MOVIGOR Self-Cleaning Foldable Electric Toothbrush

Truly portable, self-cleaning and rechargeable electric toothbrush with sonic technology and freq-varying. We are now 250% funded in less than 24 hours!

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This toothbrush automatically cleans and sanitizes itself every 8 hours. As an added bonus, when its folded it has unparalleled portability. 

about 2 years ago

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Karen Y.
Karen Y.
Jul 14, 2022

It seems compact

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Are the toothbrush bristles not disinfected for a long time? Do you often change the head of your electronic toothbrush? Is the electric toothbrush vibrating so hard that it hurts the gums? Well, these kinds of problems now have a super-effective answer: MOVIGOR is the world’s first Self-Cleaning Foldable Electric Toothbrush with variable and customizable frequencies.

With a foldable design made with corrosion-resistant 316 stainless steel and an IPX7 waterproof level, this toothbrush is truly made to last. Even better: it’s not just super easy to carry because it’s foldable—every time you fold it, a UV photocatalyst cross-border integrated purification technology will automatically clean the brush. Also, since every person is different, MOVIGOR allows users to adjust the brushing frequency. And, if battery capacity is a concern, you’ll like to know its 4800mAh battery will keep it running and brushing for years to come!

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While most electric and non-electric brushes are difficult to clean and sterilize, MOVIGOR was designed to clean itself using Nano self-purifying technology.   

MOVIGOR also incorporates certain shell-inspired lines. It micro-opens and closes the purification chamber where the brush is kept, preventing contamination.

After testing by the microbiological testing laboratory, the qualified test results obtained the qualification of ilac-MRA: the antibacterial rate data shows: Staphylococcus aureus 99.25%; Escherichia coli 93.93%; Candida albicans 70.91%.

By using UV photocatalyst self-cleaning technology, MOVIGOR’s medium-soft anti-split and anti-falling DuPont faux fur that the brush is equipped with will be always truly sterilized, and clear from external environmental pollution and from mold. In other words, MOVIGOR takes care of your oral health also by making sure your toothbrush is not only effective—it’s also clean and disinfected at any time!

One of the features that make MOVIGOR Self-Cleaning Vary-Freq Foldable Electric Toothbrush unique is its foldability. Designed to be easy to carry, you can fold your new electric toothbrush and take it anywhere, and unfold it to use any time—on busy days in the city, while camping off-the-grid, or when traveling internationally!

MOVIGOR Self-Cleaning Vary-Freq Foldable Electric Toothbrush features unique customized Dual-Variable Vibrated Technology. It allows you to choose the brushing frequency and intensity that better adapts to your preferences and requirements—exploring 272 frequency options. 

You can choose between 26400 rpm and 49200 rpm, which allows you to choose from 14 levels for cleaning and whitening with a strength of 13 knots, or from 9 levels to enjoy a gum massage featuring 10 knots of strength. Also, with MOVIGOR you can also set the device to memorize your personalized settings—so you won’t need to change the frequency and intensity every time you use it!

Designed to be both beautiful and effective, MOVIGOR features certain hummingbird-inspired design elements and a comfortable entrance.The flush and protruding design on the entrance side is more helpful to reduce or reduce the collision of teeth. This toothbrush is as smooth with its style as it is soft on your mouth, gums, and teeth.

MOVIGOR is designed to facilitate a comfortable entrance, and its 15° curved hump-backed brush rod extends the brush rod toward the front part of the center of the toothbrush.

In a nutshell, you’ll be able to easily hold it during the brushing process, controlling the intensity of brushing and making sure you’re not hurting your gums. The device’s point-like grip and button design are also aligned with your palm and thumb, making this toothbrush super comfortable to hold and use.

So now you know you won’t need to charge your MOVIGOR very often, but, when you do charge it, it’s going to be a fast and seamless experience. This unique rechargeable electric toothbrush is charged with a TYPE-C fast-charging charging cable that will complete a charging cycle in only 3-4 hours—which you already know that you’ll only need to do three to four times per year, at most.

The charging process uses a five-loop digital system delivering an extremely high 90% conversion efficiency and low energy consumption. The device is protected against overvoltage and short circuit episodes, preventing overheating and self-balancing the toothbrush temperature. Yes—when we say that MOVIGOR is made to last, we really mean it!

MOVIGOR is equipped with an industrial-grade 4,800mAh battery that supports daily use of the device for over 90 days—per charge. The battery life will vary slightly depending on the usage mode, but it will always be greater than 90 days. Basically, you can brush twice per day and let MOVIGOR self-clean using its unique technology, charging the device only 3 to 4 times per year.

And, since the battery can withstand 1,000 charging cycles (and, even after 500 cycles completed, it is still able to reach 80% of its original charging capacity), that means that MOVIGOR’s battery will last for 90 days—you got it: that’s a lifetime!

Hey, this is a toothbrush designed to help you keep your teeth clean, so it wouldn’t work if it wasn’t truly waterproof, right? Obviously, MOVIGOR is an IPX7 waterproof device and the body and buttons of the toothbrush are specially designed to avoid water seepage.  In other words, you can even take it to the shower and brush your teeth with the ultimate electric toothbrush! 

While it is extremely effective, MOVIGOR is also a quiet device. Running at ≤60dB, you are assured to brush your teeth without experiencing the unpleasant noise that most electric toothbrushes make. After all, keeping your teeth well-brushed and healthy shouldn’t compromise your well-being, right?

Movigor's factories and products have been tested or approved by relevant agencies including microbiology analysis and test results organized by ilac-MRA and FCC part 15 class B and EU RoHS and CE.

ilac-MRA is accredited by 56 laboratory bodies in 46 economies around the world. Fortunately, the Movigor H01 electric toothbrush has been certified by ilac-MRA. In addition, Movigor H01 has also passed the certification of the US Federal Communications Regulations FCC and obtained the license of electronic regulations.

RoHS is product-level compliance based on the European Union Directive (EU) 2015/863 amending Annex II to Directive 2011/65/EU. It certifies that electrical and electronic equipment is safe to use. Movigor H01 is still recognized.

The Movigor H01 electric toothbrush has CE-LVD and CE-EMC approvals and certificates for health, safety, and environmental compliance for products sold in the European Economic Area.

We also conducted IPX7 tests (that is, to prevent the effects of immersion in water up to 1 meter deep for 30 minutes and the immersion conditions of water) to provide technical guarantees for the safety of the product.

As people are increasingly aware of the importance of keeping their oral health impeccable, electric toothbrushes are increasingly the product of choice because they’re 38% more effective than manual toothbrushes. However, conventional toothbrushes:

We wanted to be sure that we were creating the world’s best electric toothbrush, so we didn’t take any chances. Our Movigor Oral Health Project Team conducted data research and analysis on several best-selling electric toothbrushes on the market for six months. We examined their strengths and weaknesses, and this scientific method allowed us to come up with an electric toothbrush that effectively improves the strengths of existing devices and that has none of their typical shortcomings. That’s how we reached the perfect formula to design MOVIGOR.

Movigor is a combination of “move” and “vigor”, which means a convenient and enjoyable healthy lifestyle. It all started in 2017, we bought an electric toothbrush, after 6 months it wouldn't charge and replaced, and it had the same problem for about one year later. Replaced a similar product of another brand, and there was a similar problem. Even at a night, it would automatically make a buzzing sound, thinking it would be haunted.

From January to September 2019, we had pleasant communication and discussion with dentists continuously and got many practical ideas and advice about oral care, such as tips for brushing, mouthwash habits, self-cleaning series, true portability, smart electric protection, and excellent quality, etc.  We analyzed reviews and sketched a prototype in spare time and 3D printed and handmade it. And conducted an exhibition evaluation in October 2020, and collected 86 suggestions.

Since then, we have been organically growing a brand that is healthy and long-lasting. Our mission is to bring you in-depth, convenient and practical products - enjoy a smart and healthy life.