PIE-POD™ 🍕 The Ultimate Pizza Reheating & Storage Solution

Reaching temperatures of ~ 400'F, PIE-POD is like turning your microwave into a brick oven for reheating leftover pizza!

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Seth M.
Seth M.
Sep 9, 2022

Most people eat cold pizza because they have to, not because they want to.  It's convenient and often there is no time available  to use,  or access to conventional ovens, air-fryers, or skillets. Most people choose cold over microwaved pizza because microwave pizza is soggy, chewy,  and doesn't taste very good.  That is until now thanks to PIE-POD.

Ziplock Storage Bags on Walmart cost $4.32 for 20 one-gallon bags.  So that's $8.64 for 40 bags.  Assuming 8 slices per pie, thats 5 pies assuming one slice per ziplock bag saved.  A PIE-POD MEGA Quad-POD is $44 and can hold 4 slices but also serves to crisp your leftovers and that cannot be done in a plastic bag,  If you were to eat pizza once per week and had 4 left over slices to save each week, it would take 10 weeks to save 40 pizza slices.  Since $44, the price of a PIE-POD MEGA Quad-Pod, is approximately 5 x $8.64 (cost of 40 bags), you would essentially pay off the cost of the PIE-POD in 50 weeks,  <1 year and over that 50 week period you would have saved the environment by not throwing out 200 one gallon plastic bags.  Additionally year 2 would save you $44 and so on.  You would not have to clean an extra plate every time.  Most importantly if you take pizza to work, school, or somewhere else that only has a microwave, you would not have had a crispy leftover pizza slice.  It's a no brainer! It's like any other investment, but the real ultimate reward is crispy leftover pizza slices using a microwave!  If you buy an additional crisper pan as an add-on, while one pizza slice is crisping in the microwave oven, the other is cooling a pizza slice for consumption.  Placing two metal objects in the microwave at same time can cause arcing and can damage the microwave so its best to get two crisper pans and alternate their use.

ron w.
ron w.
Sep 9, 2022

i see room for improvement from a cold pizza lover

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We change the way left over pizza is stored, transported, and reheated

PIE-POD is a new innovative product that will revolutionize pizza storage and reheating.  It is the #1 device for storing, reheating, and crisping the crust of any leftover pizza slice. Once reheated in the microwave, your pizza slice will taste like it came right out of a brick oven! 

Reheating your Leftover Pizza Slice and Crisping the Crust Using a Patent Pending PIE-POD Crisper Pan

To use a PIE-POD to store leftover pizza slices,  simply place your first pizza slice on the crisper pan, then add a stacker insert for each additional slice.  Top it off with the transparent PIE-POD lid and your done! 

How to Load and Stack PIE-POD with Leftover Pizza

A Brief History of Pizza & Brick Ovens

It is believed that the ancient Romans and people in all of its territories, including Naples and the modern-day Campania region, ate pizza as an every-day food. (blog.marraforni.com) 

Pizza arrived in the United States in the early 20th century along with waves of Italian immigrants who settled primarily in the large cities of the Northeast. It got a boost both in popularity and regional spread after soldiers stationed in Italy returned from World War I.

The ruins of Pompeii reveal that pizza was made in brick ovens using various tools and with many different toppings.  Pizza was sold at street stands and in bakeries. 

The brick ovens in Naples were made with a distinct center dome ventilation system which increased heat retention and reduced fuel costs all while providing even temperature distribution during the cooking process.  Brick ovens became popular in the Americas during the colonial era.  Today they are widely used in a pizzerias, and increasingly as small backyard or residential ovens.


Why Use a Patent Pending PIE-POD Crisper Pan to Reheat Leftover Pizza Slices?

The problem is leftover pizza that is made in a brick oven will most likely not be reheated in one once taken home.  The most commonly used devices to reheat pizza in is one of either a conventional oven, toaster oven, stovetop skillet, microwave oven and as of most recently, an air fryer.  The conventional oven, air fryer, and toaster oven take time to preheat, and none of them nor a stovetop skillet are available options to reheat food in most work environments.  Most cooking and heating devices are considered fire hazards and forbidden from use in college dorm rooms.  Microwave ovens although ubiquitous at home & office, and approved for use in most school dorm rooms, have always been known to be a horrible way for reheating pizza.  The pizza crust becomes rubbery and chewy when reheated in a microwave.  PIE-POD changes all that.  PIE-POD is the greatest thing to happen to pizza, since....sliced pizza!

Microwave Reheated Brick Oven Pizza That Taste the Way Brick Oven Pizza is Supposed to Taste with a Crisp Crust!

High Tech Construction - Microwave Crisper Pan

PIE-POD crisper pans are capable of reaching temperatures of over 400'F when preheated in the microwave.  These temperatures create the Maillard reaction, a chemical reaction between amino acids and reducing sugars that gives browned food its distinctive flavor.  The reaction is a form of non-enzymatic browning which typically proceeds rapidly from around 140 to 165 °C (280 to 330 °F).  These high temperature using a microwave oven are only achievable with the patent pending PIE-POD crisper pan and are not obtainable using traditional cookware.

PIE-POD Crisper Pan can Reach Temperatures Over 400'F In the Microwave to Crisp the Pizza Crust

The secret to reheating pizza on a PIE-POD crisper pan is that you are not actually heating your pizza slice with microwaves.  You are preheating the crisper pan empty without the pizza slice on it for 3 minutes.  The majority of the heating and crisping of the pizza slice comes from the conductive heating to the pizza from the 400' crisper pan, not the microwave heating of the pizza slice.  The additional 30-45 seconds of microwave heating simply melts the cheese,  and is not a sufficient amount of time to make the crust chewy.  As the crisper pan is allowed to cool, the pizza slice continues to crisp giving you that perfect pizza texture and flavor.  It tastes like it came right out of a brick oven!

A Loaded PIE-POD MEGA Quad-Pod

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 Pizza Statistics

  •  There are over 75k Pizzerias in the United States

Pizza is a common food served at Sporting Events & Birthday Parties, after Late Nights out in the City, or while Strolling the Boardwalk at the Beach.

Pizza is one of the top 3 favorite foods eaten at Colleges and Universities


From Veggie, Plain, and Meatball to Pepperoni, Mushroom, and Anchovies.  It doesn't matter the kind, Nearly everyone loves and eats pizza!


With all of that Pizza, What do you do With the Leftovers?


Traditional  food storage devices have problems

Tin-foil? You cannot see what type of slice is inside it.  You cannot heat it in a microwave.  If you freeze it, the foil gets embedded in the cheese and won't come out unless you thaw it first.  Its use results in Increased waste.

Tupperware? With opaque lids you cannot see the contents inside, it cannot go in the oven. It results in wasted space when storing triangular shaped food in square and rectangular shaped containers. Some Tupperware-like containers are not BPA free.

Plastic Bags? They cannot be heated in an oven.  Their use leads to increased waste.  They become expensive as single use items.

Keeping it in the box? Leaving leftover pizza outside the fridge, in its original box for more than 2 hours can increase the risk of acquiring a food-borne illness.  Placing the pizza in the box and in the fridge can preserve the pizza up to 4 days, but it will quickly dehydrate from the air circulating in the box.  Also, you will not be able to reheat the box in an oven and the box will not fit in the microwave.

PIE-POD has the solution!

Pepperoni is the #1 Favorite Topping in the United States, and is Added to 36% of all Pizza Pies.

A PIE-POD Storage Device can easily save, store, and transport leftover pizza.  The PIE-POD Crisper Pan can be used in any microwave, all while retaining the crispy crust pizza was meant to have!

Storing Your Leftover Pizza is as Easy as Pie!

PIE-POD is Home for Your Leftover Pizza Slices

 BUY the PIE 


 Prices below were taken from a store ad displayed at a local well known grocery store

BUY the PIE and Save

 Be Prepared if There is Another Wave 🦠

With PIE-POD There are No More Soggy Leftovers

Sample List of Rewards (* 🍕 Pizza Slices Not Included)

Early backers get heavy discounts!



 Sample Add-ons

*See Reward and Add-ons section for updated shipping locations

Domestic and International Shipping




Domestic Shipping

Shipping rates below are current estimates based on our discounted and contracted rates with various shipping companies.  Exact shipping fees will be calculated based on reward and add on items and shipping destination.  PIE-POD will be subsidizing some of the shipping costs during this campaign.

Shipping cost for: PIE-POD Double Decker, MEGA Quad-POD, and MEGA Quad-POD Pro 


Shipping Cost for: Octopod and Octopod Pro 


Adding multiple items will lower shipping cost per item.  For example, two Octopod Pros (2 cooler bags, 2 crisper pans, 2 lids, and 6 stacker inserts will have a shipping estimate of ~$25 not ~$30

International Shipping 

Shipping cost for: PIE-POD Double Decker


Shipping cost for PIE-POD MEGA Quad-POD


International Shipping costs increase rapidly over 2 lbs / 0.9 kg.

*All country tax and duty must be paid by buyer when goods are received.

If you wish to back us and would like an estimate of your specific international shipping rate based on the rewards you would like to back us on, send us a message and will will calculate our best estimate.


Our Story 

Saving Pizza One Slice at a Time

Nearly every Sunday evening, Seth and his son Caleb, the founders and inventors of PIE-POD, would go to meet their friends  for dinner at Pizzeria Osteria Acqua E Farina in Ft Lauderdale, Florida.  Even though "Osteria" was over 30 minutes drive away,  the wood-fired brick oven Veggie pizza was out of this world and always made the 30 minute drive well worth it.

Sometimes if their friends were not around to join them for dinner, Seth and Caleb would make the drive to Osteria just to get a few Veggie pizza pies to-go, because they were so good! Every time, without fail, they would eat an entire Veggie pizza pie in the car while driving home.

Local commercial fast food pizza was no comparison to the fresh authentic wood-fired brick oven pizza from Osteria Acqua E Farina.

Seth and Caleb began ordering extra pizza pies, so they could take the fresh brick-oven wood-fired pizza home and enjoy them any time.

Once home they would place the whole pizza into a large clean plastic bag and then place the bag into the freezer.

Caleb would come home from school and grab a pizza slice from the freezer.  This entailed breaking off a frozen pizza slice from the pie and then putting it into a toaster oven for 15-20 minutes.  This is not something anyone wants to do when they are ravenous.

Leftover pizza slices were never an option for Seth to bring to work at the hospital ER since the break rooms only have microwave ovens for reheating food and we all know  pizza reheated in the microwave simply sucks to put it lightly... Until now that is!

A Pepperoni Pie right out of the Brick Oven

We Never Make it Out of the Parking Lot Without Eating at Least One of the Veggie Pizza Pies

Four Brick Oven Veggie Pizza Pies to Load Up and Save in Our PIE-PODS

 From Pizzeria to PIE-PODS.  This is How We Do It!



Slice It

If your pizza is not sliced already, go ahead and slice your pie.  PIE-POD was designed to fit a standard large/extra large Northeast style pizza. 

Slice It

Stack It

 After you place a pizza slice on the Crisper pan, add a PIE-POD stacker insert and than another pizza slice.  Add as many stacker inserts as you have leftover pizza slices.   Once you have added your last slice, top it off with the transparent lid.

Stack It

Stack It

 Save  It  

Place your loaded PIE-POD in the freezer or refrigerator for consumption later 


Freeze IT

 When you are ready for your leftover pizza, take It with you in a PIE-POD Pizza Travel Tote 

 Keep your pizza hot and your beverages cold.  Store up to four pizza slices in the top insulated compartment and up to six 12oz beverages in the bottom insulated compartment of a PIE-POD Travel Tote.  The Tote can be used for anything.  It's not just for pizza.

 Reheating your pizza slice

It doesn't matter if you are at work, school, or home.  When you are ready to enjoy your Brick Oven style pizza slice, simply reheat it in a Microwave or Toaster (*Do Not Exceed 450'F in a toaster oven)


 Thaw It 

If your PIE-POD pizza was frozen, first thaw it out.

Thaw Slice if Frozen Before Crisping in Microwave

Heat It

Next, preheat the PIE-POD crisper pan in the microwave on high for 3 minutes.  If you have a turntable in the microwave, use it.  Make sure the edge of the crisper pan does not touch the side walls of the microwave and that ,there is no other metal in the microwave.

Preheat PIE-POD Crisper Pan without pizza on high for 3 minutes

After preheating the PIE-POD Crisper Pan for 3 minutes, carefully and without touching the pan, add your leftover pizza slice.  Heat pizza and crisper pan for an additional 30-45 seconds on high. 

Add pizza slice to crisper pan

Heat It on high for an additional 30 - 45 seconds

 Crisp It

 The crisping has now begun!


 Once the 30-45 seconds has passed, allow the pizza slice to remain on the crisper pan until the pan cools down, ~1-2 minutes.  During this cool down process the pizza crust will continue to crisp.  * WARNING *Always use a pan grabber or oven mitt when handling the  heated crisper pan.

Crisp It by Leaving Pizza Slice on Crisper Pan for 1-2 Minutes after as Hot Pan Cools Down

Eat It

Once the pizza slice has been given a chance to cool down, Eat It and enjoy your brick oven style pizza slice right out of your microwave oven.  

Eat It

Wash It

 All PIE-POD parts are top shelf dishwasher safe.

The crisper pan, with its non-stick coating, the stacker insert, and lid,  can also easily be cleansed with soap and water.

Store It

Once cleaned, the PIE-POD can be stacked and stored for its next use.

 START with Leftover Pizza 


FINISH with a Loaded PIE-POD


PIE-POD Crisper Pans are Not Just for Reheating and Crisping Pizza!


 Our Crisper Pans Heat Up in The Microwave So Hot - You Can Even Fry an Egg On It!


  Crispy Crust Just Like it Was Meant to Be

Re-Crisp Your French Fries or Potato Wedges

Golden Waffles


 Crispy Turkey Bacon


 Now You Can Eat Brick Oven Like Pizza, Anywhere there is a Microwave Oven. 

Anywhere There Is a Microwave Oven

 Product Specifications


Dishwasher Safe

  • Crisper Pan
  • Stacker Insert
  • Transparent Lid

Conventional Oven Safe to 450'F on Bake* (No Open Flames)

  • Crisper Pan

Microwave Safe

  • Crisper Pan

Freezer Safe

  • Crisper Pan
  • Stacker Insert
  • Transparent Lid




To avoid damage:

  • Do not allow the crisper pan to touch the inside cavity walls or ceiling of your microwave.
  • Do not use another metal object with the crisper pan.
  • Do not place hot crisper pan directly on heat- sensitive surfaces.

 Product Comparison 

See How PIE-POD Stacks up to the Competition

How We Got Started

It All Started as an Inventors Challenge on the TV Show Make48,  March 2020.  One month prior to the Pandemic, Seth and Caleb were contestants on Make48 being filmed in Kansas City and were given the challenge of creating a product in the category Storage Solutions.

The Challenge  

Types of Storage

  • Under the sink
  • In the garage
  • In the fridge
  • In the Cabinet

Judging Criteria

  • It must be a physical product suitable for mass market or commercial use
  • Suggested retail for base product should be $19.99 - $49.99
  • The product must solve a legitimate problem
  • The product must distinguish itself from the competition

While brainstorming in a hotel room, Caleb age 9, said “We have a problem storing our pizza pies at home.  Pizza Storage, Dad. Let’s do Pizza storage!”


                                                        Filming of Make48 Season 4

Delays in Production secondary to Covid Pandemic


PIE-POD Timeline


Technical Drawings

First Concept and Making of PIE-POD

 PRUSA 3D Printer and Autodesk Fusion 360 

The lineup

First Run Pizza Tote

PIE-POD Pan Graber


About Us

Why we Need Your Help

We need your help to get a PIE-POD into every home.

We are raising money for our first official production run.  PIE-POD requires four molds for the Crisper Pan, two molds for the Stacker Inserts, and three molds for the Transparent PIE-POD lids.  In 2021 we produced  500 units to test our first product and showcased them at the International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas.  We made corrections to the molds and created a new hard transparent lid to replace the soft TPU polymer lid. We tightened the fit around the silicone tabs.



                                                    PIE-POD International Pizza Expo Trailer

We sold out of 500 PIE-POD units at The International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas in less than 36 hours, even with an overall attendance of less than 50% of the normal attendance secondary to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Proud Supporters of PIE-POD

We need your help to cover the cost of our first Kickstarter production run of 1500 PIE-POD units and 500 units of our custom PIE-POD bags.

Presale of PIE-POD Pizza Crisper & Storage containers will allow us to pay the balance of our purchase order and help with the deposit for a larger order with the hopes getting PIE-POD Pizza Crisper and Storage devices into everyone's home and into the big box retailers.

PIE-POD will help save the environment by preventing unnecessary waste of plastic wrap, plastic bags, and foil.  It will prevent the wasteful disposal of left over pizza slice that end up in a garbage bin.  PIE-PODs are reusable and easy to clean.  Now you can save money by buying pizza by the pie, not by the slice.

Most importantly,  

No Slice Left Behind!


Please Share Our Mission With Your Friends, Family, Coworkers, and Colleagues!






We hope you enjoy using your new PIE-POD as much as we do.

To your next slice.  May it be your best slice


 Now It's Time to Make Some Pizza