TIKTAALIK MIC+ : All-round wireless microphone

TIKTAALIK mic+ is your solution for hassle-free high quality recording. Anywhere, anytime. ⚫ 48bps 16bit Hi-Fi quality sound recording ⚫ Only 30 minutes to charge 80% ⚫ 10-hour battery life ⚫ 20 meters transmission distance

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Karen Y.
Jul 14, 2022

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Mic+, is a miniature Bluetooth stereo microphone packed with a variety of functions that you have never seen before. It supports real-time stereo sound and two-types of smartphone OSs: Android and IOS, providing extra special features. The Mic+ is capable of 48kHz true stereo recording in any environment, and its weightless and simple-yet-sturdy design frees both hands enabling clearer high quality recording. Bluetooth 5.0 is applied preventing dropout even at long distances and its wide variety of functions such as TX/RX mode, etc. offers features that take it way beyond being a simple mic.


Portable small wireless microphone systems are essential tools for everyone who creates videos. Mic+ is the smallest and lightest system, but because it provides professional quality sounds, it is ideal for professionals such as instructors, journalists, vloggers, YouTube creators, and singers, as well as content creators who need wireless systems.

We are living in a video platform-era; YouTube, Twitch, Zoom, etc. Even if you’re not a professional streamer, uploading and sharing video clips of daily life have become the new normal. And ‘Vlog’ is part of this. In order to record this video content, a camera is a basic and a mic is a ‘must have’. Ordinary mics are prohibitively expensive but even so are inconvenient to install. Therefore, we recommend Mic+. It’s economical and easy to use for a wide variety of platforms.


A. 48bps 16-bit Hi-Fi sound recording with TIKTAALIK Mic+

B. Clearer and more stable voice recording. 

The Tiktaalik Mic+ is a very small, lightweight, and professional sound-providing wireless microphone system that allows 48bps 16-bit hi-fi sound recording, allowing clearer voice recording. It's a small but perfect-seeking product that will help you smoothly perform your recording activities.


A. High-quality recording is possible with an 8mm condenser microphone module.

The Mic+ equipped with high-quality condenser modules is a state-of-the-art noise reduction feature that excludes noise as much as possible and allows you to record clean voices even during rough outdoor activities. In addition, high, medium, and low notes are neatly received in a wide frequency band to capture small or high voice sounds clear. You can record sounds such as ASMR, vocals, rap, vocal music, and musical instruments that can be recorded as realistically as possible.


What is TW(dual) mode?

By Bluetooth connecting 2 Mic+ products into one smartphone and by using its exclusive application “Mic+” you can use both mics simultaneously offering you increased versatility in interviews, streaming, etc.


How to use TW mode

Step. 1) Connect one Mic+ to the smartphone you are using through Bluetooth pairing.

Step. 2) Connect another Mic+ to the smartphone in the same way.

Step. 3) After checking that both Mic+ products are connected on the Mic + application, use the application to record voice or video.

Please note, the availability of Bluetooth pairing depends on your smartphone model.


A. Size of a finger and ultra-lightweight.

B. Minimal weight and excellent for use indoors and outdoors.

The Tiktaalik Mic+ is a small Bluetooth wireless microphone that has a built-in microphone with excellent sound that can fully capture your audio. It is very small and light in size for maximum portability and usability. With a length of only 7cm and a weight of 18g, it is small enough to fit it in a shirt or pocket, can be used for multiple purposes such that it can be placed on a platform or table, and can also be handheld. 


A. High-efficiency battery technology is applied to record a little longer and clearer.

Charges 80% of the battery in 30 minutes. The built-in lithium battery can be used for up to 10 hours if fully charged with the included charging cable, and the USB-C port can be used to power or charge the product with a portable USB battery charger. 


A. Easy to shoot long distances without sound loss even for outdoor activities such as camping and sports YouTube content.

Mic+ has a maximum distance of 20m for free shooting and recording. It can also be used without restrictions for outdoor and high-activity projects.


A. You can record your voice solely with the noise removal function.

B. Noise reduction function provides clear voice audio.

In general, as the distance between the subject to be filmed and the filming device increases, the voice of the subject is not captured well in the video, and often only the unnecessary surrounding sounds are recorded. There are existing wireless microphone products that can solve this phenomenon, but most of them are expensive or can only be used on specific filming devices.


A. Busking, lectures, karaoke.

B. Playing with TIKTAALIK Mic+

Speaker mode is a function that moves the switch to the MIC and activates it, and when the Bluetooth speaker is powered on and left in pairing mode, the TIKTAALIK Mic+ is directly connected within a minute. In this state, the microphone and speaker are connected and can be used as a louder speaker, which can be used immediately for busking or lectures. 


TX mode - Bluetooth transmitter mode

It allows wired products to be used as wireless Bluetooth products. For example, if you connect to a TV that does not have a Bluetooth function, the TV can be changed to be connectable via Bluetooth. After connecting the product to the TV, pair the wireless earphones or headphones to the TIKTALLIK Mic+. As for the pairing method, move the Mic+ switch to TX mode and press the MF key for 4 seconds. If that happens, you will enter the pairing mode, and after that, if you set your earphones or phone to pairing mode, it will be connected within a minute. You can listen to the sound through your earphones or phone while looking at the screen of the TV. It can be used on TVs, on-plane screens, and treadmill screens. 

RX mode - Bluetooth receiver mode.

Bluetooth functions can be made available for cars and speakers that are not Bluetooth-enabled. Connect the TIKTAALIK Mic+ to the 3.5 pi IN of the vehicle. Move to Rx mode and press the MF key for 4 seconds. Check and connect TIKTAALIK Mic+ on the Bluetooth connection of your smartphone. When you play music on your smartphone, the music plays in the connected vehicle. Likewise, when you connect to a regular speaker, you can play music on your smartphone. The main use is for old cars and 5.1 channel sound systems at home. It can be also used with a regular speaker.


A. If you have Bluetooth devices such as cameras, laptops, and cars, you can connect them.

From Android smartphones and tablets to the latest Apple Mac computers and Windows PCs, Chromebooks, the latest iPad Pro tablets, as well as all products with Bluetooth 5.0 technology, such as cars and cameras, are all compatible.


Some wireless microphones are complex to operate and require detailed knowledge of menus and settings, but mic+  is technically advanced for convenient use. All you have to do is simply turn on the power. Thanks to simple Bluetooth pairing, Mic+ helps you focus on recording and get better results.


Many products are adding Bluetooth functions. It's not the old wireless function, and battery technology has also developed dramatically. Just looking at earphones as a similar product class, wireless is now the trend. Of course, wireless microphone technology has also developed. Mic+ has a faster response speed and a Bluetooth connection range of about 20m with 5.0 Bluetooth, allowing faster recording as it can be paired quickly without interruption even in various environments.


It is a non-directional small microphone, which can be connected immediately and recorded without the need for cumbersome direction control 


1. Microphone response test & product noise sampling adjustment settings

2. Tuning sound balance test

3. Microphone maximum and minimum output and input setting test, audio output and input response speed test, audio maximum sampling setting



Mic+ has a dedicated application, so it is fast and convenient to use. It increases usability by supporting various functions such as 4K shooting, image quality setting, and filter application. There are also two versions, Android and iOS, allowing anyone to install it.


  • Adjusting the size of the recorded video - Up to 4K.
  • Adjusting the frame. 30/60 frames.
  • Noise reduction function on/off.
  • Filter function.

After activating the application on the smartphone, connect TIKTAALIK Mic+.

After connecting, you can use it immediately by pressing the record button after adjusting the settings. (Other microphones cannot be connected.)




Bluetooth microphones are not as expensive as you think. Video production has become the domain of the general public thanks to YouTube and SNS, but by comparison, the equipment is still expensive and professional. Voice is an indispensable area in video shooting, and voice transmission is an essential part of improving the overall quality of the video. Compared to the increased demand for microphones by video producers, most wireless pin microphones still rely on expensive foreign equipment or are relatively less portable. However, since the demand has increased, the price should be lowered. The reason why it was expensive until now is not that the technology of the wireless microphone is difficult, but because of the low demand, a small number of them were manufactured and sold at high prices. Now, record your voice with mic+.




TIKTAALIK Mic+ will be delivered by couriers FedEx, DHL, EMS, UPS to worldwide.

The pandemic period consistently affects chipset/panel components' availability. And the shipping costs have gone up significantly with battery products due to fewer sending channels. The above shipping cost is the estimated shipping cost for reference. We will work hard to make sure you get it safer and quicker.


* Prices do not cover customs taxes and VAT. That will be subject to individual country laws and regulations.

** Above list price in USD currency.