CardGear Go | Compact Tracker Wallet with Fantastic Features

This mighty RFID wallet organizes Ring, Coins and EDC items. It is compatible with AirTag and Tile Sticker. Designed for minimalists.

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Yna Kyle Severina V.
Yna Kyle Severina V.
Aug 20, 2022

I would want one so that it will help reduce the chances of actually losing mg card.

Aug 18, 2022

interesting product  

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Thanks to our supporters, our CardGear bifold wallet is now available on Etsy. In just short few months, we have received so many positive comments about the wallet. You really helped to bring our projects to life.

How CardGear GO was created

       When AirTag was first introduced, we thought it would be a great accessory for wallets. Because it will ease the frustration of losing your wallet and the trouble of searching for it.


Our mission is simple, we want to design a wallet that can be used for both iPhone and Android users and at the same time look very attractive.

But when we searched for a wallet that can do the job, we were surprised all of them were either just a hole in a wallet or having a tag holder sewed on the wallet. Also, they are not for Android users. We saw some people would put a Tile tracker in their wallets as a temporary solution. It is just not practice and doesn’t look good.

Tag holder and wallet together don't have to look like this

So we went to our CardGear drawing board and redesign the wallet from ground up.  After almost a year, we are so excited to introduce you CardGear GO Wallet. We really want to surprise you with a wallet that you have never seen before.

In this wallet, we have streamlined the wallet with an AirTag / Tile sticker pocket and key pocket to give the wallet a new modern look, so you can carry it with a smile. The wallet is equipped with RFID blocking, a car key loop, and a detachable money clip in the back.

During the development on our trackable wallet, we discovered that the AirTag / Tile Sticker pocket can be used to store rings or coins. So we decided to create 2 models. CardGear GO1 can be used to hold an AirTag/Tile Sticker/Ring/Coins and CardGear GO2 has a window to show your personalized AirTag. It will fit for a Tile Sticker too.

This multi functional wallet is perfect for someone who has only few cards to carry and are always on the GO.


Best of all, with all these amazing features, we managed to keep the cost down for you in this campaign.


 GO1 is your choice if you want an extra storage in your wallet. 

For many handy men and women out there, we have to take our ring off temporary to protect our fingers and the ring. The ring pocket in GO1 wallet is just a perfect place to store it for you.


 GO2 is there for you to personalize your wallet with an AirTag or Tile sticker. 

Thank YOU for giving us the opportunity to build the CardGear family! CardGear Slim, CardGear Duo, and CardGear Bifold were successful kickstarter projects. We are hoping to add two more members in the family through this campaign. As a thank you, you can add a CardGear Canvas Bifold wallet as an add-on at a very low price, so you can have different wallets for different occasions.


It took us about a full year to complete the R&D process. The pandemic did slow us down, but it didn't stop us from innovating. The last round of samples gave us the confident to launch this campaign. We think this is a fantastic project for all minimalists out there.


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Airtag is a trademark of Apple Inc.

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