Focus: World's smallest 5000 lumens bike light

A revolutionary 5000 lumens high-beam light in just 49 grams. Ride safe and be seen like never before!

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Nick X.
Apr 25, 2024

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Karen Y.
Jul 14, 2022

Very powerful

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We believe that bicycles deserve to be more visible on any road. Distracted car drivers, traffic, and low-lit roads prevent you from fully enjoying your ride. Feeling safe is your #1 priority. Cars, motorbikes and mopeds all have multiple safety devices to signal their presence. Bicycles lack the most important one: high-beam headlights that can be triggered on command. 

Let’s fix this! Focus finally gives bicycles the high-beam headlamps they deserve.


Focus is the first ultraportable high-beam light for your bicycle. It's as powerful and it works exactly like your car’s headlamps.

It emits a 5.000 lumens high-beam on command, without removing your hands from the handlebar. This is possible thanks to a remote trigger that can be both wireless and wired. 

 Focus is extremely powerful, instant-on and visible in full daylight. All in a package so small of just 66 x 41 x 16 mm (2.6 x 1.6 x 0.6 in.) and lightweight, weighing a mere 49 grams (yes, you heard it right!).

Moreover, it can also act as a traditional low-beam light and also as an astonishingly powerful blinking beacon!

It's full of smart sensors and the battery is derived from racing-drones technology. It lasts more than 500 high-beam flashes (@ max power) and more than 20 hours on a single charge, which happens in just 15 minutes! It doesn’t matter if you are commuting, training, racing or just strolling around: Focus is the ultimate lighting and safety device for your bicycle rides! 

Finally, you’ll be able to signal your presence to other road users and be noticed even on the most trafficked roads, allowing you to ride safer and faster, both during day and night.


A hidden button in your handlebar, both wired or wireless, is used to trigger a high-beam flash at your command. You can signal (and prevent) a dangerous situation or improve your road visibility at your fingertip command. 


No other light on the market can match this much power in such a small and lightweight device. And no other one can instantly trigger a high-beam flash at your command!


Focus is engineered to meet the strictest demands of both professional riders and everyday commuters. Multiple mounting solutions are provided, to attach it to racing, training, or touring handlebars. It’s also compatible with e-bikes’ electrical systems, and it’s a perfect match for battery-powered scooters and electric mopeds.


Focus it’s easy-to-use and can be controlled through two buttons and an optional remote trigger. The high-beam can be operated through the lower button (or the external trigger), while the upper button is used to power the device and to change the current mode.

The high-beam light is instantaneous and operable through the button on the device or through a wireless or wired trigger. This mode can be sustained for short times and can be used as desired to signal your presence to other drivers on the road. Focus can emit up to 1000 high-beam flashes without needing to recharge its battery.

The high beam is fully customizable by the user on its intensity, which can vary from 500 to 5000 lumens. It’s extremely visible also in daylight and thanks to the ambient light sensors is possible to automatically increase or decrease the intensity when needed. There’s also a buzzer that can emit a sound – as feedback during the daylight- when the high-beam is operated. The high-beam can also be activated for longer durations, to help you see at a great distance: for example, you can clearly illuminate a distant object, a dangerous spot on the road, distant road signs or anything where light can make you safer.

The front beacon light can be powerful as the high beam light and represent the best way to constantly signal your presence to others (even in daylight). This mode can be sustained for long times according to the intensity and beacon pattern that are chosen. For example, with a single charge, it’s possible to produce extremely visible flashes for more than 20 hours.

The front beacon is fully customizable by the user on its intensity (which can vary from 500 to 5000 lumens), and on its patterns. For example, it’s possible to choose between one of the following ones:

Focus isn’t only a beacon, but it can also produce a constant steady light that can be sustained continuously for hours. Common ranges wides from 3 hours to more than 6 hours, according to the intensity chosen.

The low beam mode is more than enough to light up the road and with the maximum intensity is possible to go for a night ride in the woods too! 

You are running out of charge on your rear light? As a bonus, Focus can be used as a rear (red) light too. The rear light mode, as for the other modes, is fully configurable through the smartphone app. It’s possible to run a steady and solid red light or customize the patterns between the following ones:

Focus is compatible with the wired or wireless trigger. The wired trigger is extremely flat and can be totally hidden under the tape of your bike.

The wireless trigger is extremely fast to install and its battery, which is fully replaceable, can last years! 

The smartphone lets you get the best out of Focus: connect to your light through a wireless connection, and start customizing it. You can change the current settings and get a lot of information about the light such as the current temperature, the firmware version, and the installation angle too. 

So, which parameters to customize through the smartphone app?

It’s possible to customize the intensity of the light to be produced, the beacon patterns, the buzzer’s volume, the presence of an external battery and more. Every mode has its own battery life estimation (calculated from battery fully charged) to not run out of battery anymore! Focus will 100% fit your needs, just try the various options!

Focus is provided with the most common and well diffused GoPro mounting and it can be installed easily on every bike. Just consider the following steps:

1) Find the perfect installation angle thanks to the integrated inclinometer. We can ensure the best angle to increase efficiency and make focus compliant to StVO rules.

2) Install the remote handlebar trigger where you prefer and pair it with the smartphone app.

To make focus easy to remove, a quarter-turn mounting is also available, compatible with most existing mounts.

Focus can be installed and used not only on high-end road bikes but also on various vehicles such as mountain bikes, city bikes, commuter bikes, gravel bikes, e-bikes, mopeds and more. To provide the best coupling options to everyone, we provide the 3D models of the mountings and coupling options as open-source files, so everyone can create and diffuse the proper perfect solution!


We gave Focus a smart brain: a powerful dual-core processor with a wireless connection to your smartphone.  Focus includes a complex battery optimization system to enable reliable performance even in very cold climates.  An accurate tilt sensor guides you in finding the best mounting position to avoid blinding other road users.  An ambient light sensor optimizes the beam's brightness to make it clearly noticeable both day and night. A movement sensor can be configured to make Focus turn on and off when you start and finish your ride.

Battery management is directly derived from racing-drones technology. It's possible to request high-beam flashes (@ max power) also in sub-zero degrees climates. It lasts more than 20 hours and can be recharged in only 15 minutes. Recharge Focus while you get dressed before the bike ride!

Focus is e-bike friendly. Install it on your e-bike and get a time-unlimited source of light. You can activate a special "External battery" mode which continuously controls the level of the internal battery in order to prevent wear and increase battery lifespan.

Any questions? Do you need some help to place your order? Do you want more information?

Write us a private message or email us at: [email protected]

We are Enrico and Marco, founders of two Italian companies: BYB Tech (funded through Kickstarter in 2019) developed the world's first telemetry system for MTB and motocross, which are bought by world cup teams and demanding riders. Relio Labs is an award-winning company that engineers scientific lighting devices.

We teamed up and joined our expertise to engineer Focus: the smallest high-beam lighting device in the world was born!



Focus is merging the best technologies available to deliver an outstanding product. It’s characterized by a bunch of sensors which operates constantly in a closed loop to give constant feedback on various control variables. The temperature of the light is strictly controlled and the electronic design has been extremely strong in order to sustain extremely demanding usage scenarios.

Focus has been developed from cyclist to cyclist with the main goal of making us less vulnerable on the road and signaling our presence to prevent dangerous situations.

After an extensive design, we were able to increase the performances of Focus, such as the battery life and the intensity of the beam.