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Dress your front door for all seasons

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Karen Y.
Karen Y.
Jul 14, 2022

Looks cool (makes me think of movies)

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 Create a front door that reflects your personality with Chameleon, our innovative door knocker system. Hand-made at our North Yorkshire foundry, you can customise your door to reflect the seasons, your interests or your mood. Simply change the head of the knocker without having to unscrew and refit a completely new knocker and - ta-da!- the entrance to your home has transformed in a matter of minutes.

 We adapt our homes to suit our tastes and interests and tweak them for the seasons, but the one thing that stays the same is our front door. Until now. 

We live in Yorkshire, surrounded by the nature that inspired our first project: unique artisan door handles made in our Yorkshire Foundry. From pine cones to runner beans, chilis to broccoli, our door handles have added style and personality to furniture across the globe, from the UK to the USA and beyond. With Chameleon, our interchangeable door knocker system, we'll transform front doors and the way that people think about them. 

Not only does it solve the problem of how to hang your Christmas wreath, but also the decorations you adorn your door with at Easter, summer or during the autumn months. Wreaths aside, we have a range of knockers featuring wild animals and popular pets, as well as a jolly Santa, a spring hare and something ghoulish for Halloween. 

 All our door knockers are designed in Yorkshire and made in Yorkshire. From the outset we wanted to keep the supply chain short, and where possible local to Yorkshire. First, the heads are sculpted using digital sculpting software, we then create a wax model using our start-of-the-art high definition 3D wax printer. Each head is individually printed in wax, there is no other way to get that sort of detail and complex geometry into metal. That wax pattern is then put through the lost-wax process, one of the oldest known metal-forming techniques, to turn the model into the Aluminium Bronze head, a perfect marriage of new and old. 

As well as the unique functionality, what sets our door knockers apart is their collectability. Although you may start with one, you'll soon find yourself wondering what it would be like to come home to a bear on the front door, or how much your family would love having Santa greet them during December. Perfect for gifting, our range of interchangeable door knockers adapts to you and your home. Not only are they quick to change but secure too.  

Living in the countryside, we know and love the value nature brings to our day to day lives. It's also the best designer and has inspired the vast majority of our designs, whether it's a cunning fox or a beloved dog. We also have seasonal door knockers to help get you in the mood, from an Easter bunny to a skull for Halloween or Santa during the festive period. 

 All our door knockers are made using AB2, also known as Aluminium Bronze, a material commonly used in the marine industry for its fantastic wear and corrosion-resistant properties. We want you to have the confidence that we made your door knocker to survive whatever the weather throws at it and will still look amazing sitting on your door for years to come. Each component is built and should last a lifetime.

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 Interchangeable door knocker system. Ben, our engineering director, came up with the idea to create an interchangeable knocker around July of 2021. Below are some early sketches of his thoughts.

Choice. Once the concept of interchangeability of heads on a common system took root, the possibilities really started to open up and by the end of Autumn, we were rushing to create a Devil and a Santa for Halloween and Christmas. The more prototype heads we posted on social media, the more feedback we got, the more ideas came in and the more confidence grew in our concept and the product we were creating.

The wreath holder. Christmas of 2021 is when we came up with our idea and design for our wreath holder. We love to see wreath decorations on doors at Christmas time. We always thought they looked like an afterthought, using nails, wire, a string over the top of the door, or hanging out of a letterbox and often rendering the existing door knocker useless. We found they were mounted with a nail in the door or some elaborate string system, every time crashing into the door knocker. We were also saddened to see reports of wreath theft on social media. Our interchangeable door knocker system has allowed us to design something to hold almost any wreath securely that can be put onto the door (with or without the knocker, your choice) for as long as your wreath is in season. This has been tested in numerous locations with so far 100% success!

The heads. Starting in 2022, we began to generate new design ideas so that we had an excellent selection to choose from at launch. If we are successful, we plan to bring out more and more options. Each will fit our interchangeable door knocker system. 

 Good design is subjective but we think Dieter Rams captured it best with his 10 principles of good design:

  1. Good design is innovative
  2. Good design makes a product useful
  3. Good design is aesthetic
  4. Good design makes a product understandable
  5. Good design is unobtrusive
  6. Good design is honest
  7. Good design is long-lasting
  8. Good design is thorough down to the last detail
  9. Good design is environmentally-friendly
  10. Good design is as little design as possible

                            Rob                                        Paul                                       Ben

Our products are handmade by a small team of artisan foundrymen in a small market town on the edge of the picturesque North York Moors National Park. We make our products for function, form and positive impact.

We want to create products that you will love.

  • Ben is our director of engineering with 20+ years of experience. He manages the design and manufacturing of our products at Sylatech ltd, our partner foundry.
  • Rob is our managing director. He handles the business responsibilities. His background in law makes him especially suitable for handling all the paperwork that comes with it.
  • Paul is our creative director. He was responsible for creating all the visual content for the brand, his years of experience as a videographer shine through his work.

We partnered with Sylatech in Kirbymoorside, Yorkshire. Sylatech is an aerospace-certified foundry working for clients like Aston Martin, Bentley, Saab, Thales, Airbus, and Yorkshire Foundry!

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We will update all our supporters by email as soon as the campaign closes and explain how you can select your heads.

If we are successful, we will use the money to make the hard tools for the fixings and wreath holder that come as part of the starter kit. This reduces the manufacturing time and cost making the whole project viable.

The heads will continue to be printed in wax. We will be able to offer the door knocker system starter kits via Kickstarter with all the heads above. If we hit our stretch goal, we will be able to develop different head designs. We want our backers, YOU, to help us decide what those heads could be. 

We will update all our supporters by email as soon as the campaign closes and explain how you can select your heads and suggest new head designs.