Dress your keys in finest vegetable tanned leather!

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Nick X.
Nick X.
Aug 7, 2023

difficult to tell if the off-cut leather used is full grain or poorer quality

Nick X.
Nick X.
Aug 7, 2023


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Looking for a simple, fashionable and functional solution to carry all your keys, tools, devices, and more? Introducing keynius! Built with a clean design that allows easy access to your keys while protecting your valuables against scratches and damage.

Easy to understand and easy to use, keynius provides a stylish and simple way to keep your keys together.

We came up with a simple solution to a simple problem. keynius combines a small piece of off-cut leather and some specially designed pieces of metal to form a unique key organiser.

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As your life progresses, so do your keys! New home (with more doors and windows maybe?), cars, jobs, bikes etc - all of it leads to more keys, fobs, and more that you need to keep on you. 

keynius' 22 assembly holes allow full customization. keynius is compatible with most keys & fobs out there, as well as pre-existing ‘key tools’ - so no forking out for custom adapters/attachments - just attach and go!


Sure, it’s easy to just chuck your keys into your bag and head out, but it’s also putting your valuables at risk of scratches and damage while you’re on the go. keynius keeps your keys and your valuables safe, all with it’s simple, compact design.

Ever been stuck at your door while you fumble key your keys? keynius allows you take your bulky bunch of keys, and compress it into a neat and tidy package that doesn’t move around while you’re out and about - so you’ll always be able to find the key you need.

Over time, a lot of traditional key rings lose their form, making them more likely to scratch valuables or even worse - have keys fall off. keynius is made from strong, durable materials that won’t warp over time. 

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Keep your keys safe and secure for a lifetime!

We understand the need of saving our planet and reducing waste. That’s why we made keynius from leather off-cuts and from leather bags that are beyond repair.

Don't take it from us! During user testing, we had some great feedback. You can see some of the highlights below:

keynius comes in 5 beautiful color schemes. The outdoorsy nature, classy cognac, deep dark brown, classic black and mysterious stealth. 


Nature, cognac, brown, and stealth come with classy black screws, whereas black uses  shiny silver screws to stand out.


All made from beautiful upcycled leather.

 Which one(s) will be your match?

With keynius being fully customisable to your needs, it can benefit everyone. With our range of attachments and freedom to add your own, you can make your keynius grow with you.


Want your keynius to stand out? You can replace the standard metal screw with a unique epoxy pin screw to personalize your keynius.

Remember your card won't get charged until the campaign has ended and we've been successfully funded so don't hesitate make a pledge now to take advantage of our best pricing! 

 Your choice of colour and epoxy screw will be collected after the campaign.


Every minute of your keynius experience matters to us. From thoughtful packaging to seamless usability we want you to enjoy it all. Go ahead take a closer look at what's in store! 

Fancy upgrading your pledge? See the prices and options for attachments below:

Thanks to its simple design, keynius is easy to use. No more wrestling with split rings to get your keys on, just unscrew, add your keys, and screw back on!

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Let's face it there is some serious players out there - that's why we made sure that with Keynius we address all the gaps the market failed to address so far. Take a look! 

Want to deep dive? To make sure we we are the right match for you we want to be as transparent as possible. If this section didn't give you answer you were after you can always get in touch with us! 

That's a wrap! All that's left is to introduce myself.  

My name is Friedrich Petry and I was born in Stuttgart. I remember my first leather purse which I used in elementary school. It could be fixed at the belt loop and it had a metal “F” on the front. I loved it. I still have it. 

Later I discovered that I couldn’t find a suitable key organizer and started to search for some leather patches and small cufflinks on eBay. The first keynius was born. I used it for quite a while until I decided to improve the design even further to present it to you on Kickstarter.

 Take a journey down the memory lane with me! 

As you may imagine, keynius has come a long way since my initial drawings 6 years ago. 


I've fine tuned and optimized keynius to be one of the most unique and easy to use key organizers out there.

The timeline of keynius - From the initial prototypes (left) to where we are now (right)!

 If you have any questions, comments or feedback give us a shout on social! We'll always be happy to hear from you.