CheerTok: All-in-one Pocket Touchpad for Any Smart Devices

Control all smart devices wirelessly with customizable shortcuts. This iPod-sized touchpad makes your daily life easy and fun!

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Karen Y.
Karen Y.
Jul 14, 2022

Looks like a recorder, seems like it'd be useful

Maxx M.
Maxx M.
Mar 25, 2022

Wonderful products

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How would you like the power to conveniently control all your smart devices with a single hand? With CheerTok, you can! This powerful pocket touchpad can be used as an air mouse, touchpad, presenter, laser pointer, and more. Take it with you anywhere - for business meetings, live streaming, selfies, and more. CheerTok is the perfect remote control for any screen! And with customizable shortcuts, CheerTok elevates screen-control to a new level, freeing your hands and saving you time! This single compact controller satisfies all your needs for work and entertainment, streamlining your daily life with convenience and fun!



With just one touch, CheerTok can control all smart devices wirelessly, combining the functions of a wireless mouse, touchpad, laser presenter and shortcut generator. Its universal compatibility supports Mac, Windows, tablets, smartphones, smart TVs and even vehicle screens. Control them all without being stuck within arm’s reach of your screens!


Every good presenter has a key goal in mind - to engage their audience. The last thing you want when you are doing a presentation is a bored, uninterested audience! With CheerTok, you never need to worry about that. The built-in laser pointer allows you to make your points clear while maintaining everyone’s attention and keeping the meeting lively!

The ability to easily control your slides and keep things moving along is essential to any good presentation. When used as a wireless presenter tool, CheerTok lets you maintain control of the slides from anywhere in the room so that you can move away from the screen and engage with your audience. Scroll, click, point, or zoom in and out, your presentation will be exceptionally appealing and easy with CheerTok navigating the way.


Home should be the most comfortable place to be. With CheerTok in hand, your home entertainment will be even more fun and easy! Sit away from your screens, where it’s more comfortable and upgrade to a smarter, more useful remote control. Cast videos to your projector, laptop, or TV and let CheerTok control your devices: open, close, fast-forward, rewind, volume up, volume down, control everything with ease. You can do this even tucked in your blanket!

Have you dreamed about lying on the couch and doing nothing the whole day? CheerTok is here to make that dream come true! While replacing your TV remote, CheerTok can also control any device seamlessly! 

Prefer to be an active person? That's no problem! Anything you need when following along to a workout video is at your fingertips. Customize shortcuts to combine your daily sets and reps and resting time, and let CheerTok pause and play for you automatically. 

Content creation can be fun, but also a hassle. When you are trying to get that perfect TikTok routine, shooting short videos or live-streaming, you often have to run back and forth to control your devices. Now, thanks to CheerTok, you can put all your focus on content creation itself instead of tedious and time-consuming trips between devices! 

Do more using CheerTok. Scroll to choose your favorite filter, click to start, and focus on creating any content you want away from the screen. Wishing to share it with your friends or followers? Customize a shortcut so that you can use a single click to share instantly!


One Press, Endless Fun

What’s new on TikTok today? Let’s create a shortcut to find out! Without doing infinite scrolling by hand, CheerTok can play the latest TikTok videos for you, it can even be programmed to LIKE each video!

Let’s Take Selfies, Hands-Free!

Whether alone or gathered with friends, there are always occasions where you need a selfie, to capture a precious moment. However, it’s not always convenient to control your phone if you want to take a selfie from afar. Thanks to CheerTok, you can easily create a shortcut to take one or multiple pictures for you, and share them on social media!


Leave Boring Works to CheerTok

How about focusing on the fun and letting CheerTok’s shortcuts handle the boring stuff? Read any E-book with your hands-free! CheerTok will take over the page-flipping work so you can just sit back and enjoy your book.

How To Create Shortcuts?

Just like shortcuts on iPhone, CheerTok shortcuts can perform one action or a series of actions on your smart devices. Once you finish creating the action sequence, you simply click the side button to let CheerTok perform repetitive tasks for you: click once, and it will perform the action once; click twice, and it will continue the action non-stop! See how to customize your shortcut below with our demo video.

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Pack It In Your Pocket, and GO!

Weighing only 40 grams, CheerTok is super lightweight and portable. Put it in your pocket and you can control smart devices up to 10 meters away anywhere you go!

One Charge Lasts Up To 20 Days

Despite its small size, CheerTok has great battery life. With just one charge, you can use CheerTok for 20 days. No need to worry about running out of power during an important presentation or live-streaming. Using a USB Type-C port, it can be fully recharged within just 1.5 hours.

With a smooth and compact body, CheerTok is designed for ergonomic comfort. Small and sleek, this portable mouse fits perfectly in your hand, allowing you to hold it in a relaxed way that reduces the risk of joint pain and soreness that results from using a typical mouse.

In addition to its ergonomic good looks, CheerTok is also practical. This small air mouse can be securely packed into a special case that also acts as a phone stand for convenient use anywhere you want!

CheerTok is compatible with all iOS & Android & Windows & macOS computers, tablets, smartphones, smart TVs, and even your vehicle screens (Android system only).  However, on each system, the gestures might vary a bit, see the detailed instructions below.

See some of the gestures done in the demo video below.

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 Funded with more than $500,000 with 9000+ backers, our first-generation Cheerpod campaign received great success!

Confused about which one to choose? See the comparison below to help your decision!


If you wish to get more than one CheerTok for you and your friends or family, go to "add-on" and you can add as many CheerTok as you like there, also at a discounted price! 



Every great product is from a small idea to a fully dedicated design and to the delivery of that idea. CheerTok is no exception. From sketch to a fully functional product, we have devoted ourselves to making the best tech product, pushing limits of technology and innovation.


CheerTok has completed the process of obtaining IEC 60825-1:2014 product classification, which is applicable to the safety of laser products emitting laser radiation in the wavelength range 180 mm to 1 mm. The test was done in February 2022, and the test result shows that CheerTok is tested as a class 3R laser product according to IEC 60825-1:2014 standard. 

CheerTok has also applied for U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval with product classification of RFO, defined as Ir Free-Space Data Transmit Control Laser. Currently, FDA has confirmed the receipt of the application and any further updated information will be updated both on the project description and our updates.

The estimated shipping time is in May, and we will make sure the sequence of shipping will be followed by backer numbers. To ensure an efficient shipping process, we have already confirmed with our shipping partners that the packages will be estimated to be delivered in 10-15 days. 

Shipping will be calculated and paid for just before we ship out our product to you. This keeps costs down since we will know how many units we are sending to each shipping zone after the campaign ends.

CheerTok is light enough to keep shipping costs to a minimum and we are working hard to provide you with the best possible rates, especially during this challenging COVID19 time. You will find below our first shipping costs estimations.



After the campaign ends, you will receive an email (and multiple follow-ups if needed) to select your final order choices and pay the shipping costs. If you have chosen multiple add-ons, the final shipping costs might rise $1-$3 because of the excessive weight. 

Each order will ship to only one location. There will be no split orders even for the largest shipments including multiple sets. So if you buy for friends you will need to pick one location that works for everyone.

Due to the customs policy of different countries, we cannot guarantee if there is no tax for you. For EU countries, due to new changes to the eCommerce tax regulations for purchases, there is a chance you might be taxed. But we’ll try our best to declare a comparatively reasonable value for the product. 

CheerDots aims to change the world with the power of technology. Although we have years of experience in the field, we are a young and energetic team of tech geeks laser-focused on creating innovative ways to interact with the essential devices we use for work, learning and fun. Our products increase productivity and add convenience to daily life. With your support, we can bring CheerTok to the world and provide the ultimate portable solution for go-anywhere device control.