Hast: Award-Winning Knife Design Meets Japanese Carbon Steel

Hast Selection series combines RedDot award-winning timeless design with premium carbon steel from Japan. They are outstanding sharp and stay sharp for much longer, tested 42% above CATRA's Excellent Edge-retention Standard.

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Hast graciously provided an 8" chef's knife for us to test free of charge before this review. In the week we have been testing the knife we found the top pros to be: 1. It is incredibly sharp and holds it's edge very well. 2. It feels well-balanced and maneuvers effortlessly. 3. It is very aesthetically pleasing with it's minimalistic design. The only cons we could find are: 1. I will say I have small hands and the handle feels big to me. If you have normal/larger hands this wouldn't be a problem for you. 2. I tend to choke up on my chef's knife when cutting and find that the back tip of the blade is placed right near the tip of my index finger when using it, which can a bit uncomfortable. This may also be due to my hand size.  Overall we thought the knife was a great value and would recommend it if you are in the market for a new set of knives. You could even win a 2-Peice set via the Giveaway! 😉

almost 2 years ago

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Oct 4, 2022

These look really great.

Sep 28, 2022


Mario S.
Mario S.
Sep 28, 2022

Nice giveaway!

David L.
David L.
Sep 23, 2022

I don't need them, but I want them

Jerome R.
Jerome R.
Sep 23, 2022

good job

andrea t.
andrea t.
Sep 23, 2022

no no no tons of knifes …. it cost too much! no good 


Sharon P.
Sharon P.
Sep 19, 2022

I would love … but, I can't justify, to my inner self, paying the money for.

Skooma G.
Skooma G.
Sep 18, 2022

oh, this Kickstarter looks sharp!

Yna Kyle Severina V.
Yna Kyle Severina V.
Sep 17, 2022

I would love to own a Japanese knife!

Sep 17, 2022

These look great!

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Hi, we’re Hast.

In 2020, we Kickstarted our pro knife line during a worldwide pandemic. Loved by customers, chefs, and culinary critics, we top-scored in the Good Housekeeping Best Kitchen Gear awards, earned a Travel & Leisure Editor’s Top Pick seal of approval, and even won a Red Dot Design Award.

We’d officially made it. So, what next?

You. The everyday home chef.

You deserve a sleeker, sharper cutting experience — just like the pros.

When slicing, dicing, and chopping become a seamless experience, cooking becomes more fun. More inspiring. More creative. 

Now, our timeless design meets another engineering marvel: Premium high-carbon stainless steel by renowned high-performance steelmaker Koike Aronson from Chiba, Japan.

Hast Selection series

Advanced engineering for a simpler knife — for daring new flavors and unexplored cuisines. For quick comfort meals and beloved family recipes.

Make quick work of everyday favorites with sleek, dextrous cuts. Leave your comfort zone behind with adventurous confidence. See how the freedom to create becomes second nature — all because you’re equipped with the best tools and desire to do more.

Cook more, prep faster, and evolve your artistry with the most essential tools reimagined for your kitchen.

Hast Selection 8" chef knife

Hast Selection 5.3" utility knife

Hast Selection 8" chef knife

Hast Selection 6.3" Santoku knife

It’s official. When it comes to sharpness, we’re rated better than the highest industry standard. Simply put, we’re better than the official best.

Translucent tomato slices. Clean, crisply diced onions. For almost effortless meal prep, our knives are a truly Excellent choice.

Hast Selection 8" chef knife

Hast Selection 6.3" chef knife

Hast Selection 6.3" Santoku knife

Hast Selection 6.3" santoku knife

For knifemakers, creating knives that stay sharp is the real challenge. That’s why pros spend hundreds of dollars on knives that retain their edge — so they can cook uninterrupted. Hast Selection 8" chef knife was tested 42% above CATRA's Excellent Edge-retention Standard. It can keep its sharp edge much longer than knives that cost over $100. 

CATRA’s Excellent Edge Retention rating is the industry gold standard for premium knives.

No unplanned sharpening sessions mid-prep. No struggling with a dull blade. Just an uninterrupted experience from cutting board to table.

Hast Selection 6.3" chef knife

Hast Selection knife set with glass knife block

Hast Selection knife set & glass knife block

Hast Selection 8"chef knife

Hast Edition 8" chef knife

Hast Selection 8" bread knife, 8" chef knife, & 5.3" utility knife (top-down)

Hast Selection 8" chef knife

Hast Selection 8" chef knife, 5.3" utility knife

Hast Selection 5.3" utility knife

Hast Edition 8" chef knife-glossy stainless

Hast Selection 8" chef knife

Fine lines. Clean cuts. 

Your meal prep, redefined. 

When you upgrade the most important tool in your kitchen everything — cutting, cooking, serving — becomes better. 

Comfort food becomes a creative outlet. 

Homemade meals become a route to better health and saved wealth.

Every meal becomes an opportunity for flavorful exploration. 

You can do it all, with our award-winning Japanese steel knives that deliver in style and substance every time.


Hast Selection 8" chef knife, 6.3" Santoku knife

Hast Selection 8" bread knife

Hast Selection 5.3" utility and 3.5" paring knife

Hast Selection 8" chef, 5.3" utility and 5" boning knife

Hast glass knife block & tailored ceramic honing rod.

To find the best steel for Hast Selection series, we tested dozens of premium steels including Japanese carbon steel Aus-10, Aus-10, VG-10, and other premium steels used by popular brands. We tested variations of 1.4116 German steel, the staple behind many legendary knives used today.

After intensive lab tests for sharpness, wear resistance, strength, and corrosion resistance (plus real kitchen use tests for months) the carbon steel by Koike Aronson championed them all.

This improved version of 1.4116 carbon steel by Koike takes knife performance to new heights with its hardness of 60+ HRC (after treatment)—the same hardness as some premium high-carbon steels and powder steels.

Steel, the great determiner. Through innovative engineering and relentless lab and kitchen testing, we’ve unlocked our steel’s full potential and determined the best edge geometry for optimal performance.


Consistency is key. 

After multiple successful production trials, we’re confident we can produce knives that have the ultimate performance, consistent quality, and a fine finish.

Production and Delivery Timeline

Going solo or serving it with friends and family? Whatever your style, elevating your artistry starts with mastering the most essential kitchen tool.

Cooking — the art and skill — demands focus and presence. Choosing to create means taking control of your nutrition and well-being. It’s a celebration of your art, health, and a more sustainable way of living.

Bonus: a healthier diet, less plastic waste, a lifelong skill, and extra money in your pocket.  

Just like our knives, our packaging is stripped down to the fundamentals. Lighter, more compact packaging saves material and — most importantly — takes less space and energy to ship.

A smaller carbon footprint, and even more excitement. With the same uncompromising attention to detail, even unboxing our knives is an experience.

We don’t stop at efficiency. We apply the same product design principles to our packaging, something often overlooked by larger companies.

Our glass knife block comes in a unique all-paper packaging system that provides ample protection — no plastic foam required.