Lydsto H4: World’s First Self-Emptying Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Lydsto H4, the world’s first self-emptying stick vacuum cleaner with powerful suction capability, LED headlights, 60 minutes max battery runtime and multi-functional brushes for various occasions cleaning.

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Finding the right kind of tool can make cleaning the living space less dreadful, especially when it comes to a vacuum cleaner. A cordless stick vacuum cleaner can be ideal option for effort-saving cleaning and these days vacuums come in all shapes and sizes, packed with a variety of features. But we got it one step smarter. Introducing Lydsto H4, the world’s first self-emptying stick vacuum cleaner with powerful suction capability, LED headlights, 60 minutes max battery runtime and multi-functional brushes for various occasions cleaning.

Forget about dumping the collected content to trash each time you’ve done cleaning. Lydsto H4 doesn’t just clean your home. When it’s back to its charging base, it automatically transfers the dust and particles to the base dirt disposal bin where there’s an enclosed paper bag to be thrown out. The bag can hold up to one month of dirt, dust and debris so dust out of sight and hands free of mess thanks to the smart dirt disposal system.

A lot of vacuum cleaners need to be emptied manually. We know although designers intend to make the process as simple as possible, but imagine you have to empty the dustbin for several times while cleaning is taking place if it has smaller volume and there is too much dirt and debris on the carpets and floors. It may make you feel like a tedious and time-consuming job especially when you’re having busy schedules. What’s worse, the dirt that comes from the dust bin can expose to breathable air, which may be harmful to family members who are sensitive to pollen, molds, and other allergens.

Lydsto H4’s auto dirt disposal system offers an incredible hassle-free, time-saving cleaning solution. The patented self-emptying feature is engineered for truly clean air. Our AD3.0 Complete Seal Dust Collection Technology ensures the paper bag in the base bin is completely sealed, providing the greatest convenience and protection to family, keeping them out of the polluted air. When the 2.5L large bag is full, just drop it to the trash and replace with a new one. It’s very simple and clean enough.

Lydsto H4 works across wide range of floor types, from tiles, hard-wood to low pile carpets. The cordless design makes it easy to use, efficient and portable without worrying about cords get in the way. Assembly can be done in 5 minutes, just snap a few pieces together and you’re ready to go.

The Aeolus 1.0 Fengshen Dirt Removal System is equipped with the high-performance brushless motor to further optimize energy efficiency ratio, making it 25% more efficient than conventional vacuum cleaners on the market. The 1000W motor spins at 100,000 times a minute to provide up to 25kPa of vacuuming power. Debris, dusts, crumbs and pet hairs can be sucked up easily, leaving your floors spotlessly clean.

There’re three cleaning modes: Eco, Medium, Strong to offer wide range of force. Switch one button on the handle to adjust its suction levels among these three modes to meet your demands.

We know battery life matters. It can be very time-consuming if you have to pause and wait for a full charge before you can continue the cleaning. Lydsto H4’s built-in 8 pieces of 2500mAh 7S1P batteries allow up to 60 minutes run time, which is a sufficient time to get it done without any letup.

It is also equipped with 8-cone cyclone dust-gas separation technology to avoid clogging of the air ducts and drop in suction. Lydsto H4 uses practical 3-stage filtration system that can effectively filter 99.97% of dust, pollen, mold, bacteria, and any airborne particles with a size of 0.3 microns (µm). It consists of Cyclone Filtration, high density Sponge Filter and H12 HEPA Filtration and all of them can be washed. The filtration system and optimized dust pickup channel offer the ultimate purified air and excellent cleaning experience for every user.

They say the devil is in the details, and it's certainly true when it comes to cleaning. To ensure thorough cleaning, Lydsto H4 is built with LED headlights on the nozzle to reveal hard-to-see particles of dust and debris like under the bed, sofa, etc around your home.  

Since it’s a stick vacuum, you may hold it using only one hand with convenient access to hard-to-reach areas. Additionally, its advanced swivel steering offers rather flexible control, making it possible to go under furniture as well as tight corners. You can swivel sideways to capture dirt around table legs: 90° swivels sideways and 90° up and down.

To pick up the mess is far from perfect. Our designers have made the 3-in-1 integrated system to store, charge the vacuum cleaner and auto transfer the collected contents. It creates the most effective method by snapping the cleaner onto the vertical space, meanwhile, it doesn’t require another charging equipment. The moment it returns to the base, it starts the charging and the Hall switch will send the message then system starts auto emptying work.

Lydsto H4 comes with a number of accessories to help you tackle hard-to-reach places, these include the Extension Rod, Crevice Tool, Mini Motorised Tool, Combination Tool. The cleaner can convert from stick to handheld with these attachments, which greatly extends the cleaning occasions.

The extra Extension Rod: can be attached to the standard rod and extends the length of the whole. To reach the ceiling, or anywhere high and deep.

Crevice Tool: To reach crevices, tight corners, or anywhere awkward to reach.

Mini Motorised Tool: Deep cleaning of sofas, bed sheets, to remove allergens.

Combination Tool: To pick up dirt on furniture, ceiling chandelier, curtain, pet food residue, keyboard dusting, etc. Used as upholstery or in-car vacuum.

All the attachments can be applied through the snap-on interface.

The wide range of attachments and effort-saving ergonomic design bring an unparalleled cleaning experience. The whole package is designed for interrupted dirt and dust removal. What’s more, instead of dumping the dirt cup each time after the cleaning, you only need to throw out the auto sealed trash bag 12 times in 365 days.

The ergonomic design makes it truly a breeze to use. Hold and release the operation button for starting off and stop. There’re also another two buttons, one for device-lock so that you can rest your finger during a continuous long-time work, and the other is for switching between different modes. With Lysto H4, your floors, stairs, windowsills, sofa, bed, counter top, and curtains cleaning are no longer stressful chores.

 Wall-mounted charging dock

  We’re a team of engineers, designers and life pursuers, brought together through the love for quality life. We are dedicated to develop innovative products that make daily cleaning and household chores efficient, easy, and effort-saving. Our team has made products in the past and delivered to the consumers all around the globe. You may search “Lydsto” on Amazon and find some products of ours. By launching Lydsto H4 vacuum cleaner with Kickstarter, we are open to collect valuable feedback from the community and hence better improve our future design.


 3D modeling

① Extension Rod A ② Extension Rod B ③ Base Dustbin ④ Charging Dock ⑤ Dust Cup & Handle ⑥ Main Brush ⑦ Combination Tool ⑧ Mini Motorised Tool ⑨ Crevice Tool