LØPER: The Multifunctional Trail Running Jacket

A wind-resistant, waterproof, ultra-breathable jacket that has you covered for trail running, active living, or casual wear.

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Mohammad Z.
Mohammad Z.
Sep 19, 2022

Looks quite functional.  Might get one.

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Meet the LØPER jacket. A trail running jacket with dozens of special features that make it truly multifunctional. While this jacket is made for running, you’ll love how its casual, comfortable, and stylish design transitions from trails to office to outings with friends.

Wash with cold water, tumble dry with medium heat, iron on low heat. Do not bleach.

Your biking, trekking, hiking, and running adventures are about to take off with the multifunctional convenience of the LØPER jacket. From keeping you warm and dry when it’s humid and rainy to protecting you from bugs, this jacket works like a ninja: it has stealth solutions for multiple challenges.

We designed the LØPER jacket with an oversized hidden storage pocket and a variety of smaller hidden pockets. They all stay discretely concealed when you don’t need them, never adding needless volume or bulkiness. When you do need to carry your essentials, like your wallet or phone, these pockets hold them safely and conveniently.


The LØPER features a 360º breathing system with underarm vents. Without letting cold or wind in, the jacket allows for a venting experience that prevents you from sweating and feeling uncomfortable. The jacket’s antibacterial fabric repels and eliminates odors. In other words, this is the jacket that stays dry and comfortable all the time.

You still want to get out and exercise, explore, or just go about your everyday routine when it’s humid or rainy, and that becomes far easier with an anti-fouling jacket that is truly waterproof. The LØPER jacket also features a two-way YKK Aquaguard zipper to keep water out and an anti-pinch strip to keep your fingers safe. Yep, there’s nothing like staying dry on a soggy day, right?

The LØPER jacket is windproof, with an extended back hem that keeps you solidly protected from gusty weather. Whether it’s raining or not, wind is certainly not something you want embracing you!

You’re really gonna love this. Our uniquely designed jacket has thumbholes to keep your sleeves in place and waterproof cuffs that extend over your hands for protection and extra warmth if you need it. You won’t feel your hand movements restrained.

Our multifunctional jacket has a hidden zipper whistle for safety. While cruising the city or hiking a mountain, if you’re in danger or need help, sound the alarm with this handy whistle.

The LØPER is designed with a high-visibility reflective strip. Run in the dark with peace of mind, knowing drivers, cyclists, and others can see you. You’ll be safe, seen, and stylish day or night! 

The LØPER jacket includes an integrated protective hood with a concealed adjustable cord. In a nutshell, this means you can uncover and use the hood and hat cord when you need them, and keep them hiding without getting in your way when they’re not necessary.

It’s super easy to fold, stow, and carry your LØPER jacket. Extremely compact and lightweight, you can take it anywhere, any time. When you need it, unpack it, unfold it, and it will be instantly and neatly ready to dress to protect and impress!


From a wide range of colors that you and other outdoor enthusiasts love, we created a selection of five specially developed colors that make the LØPER jacket even more stylish and unique: Navy, Olive, Violet, Orange, and Black.

MØNSTER VALLEY apparel is inspired by the Norwegian concept “Friluftsliv", which means living a life freely in the open air. Our company creates apparel to support an active outdoor adventure lifestyle. Our dedication to superior quality garments, with leading technology, affords us the ability to use garments that fit the demands of a busy outdoor lifestyle in ever-changing environments. That means less packing, less laundry, less time wasted and a smaller carbon footprint. Now you can go straight from the streets to the hiking trail, without a whole wardrobe change.