The Twilight Blade - Titanium Utility Folding Knife

Widely Use, Foldable, Durable & Sharp, Quick Release Blades

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Titaner is back with their 5th campaign and this thing is Quick Release, Foldable, Compact, Versatile, Handy and Sexy! 😍 Ok maybe they don't advertise that last one, but we think so! lol

almost 2 years ago

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Karen Y.
Karen Y.
Jul 14, 2022

For knife collectors

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 Slick Appearance + Quick Release Blade + Foldable + Compact + Versatile + Handy

The twilight blade has been an idea we've been dying to bring to fruition since it was first conceived last year. We have designed mini micro knife-hanging on key-chain for convenience reason, we also designed foldable utility knife-for practical use. But we've never designed a knife that are Quick Release Blade + Foldable + Compact + Versatile + Handy. Therefore, the twilight blade is coming...

In order to make the appearance is different for any other utility knife. The twilight blade you're seeing in this project is the result of innumerable hours of thinking, iterating and reiterating. 

We have lots of customers who has supports us for years, and we feel grateful that we have gone this far. So we don't want to disappoint any of them,  and we wanted to make sure we got this one right and perfect.

 Why do we need a quick release blade utility knife?


1. Dull knives are dangerous, being able to keep sharp makes work easier and safer. That's why we designed this knife that could change blade, so you can always keep your knife sharp.

2. Quick Blade Change Mechanism. For changing blades, you can quickly change the blade with just your hands, no need of screwdriver or any other tools for disassembling. One more big plus is that it accepts all standard or pro grade utility knife blades.

 Here is the pic to show how the twilight blade was born. 

To condense the complicated manufacturing process into four steps, this is how a twilight blade is made from raw titanium bolcks, to an exquisite artcraft. 

The workblank is made by wire electrode cutting. It sounds easy but reasonable arrangement for the workblanks can save cost and make more pieces. The next step would be the CNC machining to finish the structrual outline, after which the precise CNC process will make the whole piece into Satin silver finish with smooth and shiny texture. The last procedure is to assemble the parts and have the whole unit tested carefully. 

 Here is a GIF to show all the parts in twilight blade.

Compact for Easy Carry. Weighs only 1.66 oz. It's extremely small, only 3.6-inch long when it is closed. So It fits perfectly in a small pocket of pants or clothes. 

 Compact Design, Sturdier, Compacter, yet Lighter! 

  •  Gr5 titanium construction offers durability and anti-corrosion.
  •  safe lock mechanism makes sure the blades are held firmly, safe to use
  • lightweight design provides maximum comfort for everyday carrying 
  • handy size makes it convenient to carry around.
  •  blades are easier and faster to change, accepts all standard utility knife blade
  •  Perfect for utility using-cutting boxes, pieces of plastic, or scraping off glue/gunk from surfaces.

This pocket knife utility knife tool is a must have for any EDC application!

Premium Razor Blades

High-strength carbon steel SK5 blades, keep sharp for a long time, suitable for cutting carpet, plastic, cartons, leather, and much more.

Perfect Pocket EDC

If you’re looking for the perfect pocket knife that doubles as a box cutter and utility knife, look no further! This durable and sturdy utility knife is one of the smallest flipper utility knives ever offered in titanium. 

Ergonomic Design 

The twilight blade with ergonomic handle fits your hands, safety lock and anti-skid design.

Smooth & Uniformly

The opening and folding process is very smooth. The uniformly shaped body makes the grip feel very comfortable. It features thin and smooth, no sharp edges of body, which give the knife a shiny appearance and sense of security at the same time.

Small and compact 

Small enough to be comfortable, but large enough to get a good grip on it


Durable & Sturdy

The twilight utility knife is made from high quality titanium. Premium material, sturdy and durable. Titanium alloy construction exhibits the features of durability and rust-protection. The smooth surface is guaranteed to protect your pants or clothes when you put it in your pocket.


Each TITANER knife goes through strict quality control. Each knife is built to last a lifetime and is inspected strictly. We know you will love this knife, but If you are not 100% satisfied within 30-days, return it without any questions asked!

Light Weight

This one of a kind design is one of the smallest usable folding pocket knife designs that doubles as a utility knife and opens up to a full 6.3” while utilizing generic utility knife blades that you can find at any hardware store! Featherweight CNC-Milled precision Titanium scales. Blade and knife together ONLY weigh 1.8oz / 52g. The slim design makes this knife easy to carry as a must-have EDC tool for anyone regularly needing to use a blade.

Quick Release Mechanism

Easy to replace the new sharp blade, quickly and tightly lock the blade. Quick-change mechanism accepts standard size utility blades.

 Versatile Handy Utility Knife

Great Versatility. It's very suitable for cutting through paper, carpet, plastic, cartons, cloth, bags, leather, PVC and much more. And it's a great addition to your EDC, car, backpack, etc.

The razor blade is strongly secured within the hardened clasp mechanism and easily switched with the press of the blade holder which releases the razor blade to replace. The clasp is not secured by screws like other knives that aren’t nearly as secure as this design. Have peace of mind that your blade will perform perfectly with near zero tolerance for almost no blade misalignment.

Material -- GR5 Titanium

Weight -- 52.24g

Color -- Sandblast/Stonewash/CNC

Length of the razor(open)-- 14cm

Length of the razor(close) -- 9.2cm

Compatible blade -- SK5 blade

 Titanium is a eco-friendly material, one of the best metal in the world.  It's rustproof, resistant to corrosion or acid and base. It's a stable metal material and does not have chemical reaction with other material or liquids. As long as you clean it completely, you can recycle it all the time for totally different things.

As we are know, plastic pollution has been a big burden for the environment.

Plastics have only existed since 1907. Within over 100 years, it developed to a serious problem all over the world. From the beginning of the use of plastics to 2015, 6.3 billion tons of the substance have been produced, the production averaged 380 million tons.

We make titanium item with the vision to bring sustainable products that help cut the need for plastic in society. In our production process we also limit plastic use unless absolutely necessary. All of our products are made to last. We wish our customer could enjoy the items we made and use it as long as possible.

Below, you'll see a brief outline of the journey we're on with The twilight blade, starting from the first discussion about it to when all of you joined the story (and where we go from here)!

We are insanely excited to get the twilight blade into your hands. So you can be sure that we're going to continue to work day and night until the very last twilight blade has shipped.

If this is the first time you ever backed a project, follow the steps below to start your journey at kickatarter.

Our factory has been designing and producing high quality titanium edc items for years. We have the best material and production level in the field. 

 We wanted every piece that we made is useful and durable enough to last beyond a lifetime. Wish you could enjoy the item made by us and welcome to contact us to give us some feedback and suggestion.