Demoster Beyond the Traditional Knife

Interduce our first hardest and a class of steels that hold their sharpness “forever” and are almost impossible to dull

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Rafi Junaid is back with another great knife! We think it's worth checking out! 

almost 2 years ago

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Karen Y.
Karen Y.
Jul 14, 2022

For knife collectors

Samina C.
Samina C.
May 30, 2022

Sharp and beautiful knife 

Steph L.
Steph L.
May 26, 2022

Practical indeed. But in my mind, a knife's a knife…

Daniel C.
Daniel C.
May 23, 2022

Always good to have a sharp knife for camping,fishing ect.

David F.
David F.
May 22, 2022

Very cool design. Intriguing is the part about almost impossible to dull them

May 18, 2022

`unique knife “collectible ”

adam a.
adam a.
May 16, 2022

Okay, this looks pretty cool.

Campaign Info

Our first 2 projects Penlik V10 folding knife and Ibrav D2 kitchen knives are made more than 1000 % pledge success on KICKSTARTER and we are very happy to receive positive comments from backers.

Today I am here to interduce Demoster Bushcraft knife our first hardest and a class of steels that hold their sharpness “forever” and are almost impossible to dull.


You might have heard the term, "Bushcraft knife" especially if you hang around knife enthusiasts, campers or adventure junkies. Demoster knife is one of the most important tools you need when you are all out on a bushcraft trip or wild camping expedition. If you suddenly find yourself in a dangerous situation in the wild, a demoster knife could be of immense help. As small as it may look, Demoster is a major life saver! Apart from using to cut sticks, build fires, gut a fish or construct shelters, it is a great tool for self-defence. This shows how important it is to have a knife on you everywhere in the wild.

I have always loved the idea of exploring the wildfire with my friends right from my teenage years. My passion for bushcraft is still as wild as ever. Over the years, I have had my own fair share of adventures, discoveries, dangers and challenges in the wild. Based on my bitter-sweet experiences, I have come to the conclusion that you need a knife on you as much as you need friends around you.

Today, it doesn't come as a surprise that I am dealing in bushcraft knives. Beyond the traditional uses of Bushcraft knives, I have personally or in the company of my friends experimented with bushcraft knives and found out other interesting things to do with the knife. Apart from using your knife to cut wood for fire or build shelters, I and my friends used our bushcraft knife to trim and chop a log of wood into feather sticks which we later used to kindle a fire in the wild.  We realized these feather sticks sliced out of a wood can be used in place of newspapers. Whenever it got so frosty and chilly in the wild, we often resorted to kindling fire to keep ourselves warm.

With respect to my not-so-good experiences in the wild while using knives, I have learnt some safety tips the hard way. I have learnt to keep my knife in a safe sheath when not using it. It's also a foolhardy risk to grab a falling blade. Neither should you run with your knife. Your knife and first aid kit go hand in hand. 

When choosing the best knife to buy, you need to consider the following factors: price, blade design, mental choice, handle design and sheath that we offer now in Demoster M390 knfe.

My greatest goal is to provide premium Demoster knife materials and services at a highly competitive rate without sacrificing quality. Much as I have great ideas for the  knives business, raising enough capital to get started from my own. It keeps the business alive and active. To get started in my Demoster knife line, I would need roughly 4,000 Euros to get the first orders of Demoster M390 knives and pay for other equipment.

Demoster Specs

Our Processing Steps

First step to make the Demoster knife is collecting the raw material from our trusted steel company that found in Brescia, put into the water jet cnc machine to cut in the precision size, we are using this machine because is safe to operate and reducing wasting a steel to impact on final price and second thing is using water jet because 

steel will not heat during cutting.

  • sanding the blade until thickness is 4mm
  • Belt grinding to achieve sabre grind on the blade
  • Hand sanding until all scratch is gone

  • Handle assemble with a&b epoxy with titanium rivets.
  • One handmade mosaic rivet insert in the middle of handle
  • Sanding the handle to achieve a comfortable fit for hands


Leather Sheath

Leather sheath is important when you carrying a bushcraft knives above all when not using it. So only on Kickstarter we offering 100% cow leather sheath totally handmade and hand stitched. Our sheath design is unique because with this sheath you can carry your Demoster knife vertically & horizontally side into belt.

Here is the back side where you can see,

 Blade Steel

After all research and testing the materials we choose two stainless steel that's performed our expectation first one is M390 and second is Elmax these are the premium steel in the knife industry.

Here is little comparison.

 So we decided to make our first fixed blade full tang Demoster knife with M390 here is why,

  • High Wear Resistance

This means an M390 knife is very tough and durable, with a high EDGE Retention or strength, that’s why it’s qualified as a Premium knife, thanks to its ability to hold sharpness for a long time.

  • High Corrosion Resistance

If you ever been hunting or camping, you know your knife will be humid in a way or another (while cutting the meat or acidic fruits like lemon), having a high corrosion resistance is what you need to avoid ending up with a rusty knife.

The M390 steel offer this Quality, again it what’s make an Demoster M390 knife Premium and worth to buy

  •  High Mirror finish Polishability 
  • High Toughness

High tough steel will grant your knife the resistance needed to go through your daily usage, especially while camping, a tough Knife is always needed (you may use it like a can opener or a small hammer… and other hard outdoor usages that results in beating, twisting, bending…).

  • Excellent Grindability

If you’re a fan of the Knife GRINDER/Belt sander, according to BOHLER the M390 Steel is perfectly grindable, but let’s not forget, if the steel is perfect for grinding with a machine tool, it doesn’t mean it’s easy to sharpen with a sharpening stone. But when it's sharp held edge a long time.

Ether you are a pro or an amateur in knives, you already heard of this rule:  High edge retention = High strength = Hard to sharpen, so sharpening an M390 knife won’t be a perfect experience as grinding it.

Handle Materials

We offer in 3 material in handle so our back can personalize there Demoster as wish.

  • Micarta

Micarta industrial laminate sheet is a hard, dense material made by applying heat and pressure to layers of prepreg. These layers of lamination consist of cotton fabrics, synthetic yarn fabrics, glass fabrics. Heat and pressure are applied to the layers, a chemical reaction (polymerization) transforms the layers into a high-pressure thermosetting industrial laminated plastic.

  • Carbon Fiber

Composed of carbon fiber, resin and luminous powder. It could glow green or blue light in the dark after being exposure to strong light.
   Performance will not be infiltrated by water vapor and liquid, with good insulation, acid and alkali resistant properties.




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