PIE-POD™ 🍕 The Ultimate Pizza Reheating & Storage Solution

Reaching temperatures of ~ 400'F, PIE-POD is like turning your microwave into a brick oven for reheating leftover pizza!

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Seth M.
Seth M.
Sep 9, 2022

Most people eat cold pizza because they have to, not because they want to.  It's convenient and often there is no time available  to use,  or access to conventional ovens, air-fryers, or skillets. Most people choose cold over microwaved pizza because microwave pizza is soggy, chewy,  and doesn't taste very good.  That is until now thanks to PIE-POD.

Ziplock Storage Bags on Walmart cost $4.32 for 20 one-gallon bags.  So that's $8.64 for 40 bags.  Assuming 8 slices per pie, thats 5 pies assuming one slice per ziplock bag saved.  A PIE-POD MEGA Quad-POD is $44 and can hold 4 slices but also serves to crisp your leftovers and that cannot be done in a plastic bag,  If you were to eat pizza once per week and had 4 left over slices to save each week, it would take 10 weeks to save 40 pizza slices.  Since $44, the price of a PIE-POD MEGA Quad-Pod, is approximately 5 x $8.64 (cost of 40 bags), you would essentially pay off the cost of the PIE-POD in 50 weeks,  <1 year and over that 50 week period you would have saved the environment by not throwing out 200 one gallon plastic bags.  Additionally year 2 would save you $44 and so on.  You would not have to clean an extra plate every time.  Most importantly if you take pizza to work, school, or somewhere else that only has a microwave, you would not have had a crispy leftover pizza slice.  It's a no brainer! It's like any other investment, but the real ultimate reward is crispy leftover pizza slices using a microwave!  If you buy an additional crisper pan as an add-on, while one pizza slice is crisping in the microwave oven, the other is cooling a pizza slice for consumption.  Placing two metal objects in the microwave at same time can cause arcing and can damage the microwave so its best to get two crisper pans and alternate their use.

ron w.
ron w.
Sep 9, 2022

i see room for improvement from a cold pizza lover