch" welds for their anchor points, but we put these welds on the interior. This means they aren't exposed and they'll never delaminate. It looks cleaner, functions better, and you'll love it and notice the difference. See below – the Fogland Backpack is on the left.


4. Value: Comparable fully waterproof backpacks are in the $300+ range (USD) with less functionality – for example, the others don't have a smaller airtight pocket. The Fogland Backpack features two airtight pockets: the main compartment and the smaller front pocket for items like your phone. The Fogland Backpack also features a large laptop sleeve, reflective elements, side mesh water bottle pockets, and extra gear hook-ups. When it comes to protection, versatility, comfort, and durability, there's nothing like this at the price point – it's an incredible value and a true safe-haven for your gear. 

Shipments and updates

Our stock is being produced and we'll be shipping out your preorder in October. We'll post updates on this page and social channels about production, transit, and outgoing shipments. All shipments will include tracking. We're as excited to ship these as you are to get them!

Shipment updates

Customized group orders

Looking to equip your team or organization? For organizations, institutions, or teams, contact us at [email protected] and we'll put together a group order to customize these with your logo. Note that there is a minimum quantity of 20 for customization.

Example Fogland Backpack with Team/Organization logo

About Breakwater Supply

We make innovative outdoor gear that empowers you to go anywhere. For the past 30+ years we've been exploring the outdoors, particularly in the northeastern US, where we're based. We know how important great gear is to the outdoor experience, and our passion for creating durable, waterproof, and versatile gear is what drives us to develop products such as the Fogland Backpack.

From our experience running crowdfunding campaigns, we've developed a reputation for being a Backer Favorite because we deliver on time and provide frequent updates. Reach out to us with any questions or comments and find us on Instagram @breakwatersupply, Facebook at, and our website We appreciate all of your feedback – it inspires us to keep innovating.