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Newsletters, website listings, social media posts, and forum conversations provide exposure for your crowdfunding campaign.

Provide unique incentives to our members to motivate them to pledge for your project. This is our BackerClub Special Perk tradition.

Ask for valuable feedback on your campaign from our members that have backed a project or two (actually, 108 on average to be exact).

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All campaigns submitted to BackerClub undergo a review & approval process. The following services are offered to approved submissions.

Newly approved campaigns are highlighted in our daily/weekly shared newsletter to members.

Each project has its own website listing inside the Club for members to view and leave comments.

BackerClub offers an industry leading $349 minimum-pledge-guarantee with our advertising*.

Upgraded projects can be listed on our Featured Projects page within the Club.

Upgraded projects can receive posts to our currated social media followers.

Premium projects can receive a dedicated email to Club members that showcases your campaign.

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BackerClub Works

I know a big question when launching a campaign is how do I boost traffic or get in front of people? This is now my 3rd Kickstarter campaign and I have tried a few promotion services. None of them worked before today.

As of today I have received 101 backers for $3,476 from BackerClub and they keep coming in. The surge of activity sky rocketed me to #1 in the food category and top 20 live projects overall on Kickstarter. So BackerClub works.

Brian Gibson - Founder of Seally Cap

As a campaign, you get pitched by multiple people claiming to be the next best thing for your success...To be honest your site is the hands-down most reputable thing we've encountered.

Mark Matthews - The Momento Pearl

Truth be told I was skeptical at first because there are a lot of paid promotion services out there and I feared that BackerClub may be one of them. I will obviously be recommending the service should anyone I know require assistance in crowdfunding.

Mark Boda - Solofy

BackerClub members provided a phenomenal boost to my Kickstarter campaign. I had hit a mid-campaign slump when their support jump started my effort. They eventually accounted for 25% of my total pledges.

Wayne Josephson - EZ Bacon
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Insights For Creators

Project creators have access to our Creators Dashboard, which allows them to see details about their project on BackerClub.

When it comes to member pledging, Creators can see who, when, and for how much their project's been supported.

A Detailed Look

Examples and Explanations

The Shared Email Blast

All Packages

An email sent to our newsletter subscribers that highlights multiple projects.

Daily Newsletter Email Blast Example

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The Dedicated Email Blast

Premium Package

An email sent to our newsletter subscribers that showcases a single project with detailed content.

Dedicated Newsletter Email Blast Example

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The Featured Projects Page

Featured & Premium Packages

Featured projects are shown to members immediately upon sign-in.

The Featured Projects page of BackerClub

Our $349 Minimum Pledge Guarantee

All Packages

Guarantee icon

We like to keep things simple at BackerClub, and our industry-leading guarantee is no exception. Here's how it works:

If you reach the end of your promotion period and you haven't received at least $349 in new member pledges, you're entitled to a refund to make up the difference. Now isn't that some low-risk advertising!

Plus - if your promotion isn't reaching that minimum pledge guarantee within 1 week of advertising with us, we'll reserve an additional spot for your project in our shared newsletter for free.

Click here to see the full details of our Guarantee.

Statistics and Demographics

Our Audience


50% United States
30% Western Europe
10% Asia
5% Canada
Members in 130 Countries


68% Male / 32% Female
33% Age 25-34
108 Average Projects Backed
Middle+ Discretionary Income

Our Top Categories

Tech & Design
Travel Gear
Apparel & Footwear
Home, Kitchen, & Pets

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Frequently Asked Questions

When you complete an application to be in our Club, here's what happens:

  1. We receive your application.
  2. We review your campaign, your history as a creator, how viable your project is, and the special perk you want to offer members.
  3. Within 24 hours (excluding weekends), we ask any necessary questions and then approve or deny your submission.
  4. If we approve your submission, the following occurs:
  5. You finish the submission setup process, which includes data connections and any final tweaks to your submission content.
  6. Upon completition of the above, your BackerClub website listing will go live and you will be scheduled for a spot in our daily newsletter to members.
  7. If you purchased an upgraded promotion package, we will also schedule those advertisements (such as a dedicated newsletter for your campaign, social media posts, etc.).
  8. At any time, you can purchase additional promotions a-la-carte to suit your advertising intent and budget.
  9. At the end of your campaign, you can review the BackerClub members that supported your project to handle the special perks accordingly.

Sometimes, a particular campaign just isn't a good fit for our Club. In this event, we typically notify you of the reason for the rejection and we provided a full refund equal to your original payment.

From there, we recommend that you research additional ways of promoting your campaign to a receptive audience.

As sad as it is, this happens from time to time. When it does, you're entitled to a $349 refund as part of our Guarantee.

Yes! You absolutely should. Doing so will ensure we get all of the promotion setup completed in time for your launch day. This means you get the most value from your advertising budget:

  • You'll get advertising material in front of potential backers early on in your campaign. The first 24 to 72 hours of a campaign are critical to success. The pledging momentum you establish during this time will multiply your pledges during the middle and end of the campaign.
  • It provides the chance to improve your special perk offer if the community's support is not matching your expectations.
  • You'll maximize the amount of advertising time on BackerClub.

We have an entire page dedicated to this topic that you can read here. It contains a lot of information, along with special perk recommendations that you can copy & paste for your application to the Club. Please check it out, and now we'll include a brief synopsis here:

Since 2014, it has been a tradition for creators to offer a special incentive (aka, a special perk or special reward) to our members in order to promote your campaign within the community. The special perk you provide can be tailored to match your campaign, the product(s) you're launching, your budget, and your post-campaign operations.

The special perk you provide will significantly impact your advertising success. It's not the only factor, nor the most important (the overall quality and conversion rate of your campaign is most critical), but when comparing 2 equal campaigns in the same category, the one with the better special perk will typically see more support from our members (as one would expect).

To provide a special perk to our members, you simply decide what you'd like to offer them and provide a description of the perk + instructions to redeem. Here are some of the common perks and claiming strategies that creators will offer members:

On Kickstarter

  • Offer a monetary discount and instruct members to pledge like normal. Once the campaign is successfully over, provide Kickstarter partial-refunds or perform PayPal payments to the members equal to the discount amount.
  • Offer a coupon to your existing ecommerce store.
  • Offer a monetary credit that will be applied to a member's survey to use towards add-on items or shipping. This assumes you're using a survey/pledge management tool like BackerKit or CrowdOx.
  • Offer an add-on item when a member pledges for a certain reward tier or higher. You can keep track of this and fulfill it manually, or use the features within your pledge management tool to perform this systematically.
  • Offer an exclusive personalization option for members, instruct them to pledge like normal, and then message you with their personalization choice (or use the features within your pledge management tool to perform this systematically).
  • Offer giveaway products by running a contest within the Club.

On Indiegogo

  • Indiegogo makes it easy to offer anything special to our members by creating a secret reward tier that is only accessible to our members. For more information on this, please see this Indiegogo help article.
  • You can also use any of the strategies above for add-on items, reward tier upgrades, exclusive personalization, and giveaway products.

Providing advertising content to us is optional.

If you have particular messaging or image content you would like to include with your promotions, you can simply let us know and we'll do our best to accomodate. By default, we base our promotion content on the following:

  • We scrape your Kickstarter/Indiegogo campaign page to generate the content of your BackerClub website listing. However, you can edit this content as a creator via is available for you to modify via a WYSIWYG editor at any time.
  • During the application process, you will be required to upload a main image for your promotion. This is used for website thumbnails and the primary image for newsletter(s).
  • If you purchase the upgraded promotion package that includes a dedicated newsletter for your campaign, you can upload up to 4 additional high-res images for that newsletter. A BackerClub graphic designer will then take your assets under consideration when they design your newsletter.
  • Social media posts will use the main image provided by the creator, or a selected image from the Kickstarter/Indiegogo campaign page.

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